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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 857 Attending the Ceremony

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Ling Han put everyone except for Feng Po Yun and Helian Tianyun into the Black Tower, and then hastened swiftly like the wind and lightning.

The Shattering Void Tier's speed was obviously the fastest in the world.

… Helian Tianyun advanced to the Shattering Void Tier half a month earlier than Ling Han. With the almost restrictionless provision of spirit medicine in the Black Tower, and him having no bottlenecks to worry about, he could improve as much as the amount of spirit medicine he took, so he was obviously extremely fast.

Although I'm only at the first layer of the Shattering Void Tier now, my battle prowess can rival ten stars, and in addition to power of the nation's blessing, my battle prowess can reach eighteen stars. Ling Han tested his own strength while dashing.

However, power of the nation's battle prowess wasn't simply addition as expected, or else my current battle prowess extreme should be nineteen stars, even twenty stars.

The higher the tier, the weaker increase the same power brings, a natural thing. Just like when I was still in the Heaven Tier, my own battle prowess compared to the power of the nation's increase was completely not worth mentioning.

One star in the Shattering Void Tier is a world's difference, and looking at it this way, if my own battle prowess reached twenty stars, then in terms of the current power of the nation, the improvement to my battle prowess will probably be at most two stars.

However, regarding improvements above the limit, even one star of battle prowess is extremely terrifying, being equal to an inherent change.

After three days, they entered the middle state, and then entered Purple Moon Emperor's Court's territory.

Instantly, Ling Han and Feng Po Yun both lost power of the nation's blessing. Suddenly losing immense power made them feel the emptiness of loss.

Ling Han couldn't get used to it, but then suddenly realized something, saying, "Power of the nation indeed is a good thing, but it can only be a support. Relying on it definitely can't become a habit!"

Feng Po Yun also nodded sternly. Martial artists ultimately pursued their own strength. If you relied too much on the power of the nation, then would you not go to places where the power of the nation couldn't reach? If so, exploring historic sites and the like would have completely nothing to do with you.

The three of them came to the imperial city. They stopped outside, letting everyone out from the Black Tower, and then sent their credentials, going along with the formal visitation protocol.

Ma Duo Bao sent out the Heavenly Astral King, welcoming people of the Great Ling Empire to the imperial palace.

"Congrats to the Great Ling King, finally advancing to the Shattering Void Tier!" Heavenly Astral King said to Ling Han. He remembered that the first time he saw Ling Han, Ling Han's strength was beneath his notice, but now, he unexpectedly reached the same level as his so quickly.

Of course, he was fully confident in his own battle prowess, and believed that if Ling Han truly wanted to be his equal, it would take at least over a hundred years to improve and polish his tier.

Ling Han chuckled, and said, "Half a year since we parted. Heavenly Astral King's bearing is still just as refined."

Speaking some civilities for a while, they entered the imperial palace.

Splitting open the skies was set to be three days later.

At this time, countless noble families in the middle state rushed over, priding over the qualification to enter the imperial palace. The Purple Moon Emperor's Court was too powerful now. In the battle at Heaven's Sword Sect, the five sects were utterly defeated, resulting in Ma Duo Bao's reputation of being invincible.

The world's First Killing Formation, Shattering Void Tier twenty stars of battle prowess!

Thus, when some girls heard that Ma Duo Bao didn't have an empress, they became restless, wanting to take down the world's most precious bachelor to reach the heavens in a single bound.

Ma Duo Bao was in the process of making the last preparations. He didn't see anyone these few days, clearing his mind and focusing his spirit, adjusting his status to the optimum.

Ling Han obviously understood this. He would do the same if it were him. After all, this was an "unprecedented" heroic undertaking… Except for Ling Han, no one else knew that the vast lands had already experienced splitting open the skies once. This was too unimaginable; even the divine realm's powerhouses couldn't do it, so it was even more unimaginable for the lower realm.

Ling Han and the others were arranged at an elegant side manor. After the Heavenly Astral King said a few words, he took his leave. After all, there were too many guests, and the seven Kings were very busy.

However, Flame for visiting.

"Hurry up and kneel down, looking at you guys is irritating!

Quite a few youngsters immediately snapped, loftiness written all across their face.

… Previously, when their ancestor was in the Heaven Tier, they were already rampant enough, and now, they were obviously even more unbridled.

"Impudence!" Can Ye and the others drew their weapons one after another—to dare disrespect their liege, they courted death!

Ling Han, however, smiled faintly, and said, "Today is Brother Ma's greatly joyous day, don't resort to force."

"Yes!" Everyone abided strictly.

"Now you're talking!" Liu Family's youngsters all laughed loudly. With Ling Han yielding, they no longer had the thought of making Ling Han and the others kneel down, and simply walked away swaggeringly, arriving at their designated seats.

On their way, they were still talking about the matter just now in high spirits, feeling that their ancestor was impressive as expected. They didn't even announce their surname, and the other party backed off already.

"What happened?" Liu Family's ancestor and the few important figures of the family were already seated, but these juniors couldn't sit still, striking up a conversation wherever they saw a beauty.

These youngsters began speaking merrily, and obviously regarded Ling Han and the others as beneath contempt.

Liu Family's ancestor thoughtlessly turned his head to look, and his face couldn't help but twitch, immediately becoming stern. He pointed at Ling Han and the others, and said, "The group you guys were talking about, is it them?"

"Ancestor, it is them." The youngsters nodded one after another.

"This… this old man will beat you guys to death!" Liu Family's ancestor almost failed to catch his breath, and instantly lashed out at the youngsters' faces.Something doesn't add up with those 8 kings, so I guess some people may be confused. There are two possibilities: either Flame King = Clear Solar King (and by that I mean author is using two different names), or the Earth Overturning King changed his name. Or, there is a ninth king that isn't included in the eight. Oh, and it was already an issue before the Lunar King was taken away
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