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Who would've thought that what should've been a major crisis was actually resolved so easily? Of course, it was also extremely shocking that divine beings descended and intervened, suppressing the Eye of Heavenly Dao so much that it had no temper to show at all. This was definitely a grand spectacle, which could be said as having given the demon servants enough face.

"Young Lady, let's go home!" The old woman in cyan clothing held on Hu Niu's hand. With divine light circulating, Hu Niu's injuries immediately healed.

"No, Niu wants to stay with Ling Han!" Hu Niu struggled in a hurry, leaping behind Ling Han's back.

The old woman in cyan clothing immediately looked towards Ling Han, and the other female generals did so as well, staring at Ling Han with an unfriendly gaze.

It was natural—abducting children, moreover their Milady, this man truly deserved to die!

The old woman in cyan clothing stared at Ling Han, and a terrifying oppressive pressure circulated.

Pu, Ling Han instantly burst out with blood; his body even crackled explosively as his bones groaned, and even broke. The physique that he was so proud of actually couldn't withstand the old woman's stare!

As expected of a divine being—a divine being that could ignore even the small world's rules!

Yi Shuang Shuang was numb all across the face. She muttered, "What sort of powerful being is this? Even breaking the small world's rules, could it be a Genesis Tier powerhouse? God, this lady was fortunate enough to see a Genesis Tier powerhouse!"

This was truly invincible power—not to mention Ma Duo Bao personally arriving, even if the five great sects all descended and unleashed their strongest might, they would all probably be annihilated by a single move of this old woman.

"Won't allow you to hurt Ling Han!" Hu Niu stepped forward in a rush, spreading her small hands to guard in front of Ling Han. She stared angrily at the old woman and emitted a shocking killing intent as a divine light glowed from her chest, emitting a supreme presence.

"The legacy's power!" All the female generals looked sincerely devoted, and knelt down one after another, muttering something and looking at Hu Niu with a feverish gaze.

… Except for the old woman in cyan clothing. Smiling, she said, "As expected, Yi Yun's legacy's power was handed to you! Little girl, you're the Milady of our Roc Palace, a supreme ruler in the future, how could you be restrained by a man? Allow me to eliminate this future trouble!"

"Don't you dare!" Hu Niu turned and hugged Ling Han. "Ling Han is Niu's, if you dare touch a single hair of his, Niu will, Niu will, Niu will kill herself!" She seemed to be aware that she couldn't do anything about the old woman's power, so she could only use her own life as a threat.

Ling Han snorted, put Hu Niu down, and said, "I have no enmity nor hatred with you, Senior, yet Senior insists on killing me. What sort of principle is that?"

"You're crazy, this being is too powerful! Unless I completely recover, I won't be her match at all!" Small Tower shouted inside his mind, its tone sounding terrified for the first time.

Being able to make Small Tower lose its calm, the power of this old woman could be imagined.

The old woman sneered, and said, "Brat, you're quite daring. You do know that if I want to kill you, no one can stop it?"

"Won't allow you to hurt Ling Han!" Hu Niu gesticulated with her hands and feet angrily.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Senior's strength is indeed far above this junior's, but this junior's strength being inferior doesn't mean that he has no pride!" Ling Han was unyielding. "Senior can kill me, but can't silence me!"

"Hahaha!" The old woman in cyan clothing laughed heartily.

"Supreme Elder, this brat has a very strong influence on Milady, it's better to kill him," a female general suggested.

"Yes, Milady is young, and doesn't know any better, being most easily enchanted."

"This person should be killed for his intentions!"

The old woman in cyan clothing waved her hand, and said, "It's fine. When we return, we'll never see this brat again anyway. Seeing that he has some backbone, we'll spare his life."

"Yes, Supreme Elder!" all the female generals replied sternly.

The old woman in cyan clothing looked at Hu Niu smilingly, and said, "Little girl, follow me back."

"Not going, not going!" Hu Niu shook her head anxiously.

The old woman in cyan clothing sighed, and said, "Then the old woman can only kill that Ling Han or whatever!"

"No!" Hu Niu was anxious, pointing at the old woman's nose, and said, "Didn't you say that you won't hurt Ling Han?"

"But you don't listen, this old woman has no other way," the old woman in cyan clothing said with a smile.

Hu Niu pouted, and after thinking over and over again, she finally nodded, and said, "Okay, Niu will comply with you!"

"Now that's a good girl!" The old woman said with a smile. She'd lived for countless of years, so could she not handle a little girl?

Hu Niu's gaze turned, and she said, "But Niu wants to bring Ling Han with her!"


The old woman in cyan clothing instantly choked, almost coughing. Why was this little girl so hard to deal with? She said sternly, "No, this boy definitely cannot return with us!"

Hu Niu bawled and started to cause a fuss, but the old woman was unfazed.

"Don't worry, you go back with them first, I'll definitely find you!" Ling Han said. So what if it was a divine realm powerhouse? He would eventually cultivate to that level one day.

"You promise?" Hu Niu said miserably.

Ling Han nodded, and said extremely discreetly, "I promise!"

All the female generals looked at Ling Han with contempt. The brat didn't know how powerful the force they belonged to was at all. Even if you cultivate till you're a corpse, it'll still be vastly above you.

It was impossible for him to tread in their territory in this lifetime. Don't even imagine it!

"Fine!" Hu Niu agreed reluctantly, walking slowly towards the old woman in cyan clothing, and said with her head tilted, "Niu wants to bring some people, or else Niu will definitely be very disobedient!"

The old woman in cyan clothing laughed loudly, and said, "As long as it's not this brat, anyone's fine!"

Hu Niu was finally delighted, pointed at Helian Xun Xue and said, "Take this woman with no chest." She paused momentarily, and pointed at the Lunar King, and said, "And this big charming girl, Niu would be worried!" Then she pointed at Yi Shuang Shuang, "And this small charming girl, Niu's also worried about!"

Her jealousy erupted. Even Liu Yu Tong, Li Si Chan, and Zhu Xuan Er were called… including even Ling Jian Xue.

Ling Han's expression was strange. Hu Niu truly planned on making him utterly alone! However, this force was definitely also a supreme existence in the divine realm, and being able to ascend into the divine realm and having Hu Niu's care, it was actually a great opportunity for them all.

"Lord Niu Niu, bring Uncle Rabbit! Bring Uncle Rabbit!" The rabbit was extremely proactive. Now that Hu Niu became some Milady of the divine realm, her future prospects were amazing, so Uncle Rabbit obviously wanted to board this tailwind ship.

Hu Niu, however, snorted, and said, "You keep Ling Han company. Take good care of Ling Han, don't let him get bored, much less get hurt, or else Niu will eat you!"

The rabbit bemoaned heaven and earth. What sort of sin did it commit for it to be abandoned…

Ling Han didn't plan on convincing Hu Niu to change her mind. It wasn't a bad idea to have the people by his side follow Hu Niu. FIrst, they could receive better cultivation resources and environment, and second, it was safer than being by his side.

… Except for the great enemy of Roc Palace that resulted in the original Milady's death. However, seeing the old woman in cyan clothing and the others, Roc Palace should be an extremely powerful force with deep roots, or else even with their Milady dead, how could they not have been extinguished?

Ling Han nodded, letting out the people inside the Black Tower, and had them board the ship.
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