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"Your Majesty!" the seven Kings exclaimed.

"Your Majesty!" the nation's subjects beneath them exclaimed.

Ling Han's brow suddenly wrinkled in a deep frown. He possessed the Eye of Truth, and saw the clearest that Ma Duo Bao's life force was quickly dissipating!

Previously, he had already suffered countless sword strikes, yet Ma Duo Bao had forcibly used his body to bear them and his life force to refine them, but there was still a limit after all. Besides, just who was it on the other side? An Immortal, a real Immortal! Even if the attacks that reached here were greatly weakened by the powers of the realm, they were still incredibly frightening.

More importantly, the bigger the opening in the skies, the less the attacks that came from the Immortal Realm would be weakened by the powers of the realm, and the greater the impact they would have on Ma Duo Bao.

This last strike… He had finally reached his limit.

Veins popped on Ma Duo Bao's forehead. He gritted his teeth, and brandished the axe once more.


But it was right at this moment that another flash of Sword Ray once again hit him. Shua, this strike had lost its accuracy, and slashed another spot.

Ma Duo Bao's figure swayed a few times, and forced himself to raise the axe again, but the third flash of Sword Ray shot out, and struck his body.

Peng, Ma Duo Bao was instantly sent flying more than 300 meters away, his whole body lying level in the air. After quite some time, he finally managed to move a finger; he gripped the Mountain and River Axe tightly, wanting to struggle back to his feet.

Underneath them, everyone's hearts seemed to have been stuffed up with something. They felt unbearably suffocated; some were even tearing up.

"Your Majesty, that's enough!"

"Next time, we'll split open the skies next time!"

"Your Majesty, you will die!"

Ma Duo Bao slowly got back to his feet, but he had not even raised the axe when another sword flash struck and sent him flying once more.

This elite from the Immortal Realm seemed to be doing so on purpose, deliberately attacking only when Ma Duo Bao got back up. This was a warning to Ma Duo Bao and the whole world—this was the result of opposing the Immortal Realm.

It was also a provocation. I wanted to destroy your hope, but what could you do about it? Your destiny was to be refined into the Realm Pill, and no matter how you resisted, it would be useless!

Ling Han's brow was already wrinkled in a deep-seated frown. He swore internally that he would definitely raze the five sects to the ground after he entered the Immortal Realm. As for those that should pay the price, not one of them would be spared!

He had never wanted to kill someone so much before. Furthermore, he wanted to start a massacre, and his killing intent was boiling.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Small Tower, is there a way out?" Ling Han asked mentally.

Damn it. Now, the Black Tower could not instill power into him; otherwise, his power would reach Immortal level! Even if he would be expelled to the Immortal Realm, he still wanted to rescue Ma Duo Bao. In any case, with the Black Tower, the Great Tower should not be able to kill him.

Small Tower shook its head lightly, and said, "If I were still in my peak condition, it would naturally be a piece of cake for me to penetrate the powers of the realm and kill that brat on the other end, but now… I can't!"

There was no way at all. So, he could only watch Ma Duo Bao die helplessly?

In the skies afar, at that spot where the barrier between the two Realms had been broken, a figure appeared. It belonged to a middle-aged man, and he wielded a treasured sword in hand. Above his head, there were three suns and moons floating, and even at such a distance, and with the existence of the realm barrier, one could still feel his powerful aura. It was as if he only needed a single glance to eliminate all the living beings in this entire realm.

An ultimate elite of the Sun Moon Tier! Ling Han immediately affirmed internally. This naturally was something Yi Shuang Shuang had told him. Moons and suns floating above one's head were the sign of the Sun Moon Tier, though they naturally could be concealed as well. However, that man obviously disdained from doing so.

It was only if such a great elite moved that the attacks would be able to penetrate through the two realms and still possess some might. If it was Mountain River Tier, the attacks would have long been ground out by the powers of the realm.

There was a hint of condescension on the face of this middle-aged man—it was a kind of disdain he felt towards lower life forms. He looked arrogantly over all the living beings as if he was looking at a group of ants, and not living beings on the same level as he.

Ma Duo Bao got back up again, but this time, he did not attempt to split open the skies again. Instead, he stood proudly in the air like a statue.

But, all the elites knew that Ma Duo Bao had already sustained heavy injuries that he could not recover from. Those had been inflicted by an elite of the Immortal Realm, and he would very quickly die.

"Hoho, it is now my turn to pick up the pieces!" Amidst a bout of laughter, an extraordinarily imposing middle-aged man strode over from afar. One step, and he had traversed a few dozen miles; he was amazingly fast.

Ao Jian!

Ma Duo Bao was already spent force, and the flame of his life was about to be extinguished. Now that an ultimate elite that had close to 20 Stars of Shattering Void Tier of battle prowess had appeared, he would naturally be able to sweep him aside easily.

The Immortal Realm had indeed not stood by silently and watched. Instead, they had set up a very simple trap.

It was really very simple. An elite from the Immortal Realm would ambush Ma Duo Bao from the Immortal Realm; after inflicting a serious injury, they'd leave Ao Jian to pick up the pieces afterwards. The two of them would be enough to deal with the whole matter.

"Who can stop me?" Ao Jian laughed loudly. He possessed battle prowess of 19 Stars of Shattering Void Tier, and was also a descendant of the dragon race, so the toughness of his physique could compare to Level Ten precious metal; he was practically invincible in this realm.

Now that Ma Duo Bao was about to die, who would be capable of stopping him?

Everyone was gritting their teeth in hatred, but without enough power, what purpose could mere hatred serve?

"Obey my command!" Yet at this moment, Ma Duo Bao suddenly spoke. "From this moment on, the Purple Moon Empire will be incorporated into the Great Ling Empire. All the subjects and citizens of the Purple Moon Empire will be subjects and citizens of the Great Ling Empire!"

"Your Majesty!" the seven Kings and all the officials exclaimed in grief. This was Ma Duo Bao leaving behind his last words.

"Ling Han, I have left everything to you, you have to bear this responsibility!" Ma Duo Bao's eyes were fixed on Ling Han. With a sudden wave of his hand, shua, the Mountain and River Axe was thrown over to Ling Han.

What he had thrown was not just an axe, but also a responsibility.

Ling Han stretched out his hand. Pa, he caught hold of the Mountain and River Axe, and declared solemnly, "Don't worry, I will definitely succeed in splitting open the skies, and destroy the five sects and the Ao Clan!"

This was his promise.

Hong, a shadow of the Black Tower appeared inside his body, and flew towards Ma Duo Bao. A shadow of a sword also flew out of Ma Duo Bao's body. The shadow of the Black Tower bit the shadow of the sword, and swallowed it completely.

Suddenly, the totem of the sword above the Purple Moon Empire immediately disappeared, only to be replaced by the totem of the Black Tower.

This was equivalent to a battle between two nations. The Purple Moon Empire had lost the war, and the Great Ling Empire had emerged victorious.

In that instant, the seven Kings had lost the support of power of the nation, their battle prowess falling dramatically. On the other side, Ling Han, Feng Po Yun, and the others had obtained the support of power of the nation, and their battle prowess rose drastically.

With its size, the middle state could match the four regions combined, and even if the people's wills weren't united yet, merely the power of the nation brought by the expansion of the territory was extremely powerful.

Ma Duo Bao closed his eyes in peace, his sturdy figure immediately falling down from the skies. The opening that he had created in the skies was also quickly closing back up. He had not even yet reached the ground, and it had already closed up completely.

Splitting open the skies had ended in failure! Ma Duo Bao had died!

The seven Kings quickly shot out and caught Ma Duo Bao, all of their faces streaming with tears.

All around them, everyone was barraged with feelings of grief, feeling an indescribably sense of being suffocated.

"You don't have to feel so much grief, because even more people will die here today!" Ao Jian smirked coldly. He pointed at Ma Duo Bao's corpse, and declared, "Hand this man's body over. To dare to oppose the Immortal Realm… I will crush his bones and shatter his ashes to the winds!"

"How dare you!!" The seven Kings immediately flew into a rage.

"Let me!" Ling Han stood up. Without support from the power of the nation, how could the seven Kings match Ao Jian? Since he had caught the Mountain and River Axe, he had also received the great banner to stand against the five sects of the Immortal Realm.
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