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This strike consisted in a Sword Ray that stretched for about 3000 meters, just as if it was a godly drill!

It had been too sudden; who would have thought that an attack would actually come from the sky opposite from them? Furthermore, the might of this strike was much too frightening, and had definitely surpassed 20 Stars of Shattering Void Tier. That was a Sword Ray 3000 meters long; it was as if it could destroy the heavens and raze the earth.

"Elites from the five sects!" Ling Han suddenly stood up, his eyes filled with killing intent.

Indeed, it was not that there was no action from the five sects, but rather that they were lying in ambush so that they could deliver a fatal blow at this moment.

Ling Han had heard Yi Shuang Shuang say before that if one merely shattered the Void and exited from here, the corresponding location in the Immortal Realm would be where the five sects were located. Thus, the five sects managed to lay out a Killing Formation in the corresponding space, and no Shattering Void Tier elite from the Lower Realm would manage to make it out alive.

However, in the case of splitting open the skies, if one succeeded, then the whole realm would enter into the Immortal Realm. This would draw out the regulations of the Immortal Realm, and send the Lower Realm to a random corner of the Immortal Realm.

At least, this land would definitely be unable to block the power to split open the skies, and would definitely shatter apart immediately.

But now, the skies had yet to be split open. The five sects of the Immortal Realm used this opening left by splitting open the skies to deliver a surprise attack. As long as they could kill Ma Duo Bao, then this venture to split open the skies would naturally fail.

This was definitely an attack from an Immortal; otherwise, it would definitely not have been able to surpass battle prowess of 20 Stars of Shattering Void Tier. Furthermore, the attack had come from the direction of the Immortal Realm, and even if it had shot out of the opening left behind by splitting open the skies, it would still be greatly weakened.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

If that had not been the case… Who in the Lower Realm could withstand a strike delivered by an Immortal?

But even so, the power of this blow was still indescribably great; would Ma Duo Bao be able to neutralize it? One had to know that he was in the process of splitting open the skies, and was already under great pressure in the first place!

Ma Duo Bao humphed coldly. Wielding the Mountain and River Axe, he stepped up to meet the incoming attack.


A muffled grunt, and the Sword Ray reached its target. Ma Duo Bao was instantly sent flying a few hundred meters away. With the friction caused by the high speed he was going at, even the surrounding air had ignited, forming a long strip of flames, looking like a dragon of fire.

He had blocked it!

But, the problem was that the opening in the skies above them was also closing back up.

Ma Duo Bao quickly brandished the axe, and delivered another blow at the skies. Shua, shua, shua, with a few strikes, the skies opened up again, but it was right at this moment that a flash of Sword Ray swept past and slashed out at him again.

There was nothing else that could be done. Ma Duo Bao could only brandish the axe to meet the attack, but in this way, all his previous effort was wasted again, and the opening in the skies was once again closing back up.

This move of the five sects was really very cruel!

Would he block it or not?

If he blocked the blow, he would not be able to split open the skies. If he did not, then he would be severely injured, or even directly killed, and ultimately still not be able to open the skies.

Ling Han frowned deeply. This was not good. The five sects were actually so shameless, making use of their status as Immortals to interfere! Furthermore, they were far off in the Immortal Realm, and there was a Great Formation separating them from here, so who would be able to barge through that Great Formation to impede them?

If they had that kind of power, then wouldn't they be able to easily split open the skies with just one hand?

This seemed to have become a problem with no solution. Ma Duo Bao was like a trapped animal, endlessly hacking away at the skies, and had to fight off the attacks from the Immortal Realm at the same time. But, his current battle prowess had been forcibly elevated through a secret technique, and there was no way he could maintain it for long. Then, splitting open the skies would naturally end as a failed venture the time his battle prowess dropped.

This was precisely what the five sects wanted. You would not be able to become an Immortal if you could not enter into the Immortal Realm, and without becoming an Immortal, your lifespan would only be a thousand over years at the maximum. Eventually, you would have to die.

"Your Majesty!" The seven Kings all flew up at the same time, wanting to lend a helping hand to their ruler.

"Step back!" Ma Duo Bao shouted. Even though the seven Kings were only a few Stars of battle prowess inferior to him, after increasing battle prowess on the basis of his limits, the difference of a single Star was akin to the difference between Heaven and Earth, so how could they possibly overcome the shortage of four to five Stars?

If the seven Kings went to meet the attack from the Immortal Realm, they would not be able to block it at all. One blow and they would all die, and that would greatly disrupt Ma Duo Bao's concentration—his technique elevating his battle prowess would naturally be disturbed, and the result would be even worse.

With this shout, the seven Kings abruptly stopped. They had been just anxious, but now, they immediately came back to their senses, and knew that if they helped, it would only lead to achieving the opposite of the result they wanted.

Now, unless there was someone that could reach battle prowess of 20 Stars of Shattering Void Tier… no, even 20 Stars would not be enough. They would at least have to reach 22-23 Stars to be able to share some of Ma Duo Bao's burden.

But in the whole Lower Realm, was there an ultimate elite like that?

None, not even one!

Ma Duo Bao could only fight alone or give up the idea of splitting open the skies.

This was really a difficult decision to make.

"I said I would split open the skies, so the skies definitely have to be opened this day!" Ma Duo Bao declared harshly. Hong, a dense white brilliance radiated from his entire body, and he actually ignored the attacks from the Immortal Realm completely, and merely focused on brandishing the axe with all his might to split open the skies.

Pu, pu, pu. Sword Ray slashed down on him non-stop. Blood spurted out, but Ma Duo Bao acted as if he felt nothing, and continued brandishing the axe.

As long as he could hack open a large enough opening, the Lower Realm would be able to struggle free from the absorption of a small world, and with the collision of a whole mainland, that so-called land would also be destroyed at contact.

Under the regulations of the Immortal Realm, the Lower Realm would appear somewhere, and become a new Immortal land. The chances that that place would still be in the territory of the five sects were lower than one in 10,000,000,000,000,000.

The Immortal Realm was too big.

This was their only hope!

"Your Majesty!" the seven Kings called out, their voices trembling. Ma Duo Bao was already using the last of his strength. This was his trump card as the First Killing Formation of the world, using the lifeforce of the Killing Formation to protect himself and forcibly maintain his current abilities.

This was… to succeed or die trying!

Beneath them, there was complete silence.

Everyone was stunned by Ma Duo Bao's actions, and a powerful solemn and tragic feeling rose up in them.

In the eyes of the Immortal Realm, they were merely tiny ants, and their only value was to be harvested and refined into an alchemical pill. But now, Ma Duo Bao was using his actions to tell all the people in the world, and the Immortal Realm, that they were not ants. They, too, would voice out their resistance, and would punch with their fists to rebel.

We were humans!

"Blast through this sky!"

"Go, Your Majesty!"

"Long live His Majesty!"


After momentary peace, it was all yells that seemed capable of shattering mountains and causing tsunami. The wills of everyone became akin to a city, and it was as if their screams were about to tear open the skies itself.

Ling Han, Feng Po Yun, Helian Tianyun, and the others all stood up. At this time, none of them could sit calmly. They all raised their heads and looked upwards at the skies to watch that solitary yet majestic figure stand against the Heaven and Earth and the Immortals.

Whether Ma Duo Bao succeeded or not, this figure would eternally be branded into everyone's hearts.

"Open! Open! Open!" Ma Duo Bao had gone berserk, and with the endless hacking from the Mountain and River Axe, the opening in the skies became larger and larger, and the whole mainland was also giving out thunderous noise as if it was about to uproot itself from the Earth.

"Splitting open the skies… are we going to succeed?"

"I can feel the land trembling as if it is soaring up towards the Immortal Realm."

"Your Majesty has succeeded, we have succeeded in splitting open the skies, we are about to ascend to the Immortal Realm!"

The spectators exclaimed, so excited they could feel their scalps become numb; they were even stuttering in their words.

Ling Han used the Eye of Truth, and saw clearly that the skies were really about to be opened; only a very thin layer was left now. He could almost clearly see the lands of the Immortal Realm as well as that dense Spiritual Qi that was about to gush out.

Shua, just at this moment, a flash of Sword Ray slashed into Ma Duo Bao's body.

Everyone paid no attention to it, because Ma Duo Bao had already suffered countless blows previously and withstood them all, and believed that this time was no different. However, after this strike, the Mountain and River Axe that Ma Duo Bao had raised did not manage to chop downwards.

They were only short of that one last strike!
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