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The sound lifted the stream, and emitted powerful dragon's might, making everyone's body tremble and almost fall to their knees.

To the Sea Race, bloodline was extremely important.

It was similar to how a human Spiritual Infant Tier elite could write a law decree to suppress Spiritual Pedestal Tier warriors to the point where they couldn't move. Fortunately, the kings among martial artists could still resist such coercive pressure. However, amongst the Sea Race, superior bloodline overpowered all.

Previously, Helian Tianyun was only in the Gushing Spring Tier, yet Helian Rong and Wenren Jie were both suppressed to the point of kneeling immediately, and it was the same now.

Helian Tianyun snorted, and walked in front with his hands behind his back. He was clearly a little kid, but his expression was full of arrogance of an old expert. He said, "This Lord is here, hurry up and have Ao Xing Bo get the hell out here to greet me!"

"Boy, how dare you be disrespectful to the sea emperor?" that voice said coldly.

"Haha, don't pull this useless nonsense. The Sea Race is a place where bloodline is looked upon. This Lord's ancestral blood is pure, who dares not to respect This Lord?" Helian Tianyun sneered.

"Hehe, you also know that the Sea Race's a place where bloodline is stressed?" With a sneer, a hundred or so people walked out from the strait.

These people all wore dragon robes, and emitted powerful presences.

They were all in the Shattering Void Tier, and with true dragon's blood that was extremely pure, far surpassing Helian Rong, Xianyu Tong, and the like.

It wasn't without reason that Ao Family could unite the four seas.

"Get the hell over here and greet This Lord, will you?" Helian Tianyu said loftily. Although it was an expedition this time, it was basically impossible for a battle to take place. Once his dragon might was unleashed, it would be a complete one-sided crush.

So, he was just going through the motions.

He activated his dragon's might, and attacked at Ao Family's side.

Weng, as the dragon's might activated, many people in the Ao Family were like the four sea's royal family previously, shivering and almost kneeling.

Helian Tianyun walked on airs. He turned around, and said to Ling Jian Xue, "Disciple, see that? This Lord's just that kickass!"

"Hmph!" With a sneer, a youngster walked out, unaffected by Helian Tianyun's dragon's might. He said indifferently, "You're just a fake dragon, I'm the true dragon!"

Hong, he also spread his dragon's might. A presence no inferior to Helian Tianyun's swept by, and instantly, the four sea's royal families all lost their battle power.

Ling Han frowned, and directly put Helian Xun Xue into the Black Tower. Although her blood was very pure, it was far from reaching the heights of Helian Tianyun, and she couldn't even stand firmly now.

… Ling Dong Xing and Yue Hong Chang obviously entered the Black Tower after entering the sea region.

"What?!" Helian Tianyun was shocked. This youngster was actually unaffected by his dragon's might, and emitted a dragon's might no inferior to his!

How could that be!?

He cultivated to the height of an alternative dragon countless years ago, and at last was reborn through a tooth of a True Dragon. In terms of dragon's might alone, at least in the vast lands, there was no dragon race that could match him.

Where did someone who had the power of bloodline that could rival him come from?

"From the immortal realm?" Ling Han interrupted.

… Since the five sects could send people down, why couldn't the Ao Family?

"Smart!" that youngster said with a smile. He looked handsome, and even had a heroic charm; two dragon horns grew on top of his head, emitting an ancient and noble presence.

"Horns of a True Dragon!" Helian Tianyun was stern. He was nourished and reborn through the tooth of a True Dragon, and was obviously extremely sensitive to a True Dragon's presence.

No wonder the opponent could oppose him, so it turned out that it was a True Dragon's descendant from the immortal realm!

Ling Han was moved within—horns of a True Dragon? Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire wanted him to gather four divine items, and wasn't one of them True Dragon's horns? Tsk, tsk, tsk, if I cut off and throw them to that guy, will I be able to get a Mystical Power in return?Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Hehe, truly the frog at the bottom of a well!" The young man shook his head, his expression full of disdain. "Beneath the divine level, how is it possible to reach a True Dragon's level? Only those who achieve the Genesis Tier are qualified to be called True Dragons!"


Ling Han's mouth instantly twitched. A dragon had to be in the Genesis Tier to be called a True Dragon? In a similar fashion, a phoenix had to be in the Genesis Tier to be called a True Phoenix? Then how would he get True Dragon's horn and heavenly phoenix feathers?

If he really could obtain it, then he would definitely be at the cultivation of the Genesis Tier. This would mean he was the top elite in the divine realm, so would he still need to learn Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire's Mystical Power?

Sh*t, no wonder this guy wasn't willing to see people with his real face—was he afraid that he'd be cursed?

Helian Tianyun was also somewhat shocked, and even more so couldn't accept it at the moment. He thought his blood was already extremely pure, and could completely be seen as a True Dragon. He sneered, "Don't spread rumors to deceive people! Where's the brat? Hurry up and pay respects to This Lord!"

He only looked five to six years old, yet called the other person a brat, not knowing shame.

"I'm called Ao Jian!" The young man's expression was calm, appearing unhurried. In terms of demeanor alone, Helian Tianyun who had already lived one lifetime was really hard to rival.

"The Sea Race measures superiority with bloodline. Now, the degree your and my bloodline's purity is the same, so we'll determine the winner through strength!

Helian Tianyun looked towards Ling Han, somewhat dumbfounded.

Those words obviously made sense. The Sea Race obviously first compared bloodline, but what if bloodline purity was about the same? Then they'd compare strength! Just like Helian Rong and Wenren Jie—their bloodlines had somewhat of a gap between them, but couldn't form an overwhelming advantage, so fighting was the way.

But the problem was, this Ao Jian… he was f*cking Shattering Void Tier elite!

Fight for what? If the battle started, Helian Tianyun would definitely die.

Ling Han couldn't help but admit that they took the wrong path on this turn, underestimating the immortal realm.

He'd thought that it would be smooth like with the five sects. It wouldn't matter if the immortal realm's people came—geniuses with battle prowess of Shattering Void Tier twenty stars were also extremely rare, but they would still be swept away by Ma Duobao.

Although Helian Tianyun's Tier dropped, his bloodline was noble, and he proved it constantly along the way, but now… all was going to be reversed.

If Helian Tianyu died in a battle, the Sea Race would obviously return under the control of the Ao Family. It would be extremely effortless—a simple fight.

Shattering Void Tier versus Heaven Tier—was there any suspense? The five sects could send Shattering Void Tier eighteen stars' geniuses, why couldn't the Ao Family do it?


Ling Han immediately shook his head at Helian Tianyun. No matter whether it was him or Helian Tianyun, what the two of them lacked the most was time. As long as they were given two to three years' time, no, possibly one year, they would be able to become the strongest existences in the world, unafraid of anyone.

They definitely couldn't start a war now—fighting would only lead to death.

Helian Tianyu nodded at Ling Han, expressing his agreement with Ling Han's view.

Ling Han transmitted a few words with the divine sense to Helian Rong, then stored the Rabbit, Rock Spirit, and Hu Niu into the Black Tower, and then grabbed Helian Tianyun, taking to his heels.

Of course he'd run. If not run, was he going to stay for tea?

Everyone was taken aback—why would he run all of a sudden?

Helian Rong received Ling Han's voice transmission, and reacted the fastest. He immediately said, "Fake True Dragon, don't run!" However, he was suppressed by Ao Jian's dragon's might and unable to give chase at all, and could only shout for show.

The four seas' royal families finally reacted, and joined the group of denouncers.

It couldn't be helped—the Sea Race decided everything with bloodline, so they could only resolutely indicate their position so as to avoid the imperial family settling accounts afterwards. This was also why Ling Han had Helian Rong denounce him.

Helian Rong could run, but the Helian Family couldn't.
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