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Ma Duo Bao did not take them seriously at all, and said, "Come at me, all of you!"

"Without you saying so, that was our intention!" Zuo Qifang, Wu Gaoyuan, and the other three prodigies of the Immortal Realm, as well as two Eighteen-eyed Corpse Kings… the terror this group brought would make anyone shiver.

"Hoho, battle prowess of twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier. Even in the Immortal Realm, this is incredibly rare. I would really like to take a look at it."

"Too bad, so what if you have twenty Stars of battle prowess? There is too big a gap in the Immortal level. The gap between ten Stars and twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier isn't even very big, so there is absolutely no reason to charge up to this limit!"

"From this day on, the Purple Moon Empire will no longer exist!"

Zhuo Qifang and the others all spoke with cold smirks, their words filled with disdain.

Yet Ling Han shook his head. It was precisely because there was too big a gulf between each Tier on the Immortal level that there was a need to perfect cultivation on every cultivation level below that. Otherwise, on what basis would those so-called geniuses with one Star or two Stars be stronger than others?

Zuo Qifang and the others spoke this way merely because they were not able to touch the high level of twenty Stars.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Any person sent down from the five sects of the Immortal Realm, if they were not suppressed by the regulation powers of the realm, would be able to sweep aside all opposition in the Lower Realm, but the five sects themselves might not be any kind of top-tier party in the Immortal Realm. Thus, the younger generation that they had nurtured might not have perfected their cultivation on every cultivation level.

However, being able to reach eighteen Stars on Shattering Void Tier was very extraordinary by itself. At least, in the Lower Realm, who knew how many millennia had passed for two such freaks like Ma Duo Bao and Helian Tianyun to appear.

Ma Duo Bao carelessly raised a hand, and delivered an attack towards the seven great elites.

"Hei!" The five great prodigies all struck their own blows. Wu Gaoyuan even brandished the Mountain and River Axe. As the axe swept past, even space itself was torn open. The two Eighteen-eyed Corpse Kings were unafraid of Ma Duo Bao's might, and directly charged towards him.

Peng, peng. The two great Corpse Kings were instantly sent flying back, but with this collision, Ma Duo Bao's attack had been dissipated considerably, and Zhuo Qifang and the others managed to easily parry it.

From this, it was clear how powerful Ma Duo Bao was. Just a careless strike, yet it could only be matched with the combined effort of seven great elites with eighteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier of battle prowess.

Ping, ping. Pang, pang. They were soon embroiled in a fierce battle. Both sides definitely had ultimate moves that they had not yet used; they battled all the way from the foot of the mountain to the peak, and then into the skies. Whole swathes of stars fell; it was as if it was the end of the world.

Thankfully, the stars in the skies had also been formed by the powers of the world, and could be replenished endlessly. If not, going by how they were fighting, no matter how many stars there were in the skies, they would not survive the punishment the fighters were inflicting on them.

"Hehe, have you washed your necks clean?" the Heavenly Astral King asked with a smirk. Though the Eight Kings could not be considered second-tier elites as they were now, with the appearance of battle prowess of eighteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier, fifteen Stars of battle prowess would still rank them on the third tier.

Although there were only eight of them, they had enough confidence that they would be able to crush the over hundred Shattering Void Tier elites from the five sects.

"What shameless boasting!" A few brown-haired antiques began to ignite their vitality. Hong, a terrifying power erupted from their bodies, and they had instantly raised their battle prowess to fourteen Stars.

The five sects indeed had deep roots!

Ordinarily, once they entered the Shattering Void Tier, the elites of the five sects would choose to seal themselves away, and wait until the Reckoning was complete, then enter into the Immortal Realm and continue their cultivation. This would save effort, and lead to better results. However, there were also a few that could first choose not to seal themselves off, but rather continue cultivation.They would only leave themselves a few dozen years of time, then use the Time Liquid.

They were called the Protector Technique Kings!

If a major issue that would threaten the survival of the five sects appeared—though it was not very likely—they would unseal themselves, and step out to eliminate the danger. But, because they themselves did not have many years left, every time they battled, they had to burn their vitality. This actually was expending their lifespan as a price, and would further shorten their already limited lifespans. Even if they entered into the Immortal Realm in future, they might not have enough time to advance into the Immortal level.

This was something that required considerable awareness and courage. Thus, the Protector Technique Kings were the most respected. Even Zuo Qifang and the other prodigies of the Immortal Realm were very polite and incredibly respectful towards them.

There was a total of five Protector Technique Kings, and four amongst them had reached fourteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier of battle prowess, whereas the last had achieved fifteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier. With the addition of the five of them, the might of the five sects naturally experienced a great increase.

"Charge!" Though the Lunar King was a woman, her temper was the most violent, and she was the first to charge out and attack.

"Eight Lunar Techniques!"

From the very beginning, she was unleashing powerful moves. Her two dainty hands transformed into earth-shattering giant palms that delivered successive palm strikes downwards.

The other seven Kings were naturally not just going to sit by and watch; they, too, charged out respectively.

On the other side, Ling Han seemed to have become completely free. He rubbed his chin, and mumbled to himself, "Is there still a need for me to move?"

The Revere Life Sword was no longer glowing. In actual truth, it was Ma Duo Bao who was controlling it from a distance just now. Now that Ma Duo Bao himself was fighting against powerful enemies, he naturally would not have the leisure to manipulate the Revere Life Sword anymore.

Though Ling Han's defenses were top-tier, and there might not be any other that could match him, his destructive abilities, in the face of Shattering Void Tier elites, were completely negligible. Whether he moved or otherwise, it did not seem like it would cause any changes.

"Ling Han, I'll be your opponent!" Xu Xiu Ran, wielding the Absolute Saber, ran out.

Ling Han swatted a hand at him, and said, "I can't bother to fight with you, you are too weak now!"

Xu Xiu Ran was completely enraged, trembling. He was still a well-known figure of the younger generation in this whole world. Even in the Immortal Realm, he could still be considered a genius as he had grasped Saber Heart, though he wouldn't be as rare as he was here.

You are underestimating me too much!

"What if I join in, then?"

"Me too!"

"And I!"

Dong Ling'er, the Small Sword Emperor, and the Son of Lightning all stepped out as well, their eyes cold and harsh.

Ling Han shook the Revere Life Sword, and said, "Fine, then I'll send you all down to hell so that you can atone for the innocent blood your predecessors have spilled!"

"They are all ants, contributing what they have for the sake of our Immortal Realm; should that not be their responsibility?" the Son of Lightning said, a twisted smile curling his lips. He had already summoned out the replica of the Mountain and River Axe. There was a sliver of the realm powers condensed inside, so its might was not to be underestimated.

Ling Han's expression grew harsh, and he raised his sword level. Pointing at the Son of Lightning, he said, "Just for these words, you deserve to die!"

"You would have to be able to kill me first!" The Son of Lightning laughed loudly. Brandishing the Mountain and River Axe, he charged out in attack. This treasure had already been activated, and was exuding a terrifying might.

But the Revere Life Sword showed absolutely no reaction!

Could it be that it had expended too much energy in the battle of ultimate brilliance just now?

This was not something impossible. The Mountain and River Axe could be proclaimed the strongest Spirit Tool in this whole realm, and adding Wu Gaoyuan's own power, how terrifying was that? Yet he was still blocked by the Revere Life Sword. Though Ma Duo Bao had been manipulating it, there would definitely have been a great expense of energy, so it was logical that it could not unleash its powers now.

"Hahahaha!" When Xu Xiu Ran saw this, he could not help but laugh loudly. If this sword of yours is unable to activate, how could it be that you will be able to match us?

He activated the Absolute Saber as well, and slashed out at Ling Han.

Once these two Spirit Tools were activated, they would equal Shattering Void Tier battle prowess, and furthermore, that would be ten Stars at least, which was even stronger than the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation. This had far exceeded Ling Han's own battle prowess.
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