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"Please do enlighten me," Ling Han spoke with a disdainful air of indifference.

"You must first swear not to kill me!" The Asura Demon Emperor stated his condition.

Ling Han's eyes widened as he glared fixedly at the Asura Demon Emperor, and said, "Forget it, I'm not interested anymore." Ling Han then raised his palm, about to strike.

"Don't, don't, don't, we can talk about this civilly, there's no need to be so fierce!" the Asura Demon Emperor hastily conceded as he added, "I can divulge some secrets first!"


The Asura Demon Emperor deliberated over his response, and gave a slight cough before revealing, "The Lower Realm is a small world!"

What the hell!

Wasn't this crap? Why else would it ever be targeted by the five sects of the Immortal Realm were it not for it being a small world?

"Spouting nonsense will only hasten your death, what more ridiculing me," Ling Han said coldly.

This time the Asura Demon Emperor replied fearlessly, "What if I tell you that the Lower Realm was still a part of the Immortal Realm until three to four million years ago?"


This piece of news finally managed to evoke a startled reaction from Ling Han. What was the meaning of this, the Lower Realm was originally part of the Immortal Realm? Then how did it break off from the Immortal Realm and turn into a small world?

With a pensive expression, Ling Han looked at the Asura Demon Emperor as he queried, "You did not intentionally cook up this story just so that you could save your life, did you?"

It was too ridiculous.

"I can swear to the heavens that what I have said is all true!" The Asura Demon Emperor swiftly made an oath.

Ling Han thought for a moment, then said, "Fine, you'll tell me everything that you know, from start to finish, clearly and plainly, without leaving anything out. If this news is true, it's not like I cannot spare you."

"Thank you, Young Master Han! Thank you, Young Master Han!" the Asura Demon Emperor promptly responded, his eagerness to bootlick written all over his face. Now that he was simply a piece of black fog, he could make changes unendingly, and change his expression as he wished.

"Speak, then." Ling Han gestured with his hand. How could this bastard be worthy to be dubbed an emperor, he was practically a disgrace to the word.

"Yes, yes, yes!" The Asura Demon Emperor appeared to be organizing his thoughts as he started speaking. "The Lower Realm has long been in the Immortal Realm, but all of a sudden, it vanished. This piqued the curiosity of quite a number of big shots in our Netherworld and in the Immortal Realm, and they began investigating.

"In the end, the conclusion was that this piece of land must have separated from the Immortal Realm, and has transformed into a small world.

"Out of curiosity, the ultimate elites re-investigated the Lower Realm once again, yet discovered an even more shocking matter, which was that in fact, the Lower Realm was a small world as early as at least ten million years ago, and entered into the Immortal Realm through the method of splitting open the skies.

"This was something that had never occurred—a small world showing up by way of splitting open the skies actually detached again from the Immortal Realm, then transformed into a small world anew!

"The ultimate elites all deduced that valuable treasures must have emerged in the Lower Realm, hence such a change. As a result, the ultimate elites were all searching for this Lower Realm which has reverted to a small world, wanting to know what kind of rare treasures have actually come into being on it, as well as wanting to take the opportunity to seize it.

"But there are really too many small worlds; moreover, it is called the Lower Realm here, however when it was in the Immortal Realm previously, it was not named as such. Thus, nobody knew that this small world that is controlled by a such small and weak power as the five sects was actually the former Immortal land that the ultimate elites expended such extensive resources to search for!"

Motioning with his hand, Ling Han then asked, "Since the Lower Realm was not referred to with such a name previously, then how did you know that this is actually that piece of land that has separated from the Immortal Realm all those years ago?"

"That is very simple: the reason why I would come here was precisely because I was ordered to come to carry out investigation, verifying if this small world is actually that which the ultimate elites are targeting. It's just that I was suppressed as soon as I arrived." The Asura Demon Emperor was evidently somewhat disheartened.

"Then how did you verify this?" at last Ling Han was showing interest.

"Given that this piece of land has appeared in the Immortal Realm before, it would inevitably have acquired the aura of the Immortal Realm. Although its traces has been dealt with very thoroughly, I still managed to catch a whiff of the Immortal Realm's aura emanating from within the land's core." The Asura Demon Emperor then proudly boasted, "It's not that I want to brag, but only our group of talented individuals possess this kind of ability; otherwise, I would not have been assigned to come here."

Ling Han pondered for a while, then queried, "The Netherworld delegated numerous beings similar to you with the task to search various small worlds?"

"Young Master Han, you are really clever, absolutely spot on!" The Asura Demon Emperor did not hesitate to curry favor; after all, his little life was now absolutely in Ling Han's hands.

Ling Han could not help being engrossed in his thoughts. If the Lower Realm had originally been a small world, had split open the skies once before, and yet degenerated into a small world due to certain unfathomable reasons later, then that was all certainly too astounding.

Even the ultimate elites from the Immortal Realm and the Netherworld were all astir, proving that even they were not capable of such a feat, which was why it aroused their interest. It even succeeded in attracting the attention of the originally unrelated Netherworld, prompting them to dispatch a large number of individuals to enter the small world to conduct the search.

He could not stop his heartbeat from accelerating—could it be that the thing that these ultimate elites were searching for was actually the Black Tower?

Small Tower kept on saying that if it were to use its full strength, it was capable of destroying the Lower Realm, but would also attract the true ultimate elites to make a move to seize it at the same time. As such, even if it had great, impressive power, it could not put it to good use, but rather needed to first restore itself. In that way, it could then suppress its aura when it actually did exert its strength, not letting the ultimate elites from the Immortal Realm sense it.

Ling Han took a deep breath. If it could let a small world ascend into the Immortal Realm by splitting open the skies and turn back into a small world again, what kind of impressive ability could that be?

Black Tower… What kind of background could it actually have?

The Indestructible Heaven Scroll could let his physique achieve the toughness of a rare metal a level higher than his Tier, and this was still the strength of the first layer of the cultivation technique. In that case, how high would the strength of the second and third layer of cultivation techniques be?Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Who created the Black Tower? How did they fall into decline? As strong as the Black Tower was, it was even seriously damaged… Who could have done it?

Ling Han only felt that the more he knew, the more unanswered questions there were.

He shook his head, and kept all of this at the bottom of his heart—he could slowly examine it in the future after he entered into the Immortal Realm. For example, he'd check who was the lead in splitting open the skies the last time.

Also, the Mountain and River Axe would not actually be forged by that person, would it?

"Hehe, Young Master Han, can I go now?" the Asura Demon Emperor asked as a crude smile spread over his face.

Ling Han also smiled, and replied, "What do you think?"

A look of disappointment crossed the Asura Demon Emperor's face. He also knew that this secret was too serious, so Ling Han would absolutely not allow him to tell anybody else. It seemed that he was likely to be held captive here for life.

The surroundings here were quite nice, and the place was also big; furthermore, there were Spiritual Herbs all over the place… though he did not need Spiritual Herbs. However, the people were really too scarce here, making him feel very unaccustomed to it.

"You just stay here. If your behavior is good, I can let you out to catch a breath of fresh air," Ling Han said. When he really advanced to the Shattering Void Tier would be the time he let out the Asura Demon Emperor, and could manipulate him as he wished then.

Hu Niu's injuries healed very swiftly. This little girl was also a weird one; now her body had another additional godly egg, so who knew what kind of changes would happen to her.

"We'll go back first!"

Ling Han and Hu Niu got out from the Black Tower, and returned to the Imperial Capital. This time, Xiao Miaoyan, Yang Guan, and the Asura Demon Emperor all had been dealt with already, so the only powerful elite left at large was an Eighteen-eyed Corpse King of the Thousand Corpse Sect.

So much easier to deal with.
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