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Ling Han discovered that his current spirit was very firm, and the barrage of attacks from the dead souls could no longer affect him as easily.

In the past, his spirit could endure about eight or ten years of this. Now, he would be unafraid even in a hundred or a thousand years. After experiencing a reincarnation cycle, his spirit was stronger than even those of the majority of Shattering Void Tier elites.

The space on this floor was especially huge. Aside from conference rooms, they also saw some cannons. Closely interwoven patterns covered them, and a mere look would cause shivers to run up one's spine. There was a bone-deep, chilling fear to them.

Unfortunately, these cannons had been destroyed.

"This must be a Godly metal!" Everyone stared at those destroyed cannons. They had been forged from metal, and since they could be used here, how astonishing would the materials used to forge these cannons be?

They all wanted to take these cannons, but they had no means of approaching them at all. Those patterns were too frightening. A Shattering Void Tier elite walked quickly, but just as he did, he was shattered into pieces without a sound.

That was the might of the patterns; even if they were not active, they were a deadly weapon.

They could not be taken!

They all felt like they were about to be driven mad. What kind of treasure was that? It was Godly metal, yet they could only stare blindly at it; it almost made them want to throw up blood.

Additionally, with how destructive these patterns were, if one could collect them, they in themselves would be a deadly weapon. Killing Shattering Void Tier elites would be child's play.

So what if they coveted it…? They could only leave.

Another floor up, and they had reached the deck.

Though they had previously leaped and soared, wanting to board the ship directly from the deck, not only had none of them succeed, they even had no idea what the situation was like on the deck.

No matter how high they flew, they could not see it clearly, which was very bizarre.

This time, they finally reached the deck from the inside, and were able to have a clear look.

"How shocking!"

The moment they were on the deck, they all exclaimed in astonishment. Was this place… a battlefield from hell?

They saw that there were corpses lying all over the deck. Some of them were human, and there were also half-human, half-beast creatures. They had wings and horns, completely inky black all over. If there was no moon at night, they would even accidentally bump right into them.

Blood pooled all over the whole deck. There were detached limbs and heads ripped off. They exuded a terrifying killing aura, which solidified, and hung in the air.

But the most terrifying thing was a colossal jar placed in the center of the deck. It was filled with detached heads, and they were all horned half-humans. Their eyes were still bright, emitting a terrifying pressure.

With only a single look, all of them felt as if their bodies would explode at any moment. Thus, they hurriedly lowered their heads, and did not dare to look a second time.

What kind of creatures were these!?

They could visualize this huge vessel encountered an attack, and both sides should have died in battle. Furthermore, the shock waves created from the battle were so large that they directly tore a hole in space, and entered into the empty Void. It wasn't until Ma Duo Bao slashed open space that this huge ship finally reappeared.

This was too frightening. Majority of the things on board the ship had vanished, which meant that the ship's defenses were no longer effective. Yet, these corpses were still there, and even looked like they had just died recently, which showed how powerful these beings had been. Even if they were dead, the empty Void could not destroy their bodies.

Ling Han cast his gaze afar, and could see there was a woman standing proudly at the ship's bow. The cloak behind her had stretched out for almost 10 meters, and she wore a golden battle armor underneath it. It was very tight-fitting, and perfectly showed off her figure.

They only saw her back, yet it was enough to intoxicate both the heart and spirit.

Was she a ghost as well?

Everyone proceeded with caution. The corpses here were too powerful, and they were afraid that a single touch would be enough to kill them. How vast could a kilometer long deck be? Very soon, they arrived at the ship's bow, and stood behind that woman.

Hong, her cloak moved. The woman turned around. All of a sudden, the skies changed color, and it was like the whole world was going to collapse.

What kind of ultimate elite was this? She had merely turned around, and it could cause such change in the environment.

"So beautiful!"

After that woman had turned around, everyone looked enraptured. She was a woman with peerless talent, and furthermore had a kind of indescribable bearing of nobility.

Those like Zhu Xuan Er and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden were no inferior to her in beauty, but if they stood beside her, they would pale in comparison as if they were mere village girls.

A deity from the Nine Heavens!

In that instant, they all had this thought in their heads. No matter how old they were, the hearts of the men were filled with adoration, and even those women whose hearts were like still water could feel a ripple in their hearts.

She was attractive to both men and women.

Yet Ling Han instantly felt his limbs freeze. The appearance of this woman… was exactly the same as the human-shaped Spirit Base in Hu Niu's Dantian!

A Spirit Base looking like a human was incredibly bizarre by itself, but now, an even more bizarre thing had appeared—there was actually a real person that looked the same!Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Hu Niu had said before that she had a kind of familiar feeling about this huge ship, just as if she had been here before. And now, there appeared a woman that looked exactly like the Spirit Base inside her. If he still thought that there was absolutely no link between her and this godly vessel, that would really be strange.

After a long while, someone pointed at an object floating in the empty air in front of the woman, and exclaimed in shock, "What is that?"

"It seems like an egg?"

"It indeed is an egg. Its surface seems to be covered by patterns, but I can't see anything at all!"

"That would be a godly egg, then. If we eat it, would we immediately become an ultimate elite on the Immortal level?"

More and more people turned their attention to the object in front of the woman. They all knew that this woman was already dead, and what was left was merely a dead spirit. No matter how beautiful or how moving her bearing was, did it matter? These people were all in the Shattering Void Tier, and they very quickly came back to themselves.

Becoming stronger was their true unchanging pursuit.

Hu Niu could not help but be distracted, and exclaimed, "Someone is calling Niu. So strange, so strange, Niu cannot control herself!" She raised her foot, and walked forwards.

"Hu Niu!" Ling Han stretched out his hand, wanting to hold Hu Niu. Yet, he immediately felt a pain in his chest, and his arm started to hang down helplessly.

Step by step, Hu Niu walked to stand in front of that woman, and stretched out a hand to grasp that egg.

That indeed was an egg. No matter how they looked at it, it looked like an egg.

When her small hand came into contact with it, that egg immediately exuded brilliant light. Then, with a xiu, it sank into Hu Niu's chest, and disappeared completely.

"You have finally come," the woman said gently. Her voice was as melodious as if it came directly from the heavens.

"Who are you, does Niu know you?" Hu Niu mumbled.

"I am your last life, you are my next life, and from now on, you are the complete you," the woman said. Her figure began to fade, ready to disappear.

Guarding this egg… Was that her dying wish?

"Niu is Ling Han's, not yours!" Hu Niu immediately rebutted.

"The godly egg! The godly egg!" Everyone's eyes were fixed on Hu Niu. The egg was definitely the absolutely most precious object on the whole ship. The Reincarnation Tea was already so incredible, so what kind of benefits could this godly egg bring?

"Hand it over!"

"Or die!"

The members of the Thousand Corpse Sect and the five sects all surrounded Hu Niu, their killing intent spiking. That woman opposite them was about to dissipate, so they had no need to take her to heart. Hu Niu was merely a little girl in the Heaven Tier, so how could they not be able to deal with her?

"Do you have to force me to kill even at the end?" the woman that was about to dissipate asked. She stretched out a dainty hand, and with a palm strike, pa pa pa pa, those elites that were at the front all exploded.

Wu Gaoyuan, who was brandishing the Mountain and River Axe at the front, also bore the brunt of the attack—he exploded in an instant. In front of her, eighteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier was not even enough.

"Immortal level, Immortal level strength!" Zuo Qifang and the other three prodigies from the Immortal Realm all stopped in shock, looking incredibly fearful.

Hong, the Eye of Dao appeared abruptly, and blinked above the vessel.

Finally, this guy was drawn out.
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