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Ling Han faced Ao Jian directly.

"Yi, aren't you the human that fled in defeat the last time?" Ao Jian obviously had a very good memory. If not, how could he possibly remember an "ant"?

Ling Han was unmoved, and said, "You are not able to represent the Immortal Realm yet, so don't keep talking about the Immortal Realm; you are unqualified!"

Ao Jian immediately looked angered, and said, "I am unqualified? And you think you are?"

"I did not keep going on and on about the Immortal Realm, you idiot!" Ling Han said coldly. "I am in a terrible mood right now, and want to commit murder. You coincidentally match my killing target standard."

"Hahahaha!" Ao Jian laughed loudly. "This is really the greatest joke I have ever heard, but after laughing, it only enrages me even further! Human, unless you have an Instant Teleportation Talisman, you will definitely die today!"

Ling Han stimulated the power of the nation, and his power soared madly.

Now that the middle state had become the territory of the Great Ling Empire, he was naturally able to use power of the nation there as well. Furthermore, it had increased by at least a third!

"My citizens, today, I will kill a man of the Immortal Realm to avenge Brother Ma, lend me your strength!" Ling Han said. "You all only have to quietly desire that I defeat this enemy."

The will of the people could be gathered by the totem. Now, the citizens of the middle state had not yet approved of him, but through this simple action, he would be able to gather a great amount of power of the nation.

Hong, suddenly, the power of the nation that he obtained increased to another level.

Everyone in the world hoped that he could kill an Immortal!

Ling Han put the Mountain and River Axe away, brandished the Revere Life Sword, and said, "Today, I will use Brother Ma's sword to deliver you to Hell!"

"How dare you!!" Ao Jian roared furiously. His battle prowess was close to the peak of humanity, and added with his powerful physique, how could it be that he would not be able to defeat even a puny human? He summoned a silver spear, and immediately stabbed in Ling Han's direction.

Ling Han raised his sword to parry.


The silver spear was blocked. Ling Han wielded his sword with one hand, while the other formed the Earth Overturning Seal and pressed down on Ao Jian.

His personal ability was limited, and even with the support of power of the nation, he could only reach the level of twelve Stars, but the secret techniques he had grasped were really too powerful, and pushed his battle prowess all the way up to the high level of close to twenty Stars.

Ao Jian's battle prowess was only nineteen Stars as well, and was even slightly inferior to Ling Han's. Although he did not fall into disadvantage upon contact, he was absolutely not having the upper hand, either.

"What?!" Ao Jian's expression was filled with disbelief; how could his opponent possibly have such powerful strength? He was obviously at the level of one Star of Shattering Void Tier! He knew that Ling Han had the support of power of the nation, but why was he capable of bearing such tremendous power?

He pondered slightly for a moment, and could not stop his expression from being overwhelmed by shock. If Ling Han's cultivation level had reached the ninth layer of Shattering Void Tier, then wouldn't it be a piece of cake for his battle prowess to break through to twenty Stars?

Heavens, had this tiny world become completely ridiculous?

Because the resources of a small world were scarce, ordinarily, fifteen Stars of battle prowess was the limit. For example, the seven Kings only had eighteen to nineteen Stars of battle prowess at the most even though they had obtained the support of power of the nation. At most, they would only be able to shatter the empty Void and enter into the Immortal Realm, but would absolutely not be qualified to split open the skies.

Otherwise, if the skies could be split open so easily, then wouldn't all the small worlds be entering into the Immortal Realm?

But now?

A monster with battle prowess of twenty-three Stars of Shattering Void Tier had just fallen, and now, another character that would not be outdone had immediately appeared, and in the future might possibly even exceed his predecessor!

Ma Duo Bao was the First Killing Formation of the world, but what gave Ling Han qualifications?

"There is nothing impossible, die!" Ling Han used the 10,000 Techniques Return to One. His current abilities were too strong, so he did not even need to accumulate much power to use this kind of great move. He need only wave his sword to execute it.

His body of lightning had reached the level of major accomplishment, and his sword strike naturally brought along with it the might of lightning. Zizizi, blazing white electricity interwove, and increased the power of the strike further.

"To kill me, you are not yet qualified!" Ao Jian sneered. He had to admit that the current Ling Han was indeed qualified to be a match for him, but if it was about killing him, that was absolutely impossible.

The two battled fiercely. Peng, peng, peng. The silver spear and treasured sword clashed endlessly, causing brilliant waves of light to appear and ripple out in the skies.

"Kill, kill, kill, kill this damn bastard!" Helian Tianyun called out. As long as this descendant of the True Dragon died, he would be able to easily conquer all the seas, and this whole realm would really be settled completely. They would then only need to focus on splitting open the skies.

The other eighteen-eyed Corpse King of the Thousand Corpse Sect had been killed by Ma Duo Bao. Previously, they had wanted to lured Ma Duo Bao away from his territory, so how could they have not paid an appropriate price for it?

"Whom are you calling a bastard?" Rabbit for visiting.Helian Tianyun's direct words were "little rabbit", but could also mean "bastard", hence Rabbit's displeasure.
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