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That egg was obviously extremely rare, and its preciousness far exceeded the Reincarnation Tea's. However, it turned out that there wasn't even the slightest change in Hu Niu, which made Ling Han utterly puzzled.

In the midst of such puzzlement, Ling Han returned to the north region.

At this time, the four regions had been unified under the banner of the Great Ling Empire, and as policies beneficial to the nation and people's welfare were passed down, the hearts of the people were quickly united.

Ling Han gave it a try; upon condensing the power of the nation, his battle prowess actually reached an amazing nine Stars of Shattering Void Tier!

The battle prowess of Shattering Void Tier was too strong. Therefore, it could be said that the addition of the power of the nation allowed for the attainment of nine Stars of Shattering Void Tier, and the battle prowess of Ling Han himself could be disregarded. And yet, the reason he was able to become so powerful was because his physique was extremely strong.

If it was any other Heaven Tier cultivator, the addition of power of the nation could only allow the attainment of battle prowess of twenty Stars of Heaven Tier, and couldn't be upgraded any further. Otherwise, the body would collapse first. However, Ling Han was different; his body was as strong as Level Ten precious metal, enough to bear the battle prowess of nine Stars of Shattering Void Tier.

And this was already near his body's limits.

It was no wonder that Ma Duo Bao had no intention of expanding the nation's territory and increasing the number of people under his jurisdiction. His body was also similar to Level Ten precious metal in toughness. At most, he could only attain a ten Stars' increase in battle prowess. Therefore, it would be meaningless for him to further expand the territory. As the saying went, too much was as bad as not enough.

Ling Han did not have such a worry. If he advanced into the Shattering Void Tier, he could still improve his body by another level to reach the stage of Godly Metal. In that case, what would be the limit of power of the nation that he could bear?

Twenty Stars? Thirty Stars? Fifty Stars?

Perhaps the will of all the realm's people could be added upon him alone, without any fear that this would cause his body to explode.

Only now did Ling Han realize the importance of having a tyrannically strong body. And, when it was combined with the power of the nation, it made him invincibly powerful. Of course, this was also because he had cultivated the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, which allowed him to have such a body. Power such as this could not be duplicated.

Currently, his spirit was extremely powerful. His mental state had even reached the Shattering Void Tier in advance, allowing him to perfectly control the prowess of nine Stars of Shattering Void Tier. His comprehension of martial arts also saw amazingly rapid progress.

When one had reached his cultivation level, the comprehension of martial arts equaled the comprehension of Dao, the strength of the spirit, and the improvement of mental state—this allowed him to have absolutely no bottleneck in breaking through. He was only required to constantly increase the accumulation of Origin Power; thus, advancing through the levels was naturally done at lighting speed.

In this way, it was very likely that he could charge into the Shattering Void Tier within a year!

The Rain Emperor and Murong Qing came back with a large number of people. Now that the five great sects had been demolished, it was naturally impossible for the Restore Heaven Academy to continue operating. These people were the elites of elites, and the geniuses among geniuses. The five great sects had intended to bring them into the Immortal Realm as hired thugs, which showed that they all had great potential, and were worthy to be nurtured.

The thing that Ling Han lacked the least now was cultivation resources.

The Purple Moon Empire was spreading the truth about the Reckoning everywhere. In collaboration, Ling Han also announced the truth to all of the four regions so that everyone would know that in order to be rid of the fate of being used to make the Realm Pill, the only option would be to split open the sky.

In the beginning, most people were naturally sceptical. After all, they had been brainwashed by the five great sects for more than ten thousand years. However, as time passed by, more and more evidence was brought up, and naturally more people had chosen to believe it.

The more united the people's hearts were, the stronger the power of the nation.

With the help of the Rain Emperor, Helian Xun Xue's pressure was greatly reduced. As he had also been an emperor for so many years, he was naturally shrewd and ruthless in handling the nation's affairs, and was not at all inferior to her.

Ma Duo Bao had agreed with Ling Han that he would use one year's time to make preparations, after which he would split open the sky. Therefore, Ling Han had intended to use this one year to properly cultivate. If Ma Duo Bao was able to split open the sky, that would naturally be great, and he would bask in the glory. Otherwise, he would have to step up to the task.

This was the only way out for the Lower Realm.

Ling Han was prepared to change his cultivation technique after a certain period of time; it was obtained not from the Sea Race, but from the five great sects.

After all, the cultivation techniques of the Sea Race were only suited for the Sea Race. When the five great sects were demolished, Ma Duo Bao very generously allowed Ling Han to enter into one of the sects to select a cultivation technique. Ling Han picked the Extreme Yang Technique, which was maybe not the most suitable for him, but still better than the rest.

Most importantly, Ling Han was only required to advance into the Shattering Void Tier, and that was all. Upon entering the Immortal Realm, there naturally would be godly techniques for him to cultivate.

Therefore, he ignored the fact that his cultivation speed at the Shattering Void Tier was slightly slower.

There were still some people of the five great sects who had escaped. However, they were currently in fright and considered as target of scorn, so how would they dare to come out? Three months had passed, and everything was calm, while Ling Han's cultivation was also skyrocketing. He had already entered the third layer of the Heaven Tier. His body arts had also improved significantly.

However, Ling Han believed that if Xiao Miaoyan and the others reappeared, the target would be him!

No matter how brave, they wouldn't dare to go to find Ma Duo Bao. He was the Number One Killing Formation, after all; it would be a trip of no return for them. Thus, he could only be dealt with by true Immortals. They had communicated with the five sects of the Immortal Realm through a special channel, and reported the matter regarding the godly vessel. It was believed that people from the Immortal Realm would come.

That woman's power exceeded the common sense; she had to be supremely powerful in the Immortal Realm. Then, how precious the treasure she had guarded with her life would be?

Therefore, Ling Han thought that he and Hu Niu would become the main target of the five sects' attacks. In addition, the Thousand Corpse Sect was expected to be eager to make a move. The reason why they had not done so was because they weren't sure whether Ma Duo Bao was deliberately using Ling Han as a bait to lure them out.

Once again, another month had passed, and what was to come finally came.

Xiao Miaoyan and Guan Yang appeared, and with one sword strike, the defensive barrier formed by the totem immediately collapsed. These two people forcefully entered, looking murderous.

"Ling Han, you had better come out now!" they both shouted. "If you still don't come out, we will slaughter everyone in the Imperial Capital, and then annihilate one city every day! Can you stand by and watch so many people die for your sake?"

"I cannot!" Ling Han trod on air, and stood on the same height as Xiao Miaoyan and Guan Yang, while his face bore a confident smile. "I have come, but the ending will not be what you think. Rather, it will be me taking both down both of you!"

"Hahaha!" Xiao Miaoyan and Guan Yang were both laughing. They had already ascertained the location of Ma Duo Bao. If the other party wanted to come over and help, it would take at least three days.

Wouldn't three days be enough for them to kill a cultivator of the Heaven Tier over a few hundred times?

Hence, they weren't in a hurry to take action. Of course, they wouldn't be intentionally wasting time, either.

"Where did such confidence of yours come from?" Xiao Miaoyan said coldly, exuding anger.

Being the pride of the Immortal Realm, she actually became like a street rat having to go into hiding upon descending to the Lower Realm—how could she accept such humiliation? Now, she intended to take out her resentment on Ling Han. Had the latter not intervened, the Purple Moon Empire would have already lost their bet, and wouldn't be able to make a move within a hundred years.

With a hundred years' time, the five sects of the Immortal Realm should have already finished setting up the channel to the Lower Realm. So what of the world's Number One Killing Formation? Even though he couldn't be killed, he could be trapped in exile; they'd let him watch the creatures of the entire realm be refined into an alchemical pill!Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Hence, her hatred for Ling Han even exceeded that for Ma Duo Bao.

Ling Han did not answer. He just gazed into the distance, and said, "Asura Demon Emperor. Since you have come, why do you hide yourself?"

"Hey, you're just a mere little cultivator of the Heaven Tier. How did you discover me?" The Asura Demon Emperor revealed his appearance in the distance, a puzzled and astonished expression on his face.
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