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Hu Niu's jealousy was extremely intense, for the women beside Ling Han were all taken away, and only a bunch of men was left with him—for example, the Rain Emperor, Mu Rong Qing, Feng Po Yun, the Rabbit, Rock Spirit. There was no fear of them turning him the other way.

The Young Milady's words very effective—no matter whether they were willing or not, they had to board the ship!

Some people didn't really mind, and were even delighted, but some people were reluctant to part, especially Ling Han's parents, who had always had more partings than gatherings with their son, and now that they were leaving again, they were heartbroken.

Fortunately, their grandson was by their side, giving them something to place their hopes in, or else they would definitely think about their son constantly, their hair turning gray.

Zhu Xuan Er, Li Si Chan, and Liu Yu Tong were filled with tears. Helian Xun Xue was headstrong, but still revealed her reluctance.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

The Lunar King shouted, "Why bring This King away too?! This King has nothing that's unclear going on with this brat?"

"Yeah, yeah, this lady is as clear as ice and jade, having completely nothing to do with that brat!" Yi Shuang Shuang also protested. Although she wanted to return to the immortal realm, she wasn't willing to do it in this way.

Hu Niu, however, snorted, and said, "Big fairy, little fairy, big and small fairy, Niu's worried about all of them. Take them all away!"

After everyone boarded the ship, the divine ship flew up slowly.

"Ling Han, you definitely have to find Niu!" At the bow, Hu Niu waved her hand with all her strength.

"Definitely!" Ling Han said in a low voice. Soon, he'd charge into the immortal realm and definitely gather everyone, and he'd also make the people of Roc Palace have a whole new respect for him.

Hong, the divine ship blasted open a spatial fissure, and zoomed right in. After the ship's stern also disappeared, the spatial fissure immediately disappeared as if the divine ship had never appeared at all.

A terrifying oppressive force surged as the Eye of Heavenly Dao appeared and blinked in the sky, blood dripping from it. The world also rained down blood as if lamenting for the Eye of Heavenly Dao.

The massive eye that represented the heaven and earth's will stared at Ling Han as if wanting to kill him.

Ling Han stood with his hands behind his back, no inferior in his imposing manner.

The Eye of Heavenly Dao was indeed powerful. It was enough to kill him, but heaven and earth had its own rules—so as long as one didn't defy the natural order, heaven and earth wouldn't touch him. It was a rule that the Eye of Heavenly Dao also had to obey, or else, without rules, heaven and earth would also lose the meaning of its existence.

He worked for humanity and lived up to his conscience and the people of the world, so why should he fear the Eye of Heavenly Dao?

The Eye of Heavenly Dao blinked, and finally disappeared again.

"Damn, Seventh Sister's been kidnapped, how do we explain to the boss?" The remaining seven Kings finally caught their breath, and complained incessantly.

Ling Han smiled at them, and said, "Thanks to everyone for rushing to the rescue. However, the Lunar King entering the divine realm in advance might not be a bad thing. If you guys don't try hard, maybe when you guys meet again, the Lunar King will hang you guys up and beat you!"

The seven Kings' expression changed drastically—the Lunar King definitely would do such a thing!

No, no, they had to try hard to cultivate and increase the power of their divine sense, which was the main direction of cultivation at their level. Their cultivation couldn't improve, but their divine sense could, so once they entered the divine realm and broke through to the God Tier, they'd welcome a period of improving by leaps and bounds.

The seven Kings took their leave. The Lunar King being brought to the divine realm was a great matter, and obviously had to be reported to Ma Duo Bao immediately.

After Ling Han sent them off, he returned to the imperial palace with Feng Po Yun and the Rain Emperor. Although the demon servants were completely annihilated, cleaning up the demonic Qi and rebuilding the desolate north was a very problematic matter.

Feng Po Yun was very bold and generous. Seeing that Ling Han didn't know whom to call big brother, so he simply decided to have the four of them become sworn brothers. The Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing gladly agreed, and now Feng Po Yun was obviously still the eldest, the Rain Emperor the second eldest, and Mu Rong Qing the third eldest, while Ling Han dropped a grade from 3rd to 4th, and became the youngest brother.

This made him quite gloomy—being the third had already been pitiful enough, but now he was reduced to being the fourth!

With nothing to do, he could only cultivate.

Ling Han and his brothers strived to become stronger. They'd seen great power—even the Eye of Heavenly Dao could only yield in front of it, deeply moving them and arousing a fierce fighting spirit within them.

They wanted to dictate their own destiny, and to do so, they needed the support of powerful strength.

Time went by quietly. Strangely, the Sea Race made no movements, and it was unknown whether they turned their nose up at the land or were waiting for something. Besides, although Ao Jian was powerful, he wasn't powerful enough to rival Ma Duo Bao, not to mention the latter still had power of the nation's blessing, which made him even more terrifying.

After half a year, Ling Han finally broke through to the Shattering Void Tier.

Hong, long, long, heaven and earth immediately reacted, with thunder clouds crowding together. Dazzling white lightning was flickering within as it was in the process of brewing a terrifying danger.

Treading into the Shattering Void Tier, one needed to pass the heavenly tribulation.

Such beings truly possessed the strength to threaten heaven and earth, so the latter would impose restrictions, and only when they pulled through the heavenly tribulation would they truly be able to become Shattering Void Tier existences. Otherwise, there was only one word for what would await them—death!

This also proved the bearing of the Shattering Void Tier—even heaven and earth would interfere.

Ling Han stood proudly between heaven and earth, enduring the strikes of the heavenly tribulation. The heavenly tribulation became ninth heaven's divine thunder, separate from the five elements, its power infinite.

Hong, long, long, the divine thunder was extremely terrifying; its power reached Shattering Void Tier twenty stars!

Usually, what battle prowess could one have, having just broken through to the Shattering Void Tier? Barely having one star was already praiseworthy, and obviously one couldn't rival Shattering Void Tier two stars. Fortunately, the heavenly tribulation continued for a limited amount of time—half a day. Otherwise, if the heavenly tribulation had to be defeated to pass it, there'd probably only be 1 in 10,000 of the Shattering Void Tiers remaining in the world.

Pa, pa, pa, pa, the divine thunder struck Ling Han's body, yet it was like small rain sweeping by, having no effect at all.

The instant Ling Han set foot in the Shattering Void Tier, his physique also surpassed tenth-tier rare metal, reaching the level of divine metal. So, what threat could the bombardment of such divine thunder possibly pose to him?

Ling Han instead relaxed his body and mind, absorbing the power of the heavenly tribulation to improve his body of lightning.

His body of lightning was only at the level of a novice, and to attain great mastery, the power of lightning needed not only had to be stronger, but also purer, so it definitely wasn't achievable by refining normal lightning.

The heavenly tribulation definitely could be used—it was known as divine thunder, after all.


Ling Han absorbed the power of thunder while the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven circulated within his body, changing his body and advancing towards great mastery.

"Truly envious, our youngest brother is the first to advance to the Shattering Void Tier, yet I'm still a sliver away from Heaven Tier!" Mu Rong Qing said and shook his head, feeling happy for Ling Han, and at the same time feeling immense pressure.

His cultivation speed was not slow already, but it definitely couldn't compare with Ling Han's.

The Rain Emperor smiled, and said, "Our youngest brother is a true genius, not only having exceptional martial arts talent, but even being a master at alchemy and formations. You don't have to be envious, just cultivate diligently."

Feng Po Yun also nodded repeatedly, and said, "Our youngest brother's physique is truly terrifying, not only remaining unharmed under the bombardment of divine thunder, but also transforming it for his use!"

"Report!" A soldier ran over, knelt down, and said, "Report to the three kings, the special ambassador of Purple Moon Emperor's Court requests a meeting!"Same thing as immortal realm.Reminder: MC is sworn brothers with RE and MRQ on one hand, being the 'youngest' among them, but on the other hand he's also sworn brothers with FPY.
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