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Finally, after the impact from striking at the crevice more than a dozen times, the bow of the ship appeared completely. The entire hull of the ship followed suit, sliding through the opening due to the pull of gravity, and came crashing down to the ground.

Peng, the bow of the ship hit a mountain peak, and the latter easily collapsed. The Great Protective Formation was practically useless; that shield of light barrier immediately crumbled into innumerable fragments upon impact, scattered into an infinite distance.

The lofty mountain collapsed as if it were made of sand and stones, which would completely disintegrate with just a single touch. Once the bow hit the ground, the entire ship swerved downwards loudly, and landed on the ground with a deafening bang. The ship lay flat on the ground, appearing as if it was sailing.

The ship was extremely long and tall; its length was nearly one kilometer, while its height was more than 170 meters. From a distance, it looked like a small mountain. The ship's entire hull was dark green in color, and mainly made of wood, yet it was impossible to ascertain which tree species the wood belonged to.

A ship made of wood was capable of resisting the powerful pressure and tearing force of the Void?

How could this be acceptable!

It was unknown how many years the ship had existed within the Void. The flag placed at the bow of the ship was completely destroyed, leaving only the bare flagpole. Aside from that, there were several holes in the ship's hull, which appeared to be caused by external bombardment.

If the ship had been bombarded within the Void, then that would be acceptable. However, if the ship had already been bombarded before entering the Void, then that would indeed be extremely scary.

Whose strength was so powerful to have caused such damage to the ship that even the Void couldn't do anything to, and what kind of destructive power could have achieved this?

The latter possibility was more likely; given that the Void could blast holes in the hull of the ship, how could it just blast a few holes? It would have certainly destroyed the entire ship.

The big ship lay there quietly. Although it caused a stir when it appeared, it was now extremely quiet. The hull was originally shining, but its luster now appeared somewhat dim. It looked ordinary—those who didn't know the truth would have thought that a terrible tsunami had brought this ship here from the sea.

The pressure had weakened a lot; although it still made people somewhat uncomfortable, there was no longer that agonizing feeling that made people vomit blood.

For a moment, everyone's eyes were burning.

Since this ship could pass through the Void without being destroyed, it was precisely a treasure in and of itself! If the ship could be dismantled and its materials used for refining, there was no knowing how many high-grade Spirit Tools could be made from it. Moreover, with the hull already being so precious, if there was something inside it, then what kind of treasure would that be?

What use was there to continue fighting!

Everyone rushed towards the big ship. They wanted to leap onto the deck and enter the ship through the cabin doors, but soon discovered that they simply couldn't make it onto the deck.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It was merely a height of 170 meters or so, yet it was like an insurmountable mountain—no matter how high they jumped or flew, they were always lacking a little bit. They had no way of landing on the top of the ship.

The same was true for Shattering Void Tier cultivators.

This made them even more certain that this was truly a treasure, a treasure that would transcend everything. Even in the Immortal Realm, it would be something that everyone would fight tooth and nail for.

If the deck couldn't be reached, then weren't there some holes in the ship's hull?

Someone gave it a try, and proceeded to enter smoothly. This made others excited, and they quickly followed suit.

Should there be any godly artefact inside the ship, it might immediately turn the tide of the battle.

"Your Majesty!" The Eight Kings simultaneously looked at Ma Duo Bao.

"Let's go in to take a look!" Ma Duo Bao nodded. He tried to block the five great sects and Thousand Corpse Sect from entering, but his power immediately disappeared as soon as he approached the big ship.

Now, everyone's battle prowess was no longer important. The important point was that this ship could change everything!

"Tanned brother, what about you?" Ma Duo Bao turned around to ask Ling Han.

"I will go in by myself." Ling Han nodded.

"Good!" Mad Duo Bao left the thousand elite troops behind. Leading the Eight Kings, he entered through one of the holes in the ship's hull.

Ling Han brought out Zhu Xuan Er, Rabbit, and Gold-seeking Rat from the Black Tower, and recounted to them what had happened earlier.

"Treasure, the world's biggest treasure!" Rabbit became round-eyed with amazement. "Brat, Lord Rabbit can confirm that this is a treasure even in the Immortal Realm. You must obtain it!"

The Gold-seeking Rat was even more excited, directly throwing itself there. It then hung from the ship's hull and nibbled at it with great effort. As it turned out, it had fixed its attention onto a rivet on the hull, and was exerting all its effort to pull it out. However, when its mouth latched onto the big ship, it was completely unable to use its ability. Naturally, it became so anxious that it screamed, making loud zi, zi, zi sounds.

The delicious food was in front of you, but you couldn't eat it—this made it anxious to the extreme.

Ling Han had never seen the Gold-seeking Rat so agitated. Even if it was given the Level Ten precious metal, it would not have been so eager. It seemed that the value of the ship itself had exceeded that of Level Ten precious metal.

This made sense; otherwise, how could it have resisted the pressure of the Void?

"Come, we shall go in to take a look." Ling Han took the lead.

Hu Niu tilted her head to one side, while her hand grabbed onto Ling Han's clothes, allowing him to bring her in with him. She suddenly said, "Weird, Niu seems to have seen this big ship."

"Is that so?" Ling Han's heart was moved. "Think carefully, where and when did you see it?"

"Niu can't remember!" Hu Niu answered in disappointment.

Ling Han smiled, patted her little head, and said, "It's alright. Once inside, you will see more things, which perhaps may help you remember."

The origins of Hu Niu were unusual, and she was incomparably formidable and terrifying. To say that she might be connected to this mysterious ship was not an impossibility.

They chose a hole in the ship, through which they entered the lowest floor thereof.

It was very dark inside, so dark that even they could not see clearly. This was extremely extraordinary. One had to know that they could still see things even in a darker environment with their eyesight, unless there was some kind of restriction there. Only that would affect their eyesight.

Ling Han raised his hand, transforming his Origin Power into fire attribute. A blazing flame was burning on his palm, yet despite it, the light could not reach very far. It was as if there was an invisible force that would suppress and prevent the spreading of light.

Fortunately, they could at least see things within a range of over three meters.

They were in a cabin, but found it to be completely empty. Presumably, the opening of the hole was caused by the rushing force of the Void, which had also destroyed everything inside.

This was easy to understand. The outer defense had to be the strongest, while the inside would be much more fragile—just like with the Great Mountain Protection Formation.

Opening the hatch, they appeared in a very long walkway outside, with cabins on both sides. One by one, they pushed open the door to each cabin, only to find that all of them were empty, just as if they had been looted by robbers.

They walked for a while, and found that they had reached the end of the walkway, but there wasn't any staircase to the upper floor. Hence, they turned around and walked back. Anyway, the hull was only a kilometer long, and it would not waste much time even if they walked back and forth for a few hundred times.

But when they were halfway there, unexpectedly, they saw five women coming towards them.

They were by no means people from the five great sects, Thousand Corpse Sect, or Purple Moon Empire. They were each holding onto a spear tightly in their hands, clad in a battle gear made of silver metal, which sparkled with a bright silvery radiance.

Could they be crew members? Yikes, they weren't dead yet?
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