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"How dare you break into this place? You'd better leave!" the five women shouted simultaneously. Suddenly, an imposing aura swept over; Zhu Xuan Er and Rabbit trembled from head to toe, while Gold-seeking Rat had directly turned over with "four limbs facing the sky", pretending to be dead.

Hu Niu was immediately upset, and called out, "Niu won't leave, so what!"

"You seek death!" A woman raised her spear, and aimed it at Hu Niu; immediately, insurmountable killing intent circulated, and the air itself seemed to have frozen over.

Ling Han was shocked—the strength of this woman's imposing aura was even stronger than that of Ma Duo Bao!

How could this be possible? Ma Duo Bao was the world's First Killing Formation, capable of executing Immortals. Theoretically, he was invincible in this realm. However, the strength of this woman's imposing aura was even above that of Ma Duo Bao…

There was only one possibility.


Yet even if Immortals descended into the lower realm, they had to be suppressed by the Realm powers. It was therefore impossible to exhibit the power of an Immortal.

Strange! Really too strange!

Ling Han pulled Hu Niu aside, and said smilingly, "We will leave now."

They slowly retreated until they returned to the first original cabin, and exited through the hole to the outside of the ship. Only then did they see that those people who had entered earlier than them were also retreating in succession. Zuo Qifang, Ma Duo Bao, and the others were no exception.

In other words, even having the battle prowess stronger than that of twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier, they did not dare start a fight—this was sufficient proof of the strength of these female soldiers.

What was even more frightening was that these were only soldiers, absolutely not those with the most powerful battle prowess on board the ship!

"Brother Ma, even you are no match for them?" Ling Han asked Ma Duo Bao.

Ma Duo Bao smiled bitterly, and said, "It seems that I have previously underestimated the whole world. Just a few random people coming out is enough to make me feel my own insignificance."

How was that possible?

With his battle prowess, he was already standing at the peak of humanity. It was already extremely difficult to meet an existence that could be compared with him, not to mention that so many have appeared in such a short while.

"These weren't really humans in flesh, but merely manifestation of thought that has not dissipated," Small Tower informed abruptly.


Ling Han was startled—the five women that he saw weren't actually humans in flesh? Could it be that they were ghosts?

"According to your understanding, they can indeed be called ghosts." Small Tower sensed Ling Han's thoughts. "After their death, there remained a strong lingering obsession. Thanks to the tyrannical strength of the deceased when they were alive, their souls took such a form."

"But they were indistinguishable from actual humans, and seemed to possess self-awareness," Ling Han said. Hadn't the five women chased them away earlier? Their reaction was not any different from that of an ordinary person.

"That's nothing more than an instinct inherited from their lifetime," Small Tower said dully. "If you don't believe me, you can try asking for their names. The soul will only retain an obsession, while other memories will completely disappear."

Ling Han's mouth twitched, before asking, "Then, will I be stabbed to death by them with a spear?"

"They don't exist at all. They have simply deceived your eyes, and even the Immortals. How can they hurt you?" Small Tower said disdainfully, again beginning to act tsundere.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Ling Han considered it for a moment before saying, "Brother Ma, what do you say we try going in again?"

"Oh, tanned brother, have you already come up with a good strategy?" asked Ma Duo Bao.

Ling Han burst out into a hearty laughter, and said, "You will know once we get inside."

"Alright!" Ma Duo Bao swiftly agreed. He still went by his previous creed—it was not that he believed in Ling Han's strength, but rather in Ling Han's character.

The Eight Kings looked at each other in dismay, and followed behind Ma Duo Bao even though the female soldiers whom they had met earlier made them all shudder, robbing them of the courage to fight. This wasn't because they were timid, but rather that there was just too much of a gap between the two sides' strength. They would absolutely die if they fought.

They had sworn to die with their king.

Seeing that Ling Han and several people have entered the big ship, Wu Gaoyuan and others looked at each other before following suit. In any case, should they encounter danger, then there were some people in front of them, while if they encountered treasures, then they could grab them as well.

Shortly after entering the hull, they encountered that group of five female patrol soldiers in front of them.

"How dare you break into this place? You'd better leave!" a female soldier shouted, her reaction not any different from before in the slightest.

But precisely due to this, Ling Han, Ma Duo Bao and others all sensed that something was amiss.

… If someone had accidentally broken into your home, the first time you might politely ask the other person to leave, but what if the other party very quickly broke in again? Your reaction would definitely be completely different, right?

But the reaction of the five women was exactly the same as before—this was odd, unusually odd.

Sure enough, as per what Small Tower had mentioned, these five women were merely a manifestation of their obsession from their lifetime. Naturally, they had no memory at all, and thus they wouldn't be able to remember that these intruders had come in once before.

Furthermore, a large ship had smashed out of the Void, but they were still patrolling nonchalantly—this in itself wasn't normal. Everyone had been simply intimidated by the imposing aura of these dead souls before, so they had been unable to think properly.

Ling Han smoothly flicked his finger, and a flash of Sword Qi immediately swept past one of the women.

"You seek death!" The woman thrust herself forward, brandishing her spear in a forward motion to pierce the top of Ling Han's skull.

Her power was too terrifying; even Ma Duo Bao couldn't help but want to strike back—this was the instinct of a cultivator, for how could one wait helplessly for death? Meanwhile, Wu Gaoyuan and others who had followed behind revealed a sarcastic smile. To actually provoke such a presence… this was courting death indeed. So what if Ling Han had a body with the toughness of Level Ten precious metal? Facing such a presence, it would still be completely vulnerable.

Ling Han stood upright, unafraid. On the contrary, he actually stuck out his chest.

Hong, the woman charged forward, and actually passed through his body, frightening the Eight Kings who were behind to the point that all their hair was on ends, as well as scaring Wu Gaoyuan and the others even further behind until they almost broke into a run. Was there something wrong with this woman's brain? Was she going to kill them?

"This is a virtual shadow?" Ma Duo Bao immediately asked. He had seen the woman actually pass through Ling Han's body as if it did not exist.

"Ghost," Ling Han uttered a single word.

Ma Duo Bao laughed heartily. He didn't believe in gods and Buddha. He believed that the so-called gods were nothing more than living creatures with stronger power and longer lifespan. Thus, he was naturally not afraid of ghosts. He stared at the remaining four female soldiers, and said, "This is what an Immortal is? After death, the soul will not vanish, and just this imposing aura is capable of scaring one to death."

Had Ling Han not tested this out for once, who could believe that these women were merely souls, and were practically harmless?

Seeing this, Wu Gaoyuan and others finally recovered, while their faces became somewhat tinged with red. The knowledge and experience of their group comprising of Shattering Void Tier cultivators and even beings of the Immortal realm could not even compare with that of a mere cultivator in the Deity Transformation Tier. How embarrassing!

"Get lost!" The remaining four women continued to shout and strike together, charging forward, but were unable to do anything.

But after a few times, Ling Han still feel some sort of headache arising, and could not help but ask Small Tower about it.

"Since they are dead souls lingering due to obsession, it will naturally cause a certain impact on your soul. If exposed to it for 8-10 years, you will slowly die as well," Small Tower explained.

Fortunately, it would only take a while to explore this big ship, so naturally there was no need to be afraid of being possessed by ghosts and slowly dying.
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