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To drink tea with a ghost, what kind of courage would one need?

Moreover, did you know what you were exactly drinking? It was something a ghost drank, and you actually dared to drink it as well… Weren't you worried you would become a ghost too?

The others exchanged looks. They all thought that since Ling Han was willing to be a fool, they would just allow him to do so. They could take the chance to observe the situation as well.

Previously, there were so many dead souls of the female soldiers that they could even threaten Heaven Tier cultivators… then was this female general even more powerful than that, and could she actually harm even Shattering Void Tier cultivators? In face of an unknown, no one dared to wander around randomly. After all, the leader of this divine ship could be shockingly powerful.

"Hahahaha, in my eyes, what difference exists among all of you? You are only just that bit stronger than ants," the female general said casually. "Sit."

When they heard her say that, Zuo Qifang and the other four prodigies of the Immortal Realm all looked angered. They had all come from the Immortal Realm, so was it really appropriate for her to be so patronizing?

Ling Han plopped down, a smile on his face. The reason he had done so was naturally because he had been urged on by Small Tower. Otherwise, being invited to drink tea with a ghost… just the thought was enough to cause chills to run down his spine.

Though the tsundere Tower had said many times that it wanted to change to another owner, that was only its stubborn mouth speaking. So far, it had always been helping Ling Han, so he believed this time was no exception.

That female general poured tea for Ling Han—a stream of water flowed out of the teapot spout. He could even see that it was still steaming, and when the teacup was half-full, the female general placed the teapot down.

This sight was unfathomable to everyone. They had come out of the Void, and everyone had died, but a cup of hot tea still could be poured out; this was too bizarre. F***, what kind of tea was that!?

Everyone stared at the cup of tea in front of Ling Han. Suddenly, everyone gave out a muffled humph.

"I saw the glint and flash of cold steel, a scene of massacre."

"I saw a flash of the future."

"I saw a sinister region of ghosts!"

Everyone witnessed a different sea scene, but without exception, the scene that they saw was incredibly terrifying, causing them to be covered with cold sweat as if they had just experienced a major illness. Setting aside those ordinary Shattering Void Tier cultivators, even the strongest of this era such as Ma Duo Bao and Wu Gaoyuan could not help but shudder.

Pa, pa, pa, pa. The two Eighteen-eyed Corpse Kings were even worse. Seven of their eyes burst respectively, their aura instantly dropping dramatically. Obviously, their battle prowess had declined drastically.

How terrifying. It was just a cup of tea, and they had only just taken one look, yet it had caused such an astonishing outcome.

Just a look was enough to cause this, so would one still be alive after drinking it?

"Wu! Wu!" The two great Corpse Kings lamented, and could not help but retreat. Their whole bodies were trembling, their skeletons swaying as if they were about to collapse at any moment.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

So scary!

Everyone shook their heads. Even if someone held a sword to their necks, they would definitely not dare to drink this tea. If they did, they were definitely going to die.

"Ling Han!" Ma Duo Bao called out. He did not want Ling Han to take risks, either. The latter had an incredibly bright future ahead of him. If Ma Duo Bao failed at splitting open the skies, he could still depend on Ling Han, but it was absolutely impossible for the Eight Kings.

Ling Han hesitated internally as well. This cup of tea was really too frightening, practically enough to terrify one to death.

The female general did not rush him, and merely looked smilingly at Ling Han.

Ling Han weighed the matter for a short while in his heart, but finally stretched out a hand, and said, "Senior, this cup of tea from you is a bit shocking, causing me to feel a bit anxious. However, it is a token of goodwill from Senior, and I have also accepted. Naturally, there is no reason for me to retreat halfway."

He lifted the teacup, and took a small sip.

Bitter! So damn bitter!

Ling Han's expression instantly became very colourful. This bitterness was practically enough to kill. He just managed to stop himself from spitting out the tea, but with a pa, pa sound, his eyeballs actually popped right out of his eye sockets.

They had popped out due to the extreme bitterness!

Everyone was astonished. Merely in terms of toughness of physique, out of the people here, only Ma Duo Bao could match Ling Han. Yet this happened to even Ling Han, which meant that the same thing would happen to anyone else who drank this tea.

Everyone thought, Thank goodness I have not been the bird that pokes its head out.

Pa, pa. Ling Han's ears fell off as well, followed by his nose. Ta, ta, ta, ta. His whole mouthful of teeth dropped out completely. His hair fell off in an instant as well, revealing a bald head.

This was not the end, either. His scalp cracked, revealing a golden skull, but multiple spiderweb-like cracks began appearing on these bones that were as strong as Level Ten precious metal.

Too terrifying. Such strong bones, yet they were shattered by the bitterness of the tea.

"Too bad, too bad." The Ninth Underworld King could not help but feel it was very much a pity. If someone with such a strong physique was refined to become a Corpse Soldier, that would definitely mean the creation of a super Corpse King, yet now, the physique had shattered by itself.

"That's good, we have one less future trouble." Someone smirked. Ling Han's physique was too tough. Even descended Immortals might not be able to kill him, so if he died here and now, that would also be good.

This tea… was definitely the most poisonous substance in all history. Even a physique as strong as Level Ten precious metal was not qualified to match the level of its venom.

Hu Niu had begun hopping up and down in her anxiety, but she had strangely not stepped forth, just as if she had sensed something.

Ma Duo Bao and the Eight Kings wanted to immediately step forth, but that female general only gave them a look, and an incredibly frightening aura instantly spread out. Pa, pa, pa. Ma Duo Bao and the Eight King suddenly flopped down onto the ground, unable to catch their breath, so how could they still remain standing?

Too shocking. This was definitely Immortal Grade battle prowess, but why had it not drawn the suppression of the Eye of Dao?

"Perhaps… because it is only aura, there is no actual power circulating," an old antique guessed.

But even if they knew this was only intimidation, so what? Just like the Decree of Spiritual Infant Tier could force Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivators to their knees, it was the same now. This female general was too powerful, and had far exceeded elites in the ordinary sense of the word.

"Could she be a Heavenly Body or even Eternal River Tier elite?" Wu Gaoyuan and the other prodigies of the Immortal Realm all deduced secretly. The five sects had Mountain River and Sun Moon Tier elites, but they were definitely not as powerful as this.

Ling Han's bones finally all shattered, his whole body becoming a pool of blood and flesh. Just looking at it was incredibly frightening.

This was poison; a mere sip was enough to dissolve one completely.

Everyone was stunned, and secretly thankful that it wasn't themselves.

Ling Han was dead… Such a monstrous person actually died like that. This was too ordinary.

Hu Niu, on the other hand, calmed down. She looked at Ling Han's shattered bones, excitement flickering in her eyes.

The female general was the same. Looking at where Ling Han was seated, she nodded, and said, "Quite fortunate indeed, to actually be able to withstand this Reincarnation Tea!"

As soon as she spoke, Ling Han's broken bones begin to exude golden light. Uncountable shattered pieces were recombining, and very quickly, a human-shaped skeleton was reconstructed!

What, this brat wasn't dead?

Everyone was dumbstruck. He actually had all his bones f***** shattered, how was it fair that he still didn't die from that?

"Reincarnation from life to death, surpass this life!" the female general stated calmly.

Ling Han's rate of reconstruction was gradually speeding up. His skeleton had formed, his blood and flesh growing, and he was currently reforming himself.

"Living from death, he definitely would be stronger than before. We cannot allow him to live!" an antique from the five sects said. He once again ignited his vigor, instantly reaching fourteen Stars in battle prowess. Then, he delivered a straight palm strike at Ling Han's head.

Now was the crucial moment of Ling Han's reconstruction. It was the weakest time for his body. One blow would be enough to kill him.

Ma Duo Bao and the Eight Kings were all paralyzed, and unable to rescue him at all!Idiom "the shot hits the bird that pokes its head out.
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