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Ling Han showered in the divine thunder, his lanky figure emitting divine light as if he were a divine being.

To him, the heavenly tribulation was simply going through the motions, for his formidable physique allowed him to ignore such bombardments—it was more like giving him a massage.

His lightning body was advancing into great mastery, approaching great perfection, at least in the range of humanity. Perhaps, after arriving at the divine realm, an upper limit would be opened, who knew?

After half a day, he easily passed the heavenly tribulation, and his lightning body also reached great mastery.

"Congrats, congrats, finally advancing to the Shattering Void Tier, barely breaking away from the level of mortals," Small Tower said within his consciousness.

Ling Han was shocked, and said, "You actually know how to say congrats? Your character changed?"

Small Tower snorted, and said, "Should I sent out a divine wave to exterminate you?"

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "That's more like you, I believe it!"

Small Tower couldn't help but be gloomy. Did it speak that harshly usually?

"However, the Shattering Void Tier is only breaking away from the mortal level? And barely? Ling Han asked thoughtlessly. Wasn't the Flower Blossom Tier surpassing the level of mortals?

Small Tower snorted, acting arrogant before saying, "Under normal circumstances, Shattering Void Tier can shatter the void and set foot in the divine realm. This is the boundary between divine and mortal, so only having walked to this step could one qualify to claim to have broken away from being mortal."

Ling Han gave an oh—he finally crossed into a new tier. It surpassed his experience in the previous life, and he had to fathom the road ahead on his own from now, no longer having any experience to draw from.

"There are two pieces of good news and one of bad news, which one do you want to hear first?" Small Tower went on.

Ling Han was shocked, and said, "Did you really take the wrong medicine today, even playing tricks now? Then let's hear the bad news first."

"You can no longer use Black Tower's power boost." If Small Tower could roll its eyes, it definitely would have done so.

"Why not?" Ling Han was extremely out of sorts. This was his strongest trump card, and although it could only be used once in each Tier, it could turn the tables completely.

"No means no. This was originally meant to allow you to tide over when you were weaker, not as a method for you to rely on." Small Tower snorted.

This truly was a bad news!

Ling Han sighed, and said, "Then the good news?"

"First, Black Tower's third layer's space has opened," Small Tower said.

"The Power of Metal Origin?" Ling Han revealed an exhilated look. Black Tower had a total of nine layers, but only opened the third layer just now. Were the remaining layers all going to be left till the divine realm to open?

"Correct, starting from now on, roughly half a kilogram of divine metal can be produced each year, but if you leave it be, the divine metal's quality will become higher and higher," Small Tower said.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Divine metal!

Once he entered the divine realm, even the Revere Life Sword would soon lose its luster—only weapons forged with divine metal could dominate there.

"Why does it take a year?"

"This is divine metal and I haven't recovered, so giving you half a kilogram is already not bad." Small Tower snorted.

Ling Han nodded, and said, "This barely counts as good news, then what's the second one?"

"You can now cultivate the second layer of the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll," Small Tower said.

Ling Han was startled. After a while, he said, "You sure this is good news? You have to know that the first layer took me ten thousand years to comprehend, so how long will the second layer take? A million years?"

Small Tower sneered, and said, "The first layer's not as simple as tempering the physique, it contains the general principles of a threefold art. It's just that you haven't learned the second layer of the art, so you're totally oblivious that you've actually grasped more than you know."

Ling Han sighed in relief, and said, "You mean, I can grasp the second layer of the art quickly?"

"I didn't say that." Small Tower swayed as if shaking its head. "If you're naturally more stupid, then not comprehending it in a millenium would be quite normal."

Ling Han disregarded it, and started to laugh. He said, "This is the authentic and slanderous Small Tower, feels much more familiar."

Small Tower was somewhat driven mad. Was being cheap an innate quality of this brat? Whenever it took a kinder tone, the former would seem uncomfortable… It snorted, and said, "Indestructible Heaven's Scroll's first layer cultivates the physique, the second layer cultivates the divine sense. Here's the art, go comprehend it on your own!"

It shook lightly. Countless golden characters circulated from within the Black Tower instantly, rushing forth in Ling Han's consciousness.

Strictly speaking, these weren't words—at least Ling Han couldn't recognize them at all—but it didn't hurt for him to comprehend the meaning within them. It surpassed the level of language and words, and reached directly to the essence.

He originally wanted to ask what the third layer, but his attention was immediately attracted by these golden characters, and he couldn't help but drift off within them, starting to fathom them.

Indestructible Heaven's Scroll's second layer cultivated the divine sense.

The divine sense of living beings' was extremely fragile. For example, even now that Ling Han crossed into the Shattering Void Tier, if he encountered the Sword King, who used Sword Heart Illumination in a sneak attack, then Ling Han's body would be fine, but his divine sense would be directly extinguished.

To withstand it was also easy; drawing away or also opposing it with the heart of martial arts would do it as well. That would be the battle between divine senses, more dangerous, and if someone was defeated, their divine sense would be annihilated, and flesh would become an empty shell that would slowly rot, or perhaps birth a new soul after a thousand years.

Ling Han's physique now reached the level of divine metal, which was definitely imperishable in the lower realm. If his divine sense were extinguished, it was extremely likely that a new soul would be born, but that would no longer be him.

However, if he cultivated the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll's second layer, his divine sense would be strengthened, and at last become as stable as his physique—not only would it be able to leave his body, but even remain intact when enduring a powerful impact.

Even rebirth with a single thought!

How could only the body being imperishable be truly imperishable?

Ling Han was unable to contain his joy, and couldn't help but begin to comprehend it. When he had slightly comprehended it and stopped abruptly, ten days had already passed.

He flew down from the sky, and saw that Feng Po Yun and the others were waiting for him.

Feng Po Yun and the two others greeted him, and asked concernedly, "Younger Brother, did you encounter no problems when breaking through, suffering internal injuries?"

Ling Han instantly revealed an embarrassed look, and said, "Sorry to worry you Older Brothers. I'm fine, just had a sudden comprehension, so I immediately began trying to fathom it."

"That's good!" The three brothers all nodded.

"Right, a special ambassador came from Purple Moon Emperor's Court." Rain Emperor suddenly pat his head, remembering something.

"What's the matter?" Ling Han asked.

"Ma Duo Bao is about to split open the skies, and specially invited us to attend the ceremony," Feng Po Yun said with a smile.

Ling Han thought of it, and indeed, the period of one year had ended.

Time passed so quickly. It had been half a year since Hu Niu and his parents had left, and he constantly cultivated in this half a year to take up all his time, not thinking about his family and lovers, but now he was suddenly flooded with yearning, making him wish to charge to the divine realm immediately.

"Very well, let's tidy up and get to the ceremony," Ling Han said with a smile. "Best that this fatty is strong enough so that we can also benefit from it."

The three brothers laughed loudly. Splitting open the skies was a matter simply too important, and each day that the skies weren't split open to enter the divine realm would be one more day that they would have to worry about the five sects' schemes—it was truly irritating.

Moreover, the Sea Race couldn't be neglected, either. They obviously couldn't watch blankly as the vast lands broke away from their grasp.

The Rabbit, Rock Spirit, Gold-seeking Rat, and Helian Tianyun all came, and in addition to Guang Yuan, Can Ye, and the other generals, the party of about fifty people set out for Purple Moon Emperor's Court.

Splitting open the skies was the most heroic undertaking in the small world.
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