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Humans, how could they be so powerful until such an extent?

Eighteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier, this was practically already the ultimate battle prowess of this tier, and there were actually as many as seven people who had attained it. By joining forces, they could definitely rival someone with Twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier, so why did they still feel trepidation?

Could it be that Ma Duo Bao's battle prowess surpassed that of twenty Stars?


Wu Gaoyuan and others shook their heads; they absolutely could not believe that one could surpass the battle prowess limit of twenty Stars. Even the descendants of divine beasts and sages could rarely achieve the battle prowess of twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier, let alone surpass it.

"We must get rid of him today! Otherwise, given the boost of power of the nation, he will only become stronger!" Zuo Qifang said.

"Attack!" Xiao Miaoyan screamed, brandishing a long blood-red sword. She then made a cut at her eyebrows; her forehead broke open, and a drop of crimson blood rushed forth, as thick and viscous as if it had crystallized.

The moment this drop of blood appeared, heaven and earth were moved; black clouds began to roll, with blazing white lighting looming in the background.

This drop of blood was just too powerful. It was strong to the point of almost exceeding the limit of this realm, which resulted in the reaction of heaven and earth.

"Immortal Blood!" Ma Duo Bao was finally showing a cautious expression.

The Immortals really didn't just send five people down, but also sent personal artifacts! Although a drop of blood couldn't represent the Immortals at all, could one imagine the power of Immortal's blood in this Lower Realm?

Xiao Miaoyan began mumbling something; it was unknown what she was mumbling about. At this moment, this drop of Immortal's blood was transformed into a sudden rain that splashed on her long sword. Suddenly, this sword exuded an endless brilliance; its power could even suppress that of the Mountain And River Axe.

Just a single drop of Immortal's blood could boost the sword's power to an extent where it could at least rival the real Mountain and River Axe. It was really too terrifying.

It was the same for Zuo Qifang and the others. They each took out a drop of Immortal's blood and smeared it on their own Spirit Tools. In an instant, their auras became more terrifying by several times, just as if they had taken on the body of Immortals.

Now, the battle prowess of these five people would have reached Twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier; each one of them wouldn't be any inferior to Ma Duo Bao.


The five people joined forces, with each of them launching powerful attacks. The five Spirit Tools unleashed their power that surged upwards, causing a great number of stars to fall.

How could this be blocked?

With the power of the five being twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier, even a physique of Level Ten precious metal would still be slashed apart! Could Ma Duo Bao also have the terrifying healing ability like Ling Han?

Everything would end!

Ma Duo Bao had a solemn expression; strong as he might be, he didn't dare to look lightly upon the battle prowess of twenty Stars of Shattering Voir Tier, not to mention when his opponents were as many as five! He held out his finger, and gently tapped chest, saying, "Release!"


In an instant, endless killing intent began circulating; while his body was emitting white light, one could clearly see that his exposed skin was covered with glowing patterns—ancient, thick, and imposing.

What was even more astonishing was the killing intent. The sight of these patterns could make a person's heart feel fear and flesh shiver. People with lower cultivation level would immediately be blinded at first sight.

Martial intent?

No, these were patterns of a formation!

Ling Han had seen Yin Hong brand formation patterns on her own body. This was very practical; using her own body as a formation, the power of the patterns could be activated anytime for attack or defense. Yet, these formation patterns on Ma Duo Bao… it seemed as if he was born with them!

So much so that Ling Han doubted that that anyone could reproduce these patterns. This was because they were extremely uncomfortable to the eyes just by looking at them, and this was when he had activated the Eye of Truth and was circulating Sword Heart at the same time.

Would ordinary Shattering Void Tier cultivators dare to stare at it? Yet, if one didn't even dare to look at it, how could one reproduce these patterns? Being so complex, how could they be mastered if one had not studied them meticulously for decades, or even centuries?

Born with these patterns? Damn, then he would be the same as the Third Killing Formation!

It was no wonder that he had shown mercy to the Third Killing Formation previously and his manner of speaking was odd. It was no wonder that the Third Killing Formation was so emotionally moved; it was because they were "similar" and recognized each other.

But, the Third Killing Formation was actually scared off by a single word from Ma Duo Bao. What did this mean?

"The world's… First Killing Formation!" The five people including Zuo Qifang all halted their attacks simultaneously, while their faces revealed expressions of horror.

Ma Duo Bao was unexpectedly a natural formation in human form, and the First Killing Formation at that!

Legend had it that the First Killing Formation could slaughter Immortals. How could the group of five including Zuo Qifang not be afraid? They had yet to become Immortals.

Ling Han finally understood. It was no wonder that when Ma Duo Bao had gotten on top of the Martial Stone, he had left behind "number one" as his name; this was not just his pride, but also his real name.

The world's First Killing Formation.

Ma Duo Bao dealt out a blow, and hong, endless killing intent circulated, and the entire realm became shrouded. Everywhere the white light swept past, space was forcefully torn open, and endless energy flowed through in disorder; its impact was incomparably terrifying.

This was his true strength, the world's First Killing Formation that could slaughter Immortals!

The group of five including Zou Qifang were forced to stand together into a corner; they joined forces to confront the attack. So what if the strongest Spirit Tools in the world joined forces? They were still suppressed; they could barely defend themselves.

Pu, pu, pu, blood was splashing out from their bodies, and they became heavily injured in an instant.

This made the five great sects and Thousand Corpse Sect lose hope. The world's First Killing Formation… it would kill whatever stood in its path, be it Gods or Buddha. In this small realm, it was absolutely invincible. Otherwise, would it be crowned as the "number one"?Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


At this moment, something weird happened. Coming out from the crevice in space Ma Duo Bao had torn open was the bow of a ship!

Since the crevice in space was not very big, only a tiny bit of the bow of the ship came out. However, this tiny bit was enough to make everyone weak in the knees, causing them to neatly fall from the sky.

No one was an exception; it was the same for the group of five including Zou Qifang, the Eighteen-eyed Corpse Kings, and even Ma Duo Bao.

Peng, peng, peng, more than a hundred Shattering Void Tier cultivators had fallen from the sky like dumplings, and every one of them had fallen down pitifully. They were in an incomparably miserable state.

This scene was actually a bit funny since no one expected Shattering Void Tier cultivators could also become like this, but no one was able to laugh at this moment. Instead, their expressions revealed unsurpassed horror.

Everyone knew that the Void was the most dangerous place in the world. If one was to land within it, even the physique of Level Ten precious metal would be quickly torn into pieces. Yet, it was indeed too difficult to open up the Void. This could only be done by Shattering Void Tier cultivators, thereby opening up a channel to enter into the Immortal realm.

Yet, shattering the Void was an absolutely dangerous matter; one could easily fall to death. Even if there weren't any ambush from the Great Formation put up by the five great sects, the maximum number of cultivators of the Shattering Void Tier who could successfully shatter the Void was only half.

But an entire ship was coming out through the Void!

This was like a myth. What materials could resist the destructive power of the Void?

In that moment, everyone had lost any intention of fighting. They were only left with feelings of shock and puzzlement.

This ship… what did it represent?

Hong, hong, hong, the bow of the ship gently struck the crevice in space. It obviously didn't seem heavy, but after each impact, the heavens were shaken. Even cultivators of the Shattering Void Tier couldn't help but vomit blood as this impact seemed to have directly hit their hearts.

Black Tower vibrated gently inside him. Ling Han remained nonchalant as if nothing happened; so did Hu Niu. This little girl was similarly very strange.
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