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"Seeking death!" That female general released a light humph. She did not even need to move a finger, and merely sent a look at that old antique.

Pu, that old antique suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, and collapsed, instantly losing all signs of life.

One look, and it was enough to kill a Shattering Void Tier elite with fourteen Stars of battle prowess; what kind of power was that?

F***, where was the Eye of Dao? Come out quickly and suppress her!

"Battle prowess of twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier."

"It's not a physical attack, but a direct strike to the divine sense."

Ma Duo Bao, Zuo Qifang, and the other ultimate elites could tell that this female general had not used any Immortal-level skill—thus, the natural Dao would naturally not suppress her. Additionally, if one could block an attack on the spiritual level, it would be blocked. If one could not, then a single blow would be enough.

Thus, it would either be an instant kill, or the opponent could not be killed no matter what; there was no third possibility.

There were so many people here, but whose spirit was strong enough to withstand an attack on the level of twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier? No one, there was definitely not a single person that could do so. Thus, everyone kept their silence. If this female general wanted to kill them, most likely, everyone here would be eliminated!

Even someone as strong as Ma Duo Bao would have to die grudgingly. His physical body possessed defenses as strong as Level Ten precious metal, but could he block such a terrifying spiritual attack?

If even he was unable to, then who else would dare to make a move?

Golden light interwove all over Ling Han's body. Suddenly, his aura began to spike madly.

Seventh layer of the Deity Transformation Tier, eighth, ninth… In a mere instant, he had reached the peak of the Deity Transformation Tier, possessing the qualifications to break through to the Heaven Tier.

Aside from Ling Han, no one else knew what he had experienced in this process of destruction and reconstruction.

It was a circle of reincarnation!

Under the effects of the bitter tea, he returned to his last life, and experienced a whole lifetime in its whole. However, he had not encountered the Black Tower, and lived all the way until four hundred or so years old in this realm, and even married the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

But with the invasion of the Immortal Realm, he swore on his life to resist. Though he had entered into the Shattering Void Tier, his battle prowess was far below his strength in this life; ultimately, he died with a grudge.

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden committed suicide after his death, and his four disciples also fought to to their deaths alongside him. Strong and vigorous, yet also incredibly miserable.

After that, he awakened from his reincarnation dream.

In the eyes of others, this was only a short while, but for Ling Han, he had experienced again four hundred years of time, causing him to feel like a chrysalis that had transformed into a butterfly, completing an astonishing metamorphosis.

There was not a bit of change to his cultivation, but his spirit and mental state had advanced into the Shattering Void Tier.

Then, the bitter tea began to improve his physical body and raise his cultivation level. The reason that all this could happen so quickly was because there was a drop of Indestructible True Fluid that had taken effect in his body, so he had quickly completed the rebuilding of his body.

Even the female general had not predicted this. In her opinion, whether Ling Han could survive this reincarnation would only be decided after at least three days' time.

Ling Han had directly advanced into the Heaven Tier.

His mental state and spirit had already advanced into the Shattering Void Tier, so, naturally, it was impossible that he would not be able to control his sharply increased power, and with the effects of the bitter tea, he had already perfected his cultivation on the Deity Transformation Tier to the highest level.

With absolutely no reason to suppress his cultivation level, the natural result was breaking through, of course.

For him, this was a familiar path, but it was also the last familiar stretch. After all, he had only advanced into the Shattering Void Tier in his reincarnation dream. That was a change on the spiritual level and mental state, and not an actual breakthrough he had experienced physically.

Hong, he had advanced into the Heaven Tier as his whole body shuddered.

The others were stunned; he had broken through just like that?

They had all seen very clearly—previously, Ling Han was only in the sixth layer of the Deity Transformation Tier, but in a mere instant, he had directly broken through to the Heaven Tier. This speed of upgrade was too shocking.

That cup of tea… was not a poison, but an ultimate treasure!

All of a sudden, everyone had heated gazes, but with that female general overseeing things, who would dare step out to snatch it?

But what stunned them all was that the liquid inside the tea cup was quickly evaporating, and very quickly, the bottom could be seen in it, which caused everyone to lament quietly. However, there were also some that were secretly rejoicing. Since they themselves could not obtain it, they naturally did not want any other person to be able to.

… Even Ling Han had only drunk a mouthful.

Ling Han abruptly opened his eyes. His eyes were filled with the bizarre shapes of the galaxy, but they returned to tranquility soon after. At first glance, they were incredibly ordinary, but upon closer examination, one would discover that his eyes were as gentle and mild as jade, and incomparably deep.

The tea was gone? He had obviously merely taken a sip!

Ling Han was also slightly bewildered.

"Reincarnation Tea, a sip is equivalent to a single reincarnation. With your cultivation level, you can only take one sip. Otherwise, you would be trapped in your reincarnation, and eternally unable to break free," the female general said.

The pity that Ling Han was feeling internally was instantly swept clean. He raised his clasped hands in her direction, and said, "Many thanks for your help, Senior."

The female general smiled faintly, and said, "You were the only one that dared to sit down and drink this tea, so this is your fateful opportunity! All right, the Reincarnation Tea is gone, so I can finally let go."

She closed her eyes with a smile, and her body disappeared like a shattering mirror.

She had let go of her lingering regret, so the dead soul would naturally dissipate.

After she disappeared, the pressure naturally vanished completely as well. All of a sudden, everyone's eyes were focused on that teapot.

Peng, peng, peng. They all pounced, and immediately began fighting over it. But very soon, they discovered that the teapot was already empty.

Indeed, just like what the female general had said, the tea was gone, so she could finally let go.

Everyone secretly lamented. Though there had only been half a cup of the Reincarnation Tea previously, with their ability, they would only be able to drink a mouthful—half a cup would be enough for seven or eight of them to drink.

This was a divine tea!

Everyone hung their heads and stamped their feet. Just now, if they had just been a bit braver, then wouldn't they have been able to obtain an unprecedented fateful opportunity?

It was not something as simple as Ling Han's cultivation level rising. Everyone could sense that there was an obvious difference about him, though they could not clearly pinpoint it. It was as if his whole person had been greatly improved on the life level.

"This teapot is still hot!" someone exclaimed in a trembling voice.

The others were stunned. This was really enough to scare them to death. The ship came out of the empty Void, and who knew how many years had passed, yet the teapot was actually still hot. How strange was that.

"Ling Han, you okay now?" Hu Niu asked delicately.

Ling Han nodded, then smiled, and said, "I'm fine, was Niu worried?"

"A bit, just a little bit?" Hu Niu formed a gap with her hands to indicate that she was indeed filled with confidence in Ling Han.

Ling Han laughed heartily. He looked within himself, and could not help but grin. He had experienced a very great change. His spirit had become incredibly firm, far exceeding any ordinary Shattering Void Tier cultivator's. His physical body had been tough in the first place, and now that his spirit had also improved, it had compensated for his last shortcoming.

"Sword Heart… has actually reached major accomplishment!" he said to himself. Though he had not reached the level of a perfected Sword Heart, he was but a hair's breadth away.

"My tanned brother, you are indeed shockingly lucky!" Ma Duo Bao said ruefully. There were so many people here, yet only Ling Han dared to sit down and drink the tea. This was his fateful opportunity; who asked the others to choose to give it up?

Yet Ling Han knew that he would really not dare be so reckless without the protection of the Black Tower. This was the true basis of his confidence.

He was not going to say this, of course.

Since the Reincarnation Tea was finished, they continued their way upwards. When they arrived at the fourth level, the rooms here were even bigger. But, looking at the way they were arranged, they did not look like bedrooms, but rather something akin to conference rooms.

Similarly, there were also five-man teams of female soldiers patrolling here, and they launched attacks in their direction.
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