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Ling Han smiled nonchalantly, and said, "You practically reek of evil, so how hard can it be to locate you? I can sniff you out from a hundred li."

This, of course, was just talk—in reality, it was because he had control of the power of the nation. If he willed it, the entire nation's every move could be monitored through the totems over the various cities.

It was just that manpower was limited; he could not be distracted or have nothing better to do than to check up on other people's private life. However, with his family and friends residing in the Imperial Capital, he naturally had it under his control.

"Heng, just a puny Heaven Tier warrior, you don't even know how wide the gap between us is. I, for one, would like to hear what capabilities you have to make it out of here alive." Xiao Miaoyan sneered.

She despised Ling Han to the core.

"Kid, this woman's looks are not bad, catch her for Lord Rabbit to serve as a maid!" Rabbit shouted sneakily from below,

Xiao Miaoyan immediately flew into a rage, but as her glance swept over Rabbit, she could not refrain from inadvertently asking, "A descendant of Zong Qingyi?"

"What Zong Qingyi, you ought to call him 'ancestor'!" snapped Rabbit at once.

Xiao Miaoyan's pretty face twitched, but she surprisingly no longer refuted. Zong Qingyi was also an exceedingly outstanding figure in the Immortal Realm; hence, the five sects would not lay their hands on his descendants. Otherwise, Rabbit's bloodline would have gone extinct long ago.

She paid no heed to it, and kept staring at Ling Han as she said, "Although a physique of Level Ten precious metal is strong, as long as it falls into my hands, there are plenty of means to refine you!"

"That does sound kinda scary." Ling Han guffawed with hearty laughter. "The lot of you cruelly harm the living beings of the Lower Realm, being maniacal to the extent of refining a whole realm into an alchemical pill. Today, I will slay the lot of you, and sever your heads to offer as sacrifices to our ancestors."

"Kid, don't. Leave that woman for Lord Rabbit to serve as a maid; that man also can be used as a mount for Lord Rabbit, it would be best if you could leave both!" Rabbit interjected again.

Xiao Miaoyan naturally directly ignored Rabbit, and said, "You lot gathered Spiritual Herbs and killed Demonic Beasts, don't tell me that is not maniacal?"

"Hahahaha!" Ling Han laughed coldly. "To actually compare beings of the same race as yourself to Demonic Beasts, I see you are cold-blooded to the extreme!"

"Same race?" Guan Yang swept his eyes across the entire Imperial Capital disdainfully, then asked in return, "Are you guys worthy of it?"

There was nothing much to say anymore!

"Well, bring it on. Today, don't even think of running away, the three of you! What perfect timing to get rid of a huge trouble!" Ling Han retorted frostily. Xiao Miaoyan and Guan Yang both possessed battle prowess of eighteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier, undoubtedly being the largest threat. Getting rid of them now, the rest would not be much of a trouble—the Eight Kings were more than capable of taking care of it.

"You talk as if you are very powerful!" The Asura Demon Emperor scoffed; at the same time, he felt great displeasure in his heart. He and Xiao Miaoyan's group were not together; rather, he had arrived in the vicinity of the Imperial Capital much earlier, and was waiting for an opportunity to capture either Ling Han or Hu Niu.

Seeing Xiao Miaoyan and her companion appear, the idea of taking advantage of them occurred to him—he'd use them as cover to stealthily come over. Yet, he was unexpectedly exposed by Ling Han's shout.

Ling Han let his piercing gaze run over Xiao Miaoyan and Guan Yang, completely ignoring the Asura Demon Emperor, which made the latter nearly mad with fury. Back in the day, he was also one of the super elites who struck fear into the whole Lower Realm; then, at the cost of countless deaths, he was divided into nine parts to suppress him. Yet now, Ling Han regarded him as nothing!

Damn it, if it was not that his level had dropped sharply, and for his being assigned an important mission, he would have burst forth with Immortal level power to kill off Ling Han now, come hell or high water.

"Small Tower!" Ling Han called out softly in his heart. The Black Tower immediately channeled forth energy into him, and his strength instantly soared. In addition, he drew out power of the nation, making his strength rise further.


Xiao Miaoyan and the others all cried out in alarm at the same time. How come Ling Han seemed to have changed into a totally different person in a flash? How did the feel of this kind of energy cause them to shudder involuntarily?

Even those with the battle prowess of eighteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier were shuddering, so just what kind of changes actually took place in Ling Han's body?

Ling Han gave a snort, and drew out the Revere Life Sword. With a jerk of his hand, this Number One Killing Sword was immediately activated, emitting infinite brilliance. Now that Ling Han had truly achieved the strength of the Shattering Void Tier, he naturally fully released this sword's power.

"I! Don't! Believe!" Xiao Miaoyan denounced him loudly. A pair of huge wings sprouted from her back, and with a light flap, her energy was immediately heightened to a great extent. Wielding a blood-red treasured sword, she charged to meet Ling Han head on.

She circulated her bloodline, and raised the level of her battle prowess to the utmost.

This was the battle prowess of eighteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier. Without using her bloodline, her battle prowess was only sixteen to seventeen Stars.


The two swords clashed, causing an epic burst of amazing light rays; the Sword Qi shot straight up into the vast sky, and again a wide patch of stars and constellations took the brunt of it as they fell in profusion from the impact. Immediately following this, amid the mass of light that burst forth, a person was seen being catapulted through it, like a cannonball being shot, heavily smashing into the distant mountains and immediately vanishing there.

Hong, long, long, a mountain peak collapsed, issuing a loud noise and causing huge tremors to course through the ground.

Guan Yang stared dumbly. He could see clearly that the person who flew out just now was precisely Xiao Miaoyan.

This, this, this, this!

As strong as Xiao Miaoyan was, she also could not stop Ling Han's sword?

What kind of battle prowess was this?

The Asura Demon Emperor's body was also trembling—too scary! Another monster attaining the battle prowess of twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier finally appeared! This was indeed the pinnacle of humanity—even he, an unusual being from the Netherworld, might be killed.


Asura Demon Emperor's fighting intent immediately vanished, and he only wanted to sneak away now. This turn of events was something he never would have envisioned when he first met Ling Han. To think that there would actually be a day that he would lose his guts from being terrified by Ling Han…

Ling Han drew up his long sword. Xiao Miaoyan had actually fought him forcefully head on… wasn't that courting death? Originally, with her battle prowess of eighteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier, it would be decent enough for her to contend with him for a few rounds, yet she persisted to fight him head on. Thus, she was naturally inflicted with heavy injuries in just one move.

With the energy channeled from the Black Tower and the addition of the power of the nation, his strength has already reached twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier.

Note that it was strength that had reached twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier without having to use any secret arts at all. Any random strike of his already represented the strongest in this world.

Then, if he circulated the Three Styles of Black Origin, or perhaps the Earth Overturning Seal and other such, what kind of extent would his battle prowess reach?Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

No wonder that the five sects wanted to draw Ma Duo Bao out from the Purple Moon Empire for another fight to the death. Ma Duo Bao with the addition of the power of the nation would really match the battle prowess of a god, a battle prowess of Immortal Grade that wasn't allowed to exist by the Laws of Heaven and Earth in this realm.

"Want to flee?" Ling Han smiled coldly, striking his sword towards the Asura Demon Emperor.

Pu, the Asura Demon Emperor's body immediately collapsed to pieces, without even a slight doubt.

Now, what did one with battle prowess of fifteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier make in the face of Ling Han? For sure, he would be dead in one blow. However, the Asura Demon Emperor would not die so easily—though the body had already been shattered to pieces, a gust of black Qi actually floated out, unceasingly intertwining as if forming some kind of body, but it was not at all firm.

He was already without a form originally; rather, he evolved from the Demonic Qi of Primal Chaos.

Ling Han struck again with his sword. The Demonic Qi was chopped into two, but it very quickly fused back together again as if owning an undying body.

"Hahaha, I am transformed from the Demonic Qi of Primal Chaos, and thus an existence that would not die eternally! You want to kill me? It is still a million years too early for you!" The Asura Demon Emperor transmitted this message through his divine sense. Since his body was no more, he was naturally unable to convey it through speech.

Ling Han snorted, and his figure charged right over. The Sword Heart stirred, and abruptly attacked the Asura Demon Emperor.

"Ah!" the divine sense of the Asura Demon Emperor immediately gave out a horrible shriek. The Sword Heart, perfected, indeed could slay souls, its effect especially striking when used on this kind of evil demon.

Taking advantage of the split second of his divine sense being temporarily "disconnected", Ling Han stretched out his hand and grabbed the Asura Demon Emperor, then put him into the Black Tower.
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