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Chapter 87: Hu Bo
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

This young man was... in Gushing Spring Tier!


Ling Han's eyes narrowed. This person appeared to be only about twenty three or twenty four years old, yet he had already stepped into Gushing Spring Tier, and had even reached the peak period of the first layer. In Rain Country, this kind of person would definitely be considered a genius.


Could this be Feng Yan?


In the area of Da Yuan City's control, if you were to ask what enemies he had, then it could only be Feng Luo, who had suffered losses twice by his hand; could that guy have asked his brother to come back?


No, according to rumors, Feng Yan was already in the third layer of Gushing Spring Tier! However, this person was really too tyrannical. He had obviously forced his way here, and when someone dared to stop him, he actually acted to wound them.


"Young Master Han, this person said he wanted to see Miss Liu, and forced his way through. Some of us tried to stop him, yet were killed by him in their attempt!" One of the attendants following behind this young man immediately said to Ling Han, his face filled with grief.


Ling Han could not help his anger from rising. Barging his way through was already arrogant enough—he actually dared to kill? This guy, just because he was in Gushing Spring Tier, was actually lawless to such a point?

"Go, I command you to invite Yu Tong out here!" This young man said to Ling Han as if he were ordering around a servant.


Ling Han looked at him, and said in a deep voice, "You killed my people!"


"So what? They are only lowly dogs, so what if a thousand or ten thousand die?" The young man said indifferently, instantly causing the others to be filled with righteous indignation, wanting nothing more than to kill this guy a hundred times if they could with their sharp gazes alone.


Ling Han gave a humph, and said, "In my eyes, you're lower than even a dog!"


The young man was stunned for a moment before laughing loudly, and said, "A mere martial artist in the fifth layer of Element Gathering Tier, and you actually dare to insult me? Hahahaha, you probably don't know who I, Hu Bo, am, right?"


"I don't care who you are!" Ling Han had already leaped forwards, and with a 'ding', his sword had left its sheath. The sword flew forward, as quick as lightning.


"How dare you!" The young man who had proclaimed himself Hu Bo instantly revealed a furious expression. His right hand opened up and Origin Power formed a golden palm, intending to grab hold of Ling Han's sword.


Ling Han's right hand moved, and five flashes of Sword Qi appeared together.

"Shua, shua, shua, shua, shua," six sword images slashed as one, and the large hand formed from Origin Power was instantly sliced into pieces. Ling Han pushed forward, his sword aiming directly for Hu Bo's throat.

"Five flashes of Sword Qi?" Hu Bo could not help releasing a surprised gasp. He once again struck forward with a palm, and another large hand of Origin Power blasted forward, halting Ling Han's further advance.

He could not help a cold smile turning up the corners of his lips, and said, "I never thought that a tiny place like Gray Cloud Town could actually produce a genius that managed to form five flashes of Sword Qi. Moreover, you are obviously only in the fifth layer of Element Gathering Tier, yet the prowess you've shown can be compared to the ninth layer. You should have about thirteen Battle Stars, right?"


'What Battle Stars?' Those people who had followed in were all at a loss. They had never heard such a phrase before.


"Heng, but in front of me, no matter how many Battle Stars you have, it is completely useless!" Hu Bo shook his head, "The gap between cultivation levels is too big. If I did fight with my full power, I'd be able to kill you in one move!" He paused for a moment, then said, "I treasure talent, so I will give you an opportunity to live. As long as you become my underling, I not only will spare you, I'll even be able to give you ultimate godly techniques!"


If Liu Yu Tong had been able to hear this, she'd definitely laugh her head off!


Who was Ling Han?


Someone who could casually take out a Heaven Grade cultivation technique! So, what kind of cultivation technique did you plan to give him that deserved to be called "ultimate godly techniques"?


"Kneel down and accept your death, and I can give you a swift end!" Ling Han replied back.


Hu Bo was enraged, and said, "Brat, being arrogant just because you're a little bit talented is not a good habit! Since you deliberately seek your own death, then let me help you!" This time, he made the first move. As his hands moved, his attacks swept out in waves, and his battle prowess had improved to a whole new level as compared to previously.


However, it was still only an increase of one Star! Of course, this Star was applicable only to Gushing Spring Tier.


Ling Han was not afraid. Indeed, his battle prowess was not able to reach the level of Gushing Spring Tier, but his defense was awesome. The Body of Dead Tree allowed him to withstand tremendously powerful attacks repeatedly without suffering any injury, and the Indestructible Heaven Scroll allowed him to instantaneously recover whatever wounds he did suffer. It was enough to qualify him for this battle.


The two martial artists clashed, and flashes of Sword Qi soared to the heavens, Origin Power gushing all over the place.


"This can't be, Young Master Han was actually so powerful? He can actually fight on even grounds with a powerful warrior of Gushing Spring Tier!"


"What does this count as, didn't Young Master Han just slaughter one a few days ago?"


"But that old guy had just broken through, so he definitely couldn't have been as powerful as this one."


Murmurs rose up among the crowd, and they were all flabbergasted at Ling Han's might. He was undoubtedly only in the fifth layer of Element Gathering Tier, yet could actually fight on even grounds with a person in Gushing Spring Tier. This was practically unbelievable.

However, Gushing Spring Tier was still Gushing Spring Tier, after all. After a couple of exchanges of blows, blood not only stained the corners of Ling Han's mouth, the skin all over his body had also cracked, dripping blood. And this was because he had learnt the Body of Dead Tree ability. Otherwise, suffering such a bout of assault, even his bones would long have been shattered.


Facing such a scene, the others could only feel a deep sense of admiration and reverence. This was the gap of a whole tier, yet Ling Han could still manage to fight until such a point. If the two fighters had the same cultivation level, then Ling Han most likely would have been able to kill his opponent in one move.


Ling Han's condition was not as bad as it looked. With the circulation of the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, the wounds that he had suffered were actually recovering very quickly. His battle prowess not only did not weaken, it became even stronger with the use of the Lone Wolf's Blood.


After such a long battle, he had also obtained a rough grasp of his opponent's attacks. Every secret behind his opponent's moves was practically revealed to him.


"Xiu," his sword suddenly shot forward and five flashes of Sword Qi moved unhindered, as if it was the writing brush of a god, aiming straight for Hu Bo's chest.


Hu Bo was extremely shocked. Although all of his moves had their own weaknesses, but how could they have been seen through by a mere martial artist of Element Gathering Tier? But that was exactly the truth of what happened—this slash from Ling Han aimed straight at his weak point, and was heading towards him!


In a moment of desperation, he could only raise his hands and place them in a block in front of his chest.




A spurt of blood sprayed. A wound had appeared on his right palm, and blood was pouring from it.


The two fighters had been fighting so long, and finally Ling Han managed to score a hit on his opponent!




The people around them exploded with shocked exclamations, obviously extremely excited.


Although Hu Bo had only suffered a single injury, and experienced a little bit of loss, but the crucial point was that he was in Gushing Spring Tier. A martial artist at the grand level of Gushing Spring Tier was actually successfully wounded by a martial artist in Element Gathering Tier. No matter where this happened, it would be seen as a feat of impressive heights!


Hu Bo's face was twisted into a malevolent expression. This stab had not harmed him much, and he had only bled a little, so it was not a serious injury. Yet his hatred for Ling Han had reached astronomical levels. A mere commoner from such a desolate place, and he actually dared to harm him, a member of one of the Eight Great Clans of the imperial city, the Seventh Young Master of the Hu Clan! If such a piece of news were to spread out, how would he be able to continue facing his circle of friends?


Additionally, wasn't this young man's talent too scary? If he really did grow to Gushing Spring Tier, how strong would he be?


He could not allow Ling Han to live!


Hu Bo had developed a serious intention to kill Ling Han. Previously, even if he had really meant to kill Ling Han, that was the same as a human being casually killing a bug. It was not something that would be considered seriously. But now he really intended to kill Ling Han and put his all into the effort!


He slowly drew his sword, and said, "You do have some ability, but this is as far as you can go!"


Because he was in Gushing Spring Tier, he was able to use Black Grade martial arts techniques!
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