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To be honest, even if Ling Han did not dodge nor parry and chose to face it head on, absolutely nothing would happen to him. However, before he was absolutely certain he could kill Ao Jian, he did not intend to expose the secret that his physique was as tough as Godly metal.

If Ao Jian found out about this, then would he still fight Ling Han?

You got to be kidding. Faced with an opponent that was impossible to kill or even wound, who would still any have ideas of continuing the battle?

Ling Han was waiting for a chance, or it could be said that he was creating a chance, to let Ao Jian assume that he had grasped Ling Han's weakness and deliver a fatal strike. From that, his own weakness would also be exposed, so Ling Han would be able to counter with an attack of his own.

The two of them were equally matched. If you wouldn't give me a chance to hit you, how could I give that chance to you?

For elites on their level, it was impossible that they would not reserve any power after every blow in order to leave a way out for themselves. Thus, even if an attack missed, they would still have strength remaining to parry or dodge.

Ling Han wanted to let Ao Jian assume that his attack was capable of wounding him severely, or even killing him. Only then would the latter not reserve any strength and burst out with his full power.

Once that happened, after the strongest attack, his own defenses would hit rock bottom, and that would be the time for Ling Han to counterattack and kill him.

Now, Ao Jian precisely thought that he had grasped this kind of chance.

Ling Han did not reveal an obvious opening. This would be absolutely incapable of fooling a genius like Ao Jian, and he would easily see through the trap. Hence, only through his painstaking efforts did Ling Han manage to reveal a careless opening. Furthermore, after a series of attacks, he continuously enlarged this opening, giving Ao Jian a reason to deliver a strike with his full strength.

The silver spear shattered the void, the True Dragon roared; this was an extremely powerful blow. Even if it was Ma Duo Bao, he would only die with a grudge if he took this blow head on.

The strike landed!

A pleased expression immediately appeared on Ao Jian 's face. No matter how much of a monster you were, so what? Being hit by this strike of his, the only path would still be death.

Peng, the spear tip stabbed into Ling Han's chest, and the True Dragon wreaked havoc, wanting to penetrate Ling Han's chest and burst his heart. However, the fabric on Ling Han's chest had indeed been ripped, but his skin underneath was glowing with a jade-like brilliance, indestructible and undamaged.

F*ck, what kind of physique was that?

Ao Jian was instantly stunned. Was this guy really a human? Were you sure that you weren't a monster from the Immortal Realm?

"Take a strike from me as well!" Ling Han took advantage of the opportunity to counterattack.

His opponent had just delivered his strongest attack, and was currently in the lapse period of his power and defenses. Although it was only for a single short instant, for Ling Han, an instant was enough.

The Revere Life Sword exuded endless brilliance, and slashed out at Ao Jian's head.

10,000 Techniques Return to One!

Pu, as the sword's light washed over, a human head shot upwards. Blood shot skywards from the beheaded body like a divine waterfall, shaking the space as if it wanted to incite the shattering of the heavens and earth.

"He's killed!" When the seven Kings saw this, all of them felt Ma Duo Bao was avenged.

This person actually wanted to whip the dead body of their ruler. This drove them into a mad rage, and now that Ao Jian was beheaded by Ling Han, they naturally felt excited and the depression in their hearts slightly soothed.

"He's not dead!" Ling Han shook his head, his eyes gazing into the distance.

"How could that be; isn't that his body?" The seven Kings were all puzzled.

"This is only his shell, but his spirit has already departed from his body." Ling Han frowned. Normally, though the spirit could leave the body, that was only something an Immortal could do. Additionally, it had to be a very powerful Immortal that had cultivated his spirit to an incredibly sturdy extent, and was absolutely not something every Immortal could do.

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Looks like this man should have obtained some kind of secret treasure, or perhaps some kind of Godly medicine, which allowed his spirit to leave his body, Ling Han thought as he put the Revere Life Sword away.

Although Ao Jian's spirit had escaped, his physical body had been killed here, so it was not completely fruitless.

"Your Majesty!" the seven Kings once again exclaimed in grief. Today was the day of great grief for the Purple Moon Empire. Their emperor had fallen, while the official name of their nation had withered away and would no longer exist.

Ling Han sighed, and said, "Don't bother about all that first, let's make the funeral arrangements for Brother Ma."

This gained the agreement of the seven Kings. It was natural for a dead person to be buried and at rest.

Those that had come to attend the ritual became the people who would accompany Ma Duo Bao on his final journey. Every person was filled with tremendous respect for the great elite Ma Duo Bao was. He had fallen at the final step of splitting open the skies. His death had been for the sake of this whole realm. Otherwise, with Ma Duo Bao's capabilities, wouldn't it have been easy for him if he had wanted to defend himself?

There would always be some people who could use their lives to fight for the sake of their dreams.

The previous ruler had passed away, so a state funeral was naturally held. Moreover, he had died for the whole realm.

The funeral lasted throughout a whole month. Furthermore, Ling Han personally delivered Ma Duo Bao's body into the core of the earth so that it would forever accompany the Lower Realm.

There were still many matters to deal with afterwards.

The handover of a nation was naturally not something that could be done with mere words. There were many details and trivial matters to be dealt with. Thankfully, though Helian Xunxue was no longer here, he still had with him a veteran like the Rain Emperor, who managed to share much of the pressure on Ling Han.

Meanwhile, Helian Tianyun once again entered the seas, and began to recapture the four seas. Although Ao Jian had not fully died, he was only left with a spirit. Even if he did appear again, so what? Would he be able to be a match for Helian Tianyun?

One had to know that Helian Tianyun had had battle prowess of twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier all those years ago, and his level in monstrosity was in no way inferior to Ma Duo Bao. Now that he had returned back to the Shattering Void Tier, his power advanced rapidly, and it would definitely not be too long before he once again returned to the peak.

Ling Han, on the other hand, worked hard at cultivation. The current him was not yet qualified to split open the skies. To be safe, he had to reach the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier.

People were always forgetful. Ma Duo Bao had battled so fiercely at the time, but after half a year had passed, they were all living their own lives, and it was rare that people would speak again of this tragic figure.

However, Ling Han and the seven Kings were naturally not going to forget him. They were all filled with eagerness to split open the skies, to become Immortals, and to annihilate the five sects and the Ao Clan!

This was not something that could be achieved overnight, but none of them lacked patience or determination.

Helian Tianyun once again swept the seas, and united the four seas into one, which also became the territory of the Great Ling Empire. Now, it was really "all land under the skies belonged to imperial authority". Ling Han could grasp the movements in every place in the world—if he wanted to.

He had now control over all the resources of the entire realm, and added with the Black Tower, his cultivation rate was naturally frighteningly quick. Of course, most importantly, it was also because he had experienced the Shattering Void Tier once before in his reincarnation, which allowed him to attain the comprehension of the Shattering Void Tier in advance, so there was not even a bit of bottleneck for him.

After another half a year, Ling Han finally advanced into the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier. By now, he was only twenty-two years old.

"Throughout my journey, I have perfected my cultivation, or even surpassed the limits, so my current strength has reached ten Stars." Ling Han estimated his own battle prowess.

Even though he had managed to reach perfection for all the previous nine Tiers, and now he only needed to increase his battle prowess by a single Star, one should know that the difference of a single Star in Shattering Void Tier meant a world of difference. This kind of improvement was incredibly amazing.

"If I use my full power, my conventional battle prowess would reach twenty Stars."

This was not Ling Han's limit, because he had just advanced into the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier, and could still polish his cultivation and purify his Origin Power further in order to further increase his strength. Perhaps, he might be able to reach eleven Stars of Shattering Void Tier. Then, his standard battle prowess would be able to break through the limits of twenty Stars of the Shattering Void Tier!
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