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The barrage of dead souls would deal a certain amount damage on the soul level. After all, these female soldiers had been incredibly strong when they were alive, and were definitely stronger than Ling Han. After death, the could still leave a mark behind in the world as their obsession had not subsided even with death. This was very difficult to imagine.

One had to know that this great ship had crashed out of the Void, and the Void similarly had a deadly strangling effect on the soul. Yet, they managed to appear, completely "unscathed"!

These people must have been Immortals when they were alive!

The barrage that Ling Han suffered was a little heavy. According to the traditional understanding of cultivators, what did the soul symbolize? Indestructible and ageless, capable of lasting eternally.

But what about now? A ship of Immortals was heavily damaged, and the Immortals on board had all been eliminated.

The so-called Immortal Realm should only be a realm that was on a higher level of martial arts, right? There were slightly more strong elites, and they lived slightly longer, with slightly larger territory and slightly more resources. However, they were not omnipotent and everlasting "gods" in the true meaning of the word.

The five female soldiers attacked, releasing shrill screams. They did not only aim for Ling Han, but also the others as well.

Though they no longer had the abilities of an elite, they still had a damaging effect on the soul level. Ling Han could withstand it for eight to ten years, but that did not imply that others could do the same. Shattering Void Tier ultimate elites were naturally unafraid, especially those who had formed Hearts of martial arts; their souls were stable and firm. But below Shattering Void Tier, those who had not formed Hearts of martial arts had all paled, and felt incredibly awful.

Their souls were being torn apart by these dead souls, causing them great agony.

However, it was possible an astonishing ultimate treasure was hidden on board this ship. No one wanted to step back right now. Even if they themselves could not obtain it, they wanted to have a look at the very least. This was an irresistible temptation to them.

Moreover, fateful opportunity, as the name suggested, was not something that could be obtained merely through strength. Otherwise, why would there be so many people adventuring in Mystery Realms? Wouldn't they all retreat at the sight of others stronger than them?


A Deity Transformation Tier cultivator suddenly collapsed, and did not get back up again.

He was dead.

His soul had been destroyed, so his physical body was naturally merely an empty shell that would slowly decay now.

He was naturally a member of the five sects. Moreover, he was an experienced Deity Transformation Tier cultivator. Anywhere else, he would be considered an elite, but in this place, he had died so soundlessly.

There wasn't even anyone to store his body into their spatial Spirit Tool; they couldn't even bother to bring him out for burial.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

With the barrage of the dead souls of these female soldiers, many collapsed successively. They were all in the Deity Transformation and Flower Blossom Tier; those cultivators that were in lower cultivation levels would not be qualified to enter this place.

"Those below Heaven Tier, get out!" the Sword Emperor commanded harshly. He had formed Sword Heart, and this shout reached directly into the soul, instantly causing the eyes of many whose common sense had been overwhelmed by their powerful greed to clear. They came back to reality, and hurriedly retreated.

Without the qualification to even stand in this place, what use was there to talk about fateful opportunity? They would only be wildly delivering themselves up to be slaughtered.

Even so, the Heaven Tier elites were still a bit stressed, almost vomiting in their discomfort. However, their souls would not be slashed by these dead souls, at least for now. They would last long enough to thoroughly search this great ship once.

They searched one cabin after another. If there appeared a secret treasure ahead, they wouldn't be qualified to fight over it with Ma Duo Bao and his group. This was for Zuo Qifang and the other elites to attempt.

Ling Han walked alongside Ma Duo Bao. The dead souls of the five female soldiers were patrolling this lowest floor, but looking at the number of cabins, the number of troops should far exceed this number. Only the dead souls of these five female soldiers appeared; was it because the five of them were stronger than the others, or was it that the dead souls of the others were elsewhere?

With this question in mind, they came to the next floor.

This floor was similarly filled with multiple individual cabins. From the looks of their size, they were also rooms meant for resting, but just like on the floor beneath this one, all were completely empty.

As they advanced further, they once again encountered the five-man troop of the dead souls of the female soldiers. This was also the existence that had scared off the others, but this time, no one was afraid anymore, and despite the barrage of the female soldiers, they continued their journey ahead.

Though the ship was large, how long would it take to walk around it?

They entered the third floor from the bottom.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This floor was also filled with rooms for resting, but they were obviously much more luxurious. Each cabin was bigger than the ones on the lower floors; only those with higher status should be qualified to live in these accommodations.

Where there were soldiers, there definitely would be officers.

There were even more female soldiers patrolling here. There were at least seven teams, and added with the previous two teams of female soldiers, there were about fifty dead souls that were endlessly clashing with them now. This caused even those in the Heaven Tier to be unable to bear it. Those who had not formed Hearts of martial arts had no means of resistance, and they all grabbed their heads and screamed out in pain.

Ling Han had long since drew Zhu Xuan Er, Rabbit, and the Gold-seeking Rat into the Black Tower. Hu Niu was a monster, so she was naturally unafraid. He himself had formed Sword Heart, so he was also not afraid.

The side of the five sects was in terrible shape. In such a short period of time, they experienced serious casualties and injuries. Heaven Tier elites similarly had their souls destroyed, each becoming a warm living corpse. This caused the Ninth Underworld King and the others to show heated gazes, almost salivating.

These were the freshest ingredients for refining corpses. Additionally, they were warm, so if they began refining Corpse Soldiers on the spot, they would definitely be able to express their fullest might.

They even focused their eyes on the Shattering Void Tier elites; those could be refined to become Corpse Kings.

Even if they were allies now, the members of the five sects still shuddered from their looks, wanting nothing more than to eliminate these people first, then consider the matter of looking for treasure.

"You don't mind if I take these bodies, right? It would be a waste to leave them to you!" the Ninth Underworld King said, finally no longer able to bear it. The corpses of Heaven Tier elites could be refined to become third tier Gold Armored Corpses; only Corpse Kings were stronger than those.

All the members of the five sects turned furious glares on him. That was going a bit too far, right? Making a demand for the corpses in front of their family members, and looking so impatient and heated… who could take it?

Also, what did you mean by "it would be a waste"? The dead naturally had to be buried and at rest. If they were to be refined into Corpse Soldiers by you and insulted, that would be madness!

The members of the five sects hurriedly stored away the bodies. Anyways, non-living items could be stored inside Spatial Rings, so it would be no trouble to bring them along.

As they advanced, they arrived at the central zone of this floor, and saw that a woman had appeared in front of them. She was seated, and there was a long table in front of her. She was similarly dressed in battle armor, but completely different from the other female soldiers—her battle armor looked to be of a much higher grade. She even had a cape behind her, exuding a cold divine might.

She was a female general!

"Step down!" the female general commanded.

"Yes!" the nine teams of female soldiers all answered respectfully, and stepped back.

"After so many years have passed, I can still see all of you before vanishing. This can also be considered fate!" The female general looked at all of them, and made a gesture of invitation. "I would like to invite you all to have some tea with me."

Everyone exchanged looks. To be invited for a cup of tea with a dead soul, who would dare drink?

"Is no one willing to drink tea with me?" the female general asked, smiling.

Previously, the female soldiers were all stiff. They were only left with the thought to protect this ship. This was the obsession that supported them in not vanishing, but this female general seemed to still have her own will. This was too shocking.

Ling Han thought for a moment, then said, "If Senior does not disdain my cultivation level for being too weak, I would be willing to share a cup of tea with Senior and have a nice chat."
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