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The aura that woman released in that single instant had completely surpassed the Shattering Void Tier, and caused the whole realm to tremble.

It had even radiated out of this realm, and was spreading out towards even farther regions.

The Eye of Heavenly Dao appeared. It represented the will of this realm, and would definitely not allow any being that would affect the balance of this realm to exist.

This woman was going to be expelled!

However, she was a dead soul in the first place, so there was no difference whether she was going to be expelled or not. In the first place, she was just about to dissipate.

The Eye of Heavenly Dao blinked its huge eye, and a tear into the empty Void immediately appeared beside the woman. It quickly enlarged, preparing to swallow her. As long as she was pulled into the empty Void, then she would be completely expelled out of this realm. As for where she would once reappear, that was not going to be a concern for the Eye of Heavenly Dao.

"If I want to leave, I naturally will!" The woman waved a hand, and the rip that had just opened up into the empty Void was immediately smoothed over as if it had never appeared in the first place.


Everyone was dumbstruck. The members of the five sects and Thousand Corpse Sect were all very clear that no matter how strong the Immortals were, they would not be able to match the powers of a whole realm. If they wanted to enter into this realm, they had to suppress their powers, and the moment they released powers on the Immortal level, they would be expelled, unable to remain in this plane.

This was an iron-clad rule. Thus, all those years ago, the alternative dragon managed to wreak havoc unhindered, and even descended Immortals could not deal with him.

But now?

The Eye of Heavenly Dao had appeared to chase her off, but she actually managed to still stay behind. How powerful was that?

Unfair, this was too unfair!

Everyone was trembling. This level of power had exceeded their understanding.

Only Ling Han was prepared for this. Previously, Hu Niu had chased off the Eye of Heavenly Dao with a shout, and she had an incomparably intimate relation with this woman, so the latter could only be even stronger!

The Eye of Heavenly Dao represented the will of the world. It, by itself, was emotionless. It stared at the woman, and once again launched an attack. Another rip into the empty Void opened up.

"Humph!" The woman seemed to be angered, and casually delivered a smack.


The Eye of Heavenly Dao was instantly struck back, and Ling Han, after activating the Eye of Truth, had seen it even clearer. A wound had appeared on the Eye of Heavenly Dao, and there was blood seeping out.

Hu, dark clouds swirled, and the world lamented. The Eye of Heavenly Dao had been wounded, and that was a failure of the entire realm.

This, this, this, this…!

Even the Eye of Heavenly Dao could be wounded?! This was an absolutely invincible power, and she could do as she willed in this realm. Who else would be able to stop her? One had to know that she currently was only a dead soul—then what about when she had been alive? How strong had she been then?

Yet, such an existence had also died in battle. Just what kind of enemies had she faced?

Ling Han could not help but feel a shudder in his heart, worried for Hu Niu's sake.

That woman said that she was Hu Niu's last life, and Hu Niu was her next life. That also meant that if her powerful enemies had not died, Hu Niu would need to face such a strong enemy too!

When Immortals descended to the Lower Realm—or at least beings like the five sects and Yi Shuang Shuang—they would be suppressed by the realm powers, yet this woman could actually injure the Eye of Heavenly Dao. Furthermore, it was when she was in dead soul form… This meant that she had naturally been even more awesome in her life. Following this line of deduction, how powerful would her enemies be?

The Eye of Heavenly Dao blinked in the skies, causing ripples in the realm like water boiling, yet in a mere flash, it had disappeared from sight.

Did this mean something like "I am f****** not going to interfere anymore"?

They were all dumbfounded. Even the Eye of Heavenly Dao was not a match?

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They were all shaking. Such a powerful being had completely exceeded their expectations.

"You will have to tread the path of your future on your own," the woman said, looking at Hu Niu with gentle eyes. Her body was continuing to dissipate; finally, she had disappeared completely without a trace.

Everyone else was looking at Hu Niu. At that moment, no one dared to make a move—who knew if that woman would return? Previously, she was also dissipating, yet she had killed an elite of eighteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier as easily as picking out an object from her bag. She had even scared off the Eye of Heavenly Dao.

Hong, long, long, the whole godly ship was wailing, and beginning to crumble. As it crumbled, the godly wood that could not be damaged even with the frenzied attacks of the Shattering Void Tier elites began breaking into pieces. Even those damaged cannons were the same.

In only a single instant, the ship had completely disappeared, leaving behind only a pile of ash. It was as if its mission was merely to travel out of the empty Void and hand that egg over to Hu Niu.

Perhaps it was not coincidence that the godly ship had appeared here. It might have been drawn out by Hu Niu.

Ma Duo Bao picked up the Mountain and River Axe lying on the ground, smiled calmly, and said, "Let's continue the battle!"

Hong, he no longer kept any reservations, and the patterns on his body lit up consecutively, interweaving into a brilliant killing formation.

The Number One Killing Formation in this world that could eliminate even gods!

Chen Wenshi and Zuo Qifang released terrible screams, having been suddenly pulled in by the killing formation, and were instantly eliminated. Though the Spirit Tools they had been wielding before had been bathed in Immortal blood, and were incredibly frightening, they were completely suppressed after entering the huge ship. Their Immortal traits had disappeared, and now, with Ma Duo Bao's sudden outburst, he had instantly eliminated two powerful beings.

The Eight Kings also began attacking the elites of the five sects, furious like wolves and tigers.

This was the final battle!

The five sects lost, and even the help of the Thousand Corpse Sect was useless. Who would have imagined that Ma Duo Bao was actually the Number One Killing Formation of the world, with battle prowess strong enough to kill even gods! In the Immortal Realm, that would only be merely an empty threat, but here, where the Immortals would be suppressed by the realm powers, it made killing gods possible.

Moreover, Xiao Miaoyan and Yang Guan both had eighteen Stars of battle prowess.

After an Eighteen-eyed Corpse King had been killed as well, the Shattering Void Tier elites all attempted to flee recklessly. After igniting their lifeforce, their speed was astonishingly fast. However, though they managed to flee, practically none below Shattering Void Tier managed to. Aside from a limited few that had been taken away by the Shattering Void Tier elites in their flight, the others either died in battle or surrendered.

The five sects' rule over the middle state, and their influence over the four regions, was thus brought to an end.

"Some still managed to flee." Ling Han shook his head. Xiao Miaoyan and Guan Yang both had eighteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier of battle prowess, and aside from Ma Duo Bao, no one else could suppress them. If they missed this chance to defeat them all in one go, in the future, it would be them in the open and their enemies in secret, and they would be impeded.

Eighteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier of battle prowess would be enough to stir up trouble.

"My tanned brother, now that the world is conquered, a few remaining clowns would not be able to cause any big ripples. If they dare appear, I will definitely kill them." Ma Duo Bao laughed. "When we split open the skies, I will invite you to join us again so that we can all witness this magnificent feat together!"

"All right!" Ling Han nodded. He also had to observe Hu Niu closely. What kind of massive effects would that egg bring to the little girl?

They split up and bade their farewells before they respectively turned around and left.

At the first instant, Ling Han brought Hu Niu into the Black Tower, and had Small Tower conduct a detailed examination on her.

"I can't!" Small Tower shook its head. "I can't do it with my current abilities. I have to first recover to my complete form."

Ling Han could not help but frown, and asked Hu Niu, "Niu, do you feel any discomfort or anything off?"

Hu Niu pondered earnestly, then nodded with utmost seriousness. She said, "Yes!"


"I'm hungry!"

… This glutton!
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