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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 834 Scaring Away the Third Killing Formation

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Ling Han used the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, and added with the Demon Fairy Steps, his body became incredibly agile.

He had drawn Zhu Xuan Er, Rabbit, and the Gold-seeking Rat into the Black Tower so that they wouldn't be unexpectedly wounded in the battle royale, because he could not divert his attention to look after them as well. There was no need for him to worry about the thousand veteran soldiers. They had placed themselves in a battle formation, and with incomparably frightening battle prowess, charged into the group battle the Eight Kings were involved in to fight alongside their respective bosses.

Although the Absolute Saber and Mountain and River Axe were powerful, they were still merely two Spirit Tools. Furthermore, they did not have tool spirits. This meant that they could only deliver frighteningly mighty attacks, but were not capable of automatically locking down onto their targets, and thus required manual control.

No matter how monstrously talented Xu Xiu Ran and the Son of Lightning were, their cultivation level was still a great disadvantage. Firstly, they would have to be able to grasp Ling Han's movements to aim their attacks. As long as they could do this, with the speed of the attacks delivered from these two Spirit Tools, Ling Han would not be able to dodge.

But the problem was, they would have to grasp Ling Han's movements first!

How fast was Ling Han's speed now? It was a whole blur to their eyes. For every ten attacks they shot out, at least nine would miss. If they faced any other person, it would be fine. With the might of these two Spirit Tools, suffering even a single attack… even if he did not die, he would be heavily injured.

But it was Ling Han now!

His physique was as tough as Level Ten precious metal, so what would being hit with a single attack do? It did not manage to give him an itch, what more pain. If he was slashed a hundred over times, perhaps he would only have a very shallow wound. There was nothing that could be done. The toughness of his physique allowed him to act as recklessly as he liked.

"Niu will come and help you!" Hu Niu charged out as well. Her physique was far inferior to Ling Han's, but in terms of speed, she was superior. As she scrambled up and down, her tiny fists and claws were filled with destructive ability, and posed an incredible threat to Xu Xiu Ran and his group.

On all three sides, it was a battle royale.

Whichever battle it was, they were on the level of Shattering Void Tier. Thus, even Heaven Tier cultivators were not qualified to join in on this kind of battle, and could only watch from afar—unless they, too, could set up their own formation.

But the battle between Ma Duo Bao and Wu Gaoyuan was the real decisive battle. Whoever won this battle, it would doubtlessly result in a massacre of the other side!

Therefore, though the other two groups were battling furiously, they all split out a portion of their attention to focus on the fierce battle taking place in the highest spot. Would it be Ma Duo Bao who emerged victorious over all his contenders, or would he be swallowed by the pack of wolves?

In the second group, the Beast Snake King shouted loudly, "Asura Demon Emperor, are you not going to reveal yourself!?"

The Asura Demon Emperor!

Ling Han's heart trembled. That was an existence with fifteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier of battle prowess, and could very likely tip the balance of victory in the second group to one side.

"You really have a dog's nose. I've already hidden so far away, yet you could still sniff me out!" The Asura Demon Emperor appeared. He was still possessing the body of a sturdy man, and there was black Demonic Qi twined all over his body. Merely one look, and one could tell that he was far different from an ordinary person.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"The other one too, how long do you want to continue watching the show?" the Sword King called out as well, shooting out a flash of Sword Qi to a distant spot.

"Hehe!" A cloaked person shot out from that spot.

The Third Killing Formation!

A person who could set up Formation Techniques by nature; from birth, he was the strongest existence in the world, and could kill even Shattering Void Tier elites.

Ling Han's eyes swept over him, and he could not help but secretly feel shocked. He had seen this person once before, but at the time, the latter gave him a feeling of weakness. Though he was very powerful, he himself was extremely weak and feeble.

But now, this feeling was gone.

Previously, he had helped out the Thousand Corpse Sect, and the payment he had received was probably related to this, compensating for a weakness of his.

How powerful would this kind of Third Killing Formation be?

The Nine Great Killing Formations could all kill Shattering Void Tier elites; to be specific, Ling Han had only seen the Fourth Killing Formation. Moreover, it was not naturally formed, but a handicapped formation that the Thousand Corpse Sect had laid out, and had been easily broken by Feng Po Yun.

But how strong would a Third Killing Formation that had compensated for its disadvantage be?

Could he kill a Shattering Void Tier with ten Stars of battle prowess, or fifteen Stars?

"I have been asked a favor. I will only act once, kill one person, and leave!" the Third Killing Formation said, his eyes focused on the Eight Kings.

He said he would only kill one person, and from the looks of its, the person he wanted to kill was one of the Eight Kings! With the inclusion of the Asura Demon Emperor, the Eight Kings were actually no longer at the advantage in the battle. The Third Killing Formation really could kill one of them.

Then, with this as an opening, the remaining seven Kings would definitely retreat in defeat little by little. They would either retreat, or die in battle here.

It was difficult for a Shattering Void Tier elite to die, but it did not mean that they were not killable.

Ling Han wanted to move to block the Third Killing Formation. Though his battle prowess was not strong, his defenses were much too terrifying, and it would be a perfect thing for him to use that to cause a disruption in enemy plans.

"You had best stay here obediently!" Xu Xiu Ran smirked coldly. Working together with the Son of Lightning, they stopped Ling Han from interfering.

The cooperation of the Absolute Saber and the Mountain and River Axe; if even that could not detain Ling Han, then something would be wrong.

"Humph!" Ma Duo Bao's cold humph was heard from the skies. "For the sake of ———, I will spare your life, scram!"

The Third Killing Formation could not help but sneer. What a big boast, to actually dare tell him to scram! He raised his head to look upwards. Initially, his expression was one of disapproval, but immediately, his expression changed drastically. Though the masses could not see his expression, they could clearly see his entire body was trembling.

"You, you are…" he exclaimed in shock as if he had experienced a scare. His tone was filled with indescribable terror.

"Are you getting lost or not?" Ma Duo Bao rebuked harshly.

"Yes! Yes!" The Third Killing Formation did not even dare say another word. He actually just turned around and left, and in an instant, he had disappeared without a trace.


That was the Third Killing Formation that could kill even Shattering Void Tier, something formed by nature. How could it be that he would be scared off by just a single word?

Could it be that Ma Duo Bao had another identity? The Third Killing Formation had recognized him, then had been scared off and fled.

"Humph, you still dare to lose focus when you are exchanging blows with us?" Wu Gaoyuan and his group smirked coldly, and they all made their moves.


Instantly, Ma Duo Bao was drowned in endless light. In this kind of highly intense battle, how could he split his attention?

Wu Gaoyuan and his group all smiled. Though the Third Killing Formation had been scared off, if they could kill Ma Duo Bao, or at least inflict a serious injury on him, it would be absolutely worth it.

As the brilliance dissipated, Ma Duo Bao stood there proudly, without even a scratch. If one had to insist, then there were a few places on his imperial robes that had been torn, which proved that he had indeed suffered the barrage of attacks just now. However, his body had not been wounded.

"What!?" Wu Gaoyuan and the others exclaimed in shock.

What was going on here? They all had battle prowess of eighteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier. If their attack landed solidly, so what if the other had battle prowess of twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier? He would still be severely wounded, or even killed directly.

"You, your physique…" Zuo Qifang came to realize. "It has reached the toughness of Level Ten precious metal!"


Everyone choked in astonishment. Previously, that terrifying physique of Ling Han's had already given them a psychological fear. Furthermore, Ling Han only had a monstrous physique, whereas his battle prowess was completely negligible.

But what about now? Ma Duo Bao's battle prowess was already on top of everyone here, and adding this kind of powerful defense to the mix, how were they supposed to continue fighting?

Wu Gaoyuan and his group all swallowed with difficulty. This was the first time that they felt that they had completely lost control of the situation in this war. This Ma Duo Bao could completely match the alternative dragon from years ago. His battle prowess was invincible, and his defenses were unbreakable. Even if Immortals descended, what could they do against him?

Thankfully, Shattering Void Tier elites still had a limited lifespan. Time was the strongest weapon. I couldn't kill you, but I could trap you in the prison of this Realm until your death.

Ma Duo Bao smiled calmly, and countered, "Without this bit of ability, what use is there to speak of splitting open the skies?"

Shua, his aura was spiking crazily, killing intent surging forth. Even Wu Gaoyuan and the others felt a chill run down their backs, goosebumps covering their whole bodies. They felt that he could kill them just by raising his hand.
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