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Mountain and River Axe, created by the regulation powers of a realm, how astonishing would its destructive abilities be?

Wu Gaoyuan took hold of the Mountain and River Axe, and immediately laughed loudly. This thing, in the Immortal Realm, could only be considered invincible in the Shattering Void Tier, and definitely could not be proclaimed a God Tool, but in this Lower Realm, it was definitely the strongest Spirit Tool, and there was no others that could match it!

With this, how could he still survive?

"Hoho, so shameless?" Ma Duo Bao smirked coldly. He swept out a finger, and a deep mark immediately appeared between Ling Han and Wu Gaoyuan. A terrifying killing intent soared, and even for one of Wu Gaoyuan's might, he dared not cross over a single step.

"Your Majesty, what is the meaning of this? Could it be that you want to ruin our wager?" the members of the five sects asked. They seemed to be polite, yet were in fact trapping Ma Duo Bao with their words.

Ma Duo Bao said calmly, "Since you have taken out even the Mountain and River Axe, then I will no longer be reserved with you, either." He paused, and called out loudly, "Ling Han, hand that sword over to me."

That sword?

Realization instantly dawned on Ling Han. That was the Revere Life Sword, and it had been personally forged by Ma Duo Bao's hands. Without hesitation, he summoned the Revere Life Sword out of the Black Tower with a wave of his right hand, and threw it over to Ma Duo Bao.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He had not planned on using this sword previously. In front of battle prowess of eighteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier, even if the Revere Life Sword was completely revived, it was not of much use.

Ma Duo Bao received the sword, and gave it a few light strokes. The patterns on the sword immediately lit up. Not only was it completely revived, it had also become much stronger. He chuckled, and threw the Revere Life Sword back over to Ling Han.

So powerful!

Ling Han gripped the Revere Life Sword, and a feeling of invincibility rose up in his heart. He felt that even if Immortals descended, he would still be able to kill them.

With another wave of the hand from Ma Duo Bao, the mark on the ground instantly vanished, and the killing intent was no longer present, either.

Wu Gaoyuan gave a humph; did Ling Han think that he would be able to stand against him just because he had a sword? His battle prowess was stronger than Ling Han's by who knew how many times, and now that the Mountain and River Axe was added into the equation, it was definitely not something difficult for him to cut Ling Han's body open.

He once again charged out, slashing out at Ling Han.

Ling Han waved his sword. Shua, the light of the sword gushed out, and killing intent boiled over.

This strike was extremely frightening. Wu Gaoyuan did not have the powerful physique and recovery abilities that Ling Han had, so how could he possibly dare to take this strike head on? He hurriedly brandished the Mountain and River Axe in a parry. Peng, a loud bang sounded, and killing intent overflowed. He actually failed to destroy Ling Han's attack.

"What!?" everyone exclaimed in shock.

That was the Mountain and River Axe, formed from the powers of an entire realm! Adding Wu Gaoyuan's own strength, he should have been able to slice apart Ling Han's sword light with a single blow, and it itself could not have been blocked, either.

The gap was really much, much too big, after all.

And yet, Wu Gaoyuan's counter had actually been blocked; how could this be possible!

"What kind of sword is this?! It could actually match the Mountain and River Axe!"

"Wu Gaoyuan has eighteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier of battle prowess; added with the Mountain and River Axe, his battle prowess should have directly spiked up to twenty Stars. But Ling Han managed to block him with just a sword, this is too ridiculous!"

Only the Eight Kings wore prideful expressions. This sword was the work of their boss, one that was so strong that he had surpassed common sense.

"I don't believe it!" Wu Gaoyuan's whole head of black hair rose on ends. He gritted his teeth. He was a proud prodigy of the Immortal Realm, and was a whole two Tiers superior to Ling Han. Furthermore, he was wielding a powerful weapon like the Mountain and River Axe! And yet, he couldn't even manage to deal with a mere Deity Transformation Tier cultivator?

Ling Han smiled faintly. Actually, the Revere Life Sword had activated on its own, and his waving it around was merely for show. In truth, it should be said that it was the Revere Life Sword that was ordering him around, and not he that was using the Revere Life Sword.

… After Ma Duo Bao had done some tricks, this sword had not only activated, but had also become ten times stronger than before.

Just let the fight proceed, then. Anyways, he was merely doing the action, but not exerting any real energy, so no matter how long the battle took, it would be fine.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, how lively. You don't mind if we join too, right?" Another group of people walked out from the foot of the mountain, and every one of them looked incredibly strange.

It was not that they had strange appearances, but that the aura they were exuding was very odd. Every one of them felt as if they had climbed out of a grave, eerie and frightening.

This was not a misconception, because they were members of the Thousand Corpse Sect!

The Ninth Underworld King, Corpse Boss, Corpse Two, as well as… Rong Huan Xuan!

Why was this guy together with the Thousand Corpse Sect?

Both Ling Han and Wu Gaoyuan stopped. There would be no meaning even if they continued their battle.

Ma Duo Bao's eyes swept over them. He asked, "So the Thousand Corpse Sect is in a rush to die as well?"

The Thousand Corpse Sect's appearance at this point… Could it be that they had just been walking around, and somehow gotten lost? It was obviously impossible. They had purposely come here. Just think—it was not possible that they had merely come to watch the excitement.

The Thousand Corpse Sect had allied with the five sects?

The Ninth Underworld King laughed loudly, and asked, "Your Majesty, do you really think that you are unmatched in this world?"

"Indeed." Ma Duo Bao nodded honestly and without reservation. "I am Number One in this world, and I shall kill whomever does not acknowledge this fact. So, do you acknowledge it or not?"

This boast was very big, but the Ninth Underworld King could find no way to refute it. In terms of power, he would only be in the ranks of the Sword King and Beast Snake King. He could not even match the Eight Kings, what more actually exchange blows with Ma Duo Bao. But how could he allow his party's morale to weaken at this moment?

"Hehe, I really do not acknowledge the fact!" the Ninth Underworld King smirked coldly. He stretched out a hand to summon something, and a copper coffin suddenly slid over.

The Three Lives Corpse Casket!

Peng, the casket's lid opened, and a Corpse Soldier jumped out. Shockingly, its face had a whole bunch of eyes, and upon counting, there were actually as many as 18 of them.

An Eighteen-eyed Corpse King!

How was that possible!?

The Thousand Corpse Sect had schemed for several thousand years, and only just managed to produce a Fifteen-eyed Corpse King. Yet now, an Eighteen-eyed Corpse King actually appeared?

Ling Han could not help but turn to look at Rong Huan Xuan. This was definitely linked to the Three Lives Corpse Casket. Could it be that Rong Huan Xuan had come to some form of agreement with the Thousand Corpse Sect, and had thus returned the Three Lives Corpse Casket to them? With all three treasures assembled, some kind of metamorphosis had been stimulated?

"You plan to stop me with just that?" Ma Duo Bao could not help but laugh loudly, his small eyes squinting. He appeared to be completely harmless, but a terrifying killing intent was exuded from his whole body, causing everyone to feel their blood running cold.

With battle prowess of twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier, he was definitely the strongest person in this world, so who could remain fearless in front of him?

"Have you forgotten us, Your Majesty?" The elites of the five sects all stepped out as well. They had a total of five ultimate elites with eighteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier of battle prowess, and furthermore had a powerful, deadly weapon like the Mountain and River Axe as well.

"You all?" Ma Duo Bao began to show his domineering side, and said coldly, "A flock of lambs; no matter how many there are, how could they be a match for a lion?"

Hearing him describe them as lambs, whether it was the five sects of the Thousand Corpse Sect, everyone looked indignant. Indeed, they did not have battle prowess of twenty Stars of Shattering Void Tier, but with so many Shattering Void Tier elites, how could it be that they would not be able to kill him by ganging up on him?

"Since that is the case, Ninth Underworld King, just do as what we have previously agreed on. Let's work together!" an antique of the five sects said.

"All right!" the Ninth Underworld King agreed decisively, and nodded at Rong Huan Xuan. The latter summoned out a copper coffin as well, and another Eighteen-eyed Corpse King jumped out.

Three Lives Corpse Casket consisted of three caskets, and now, one was in the hands of the Ninth Underworld King, while the other two were still with Rong Huanxuan. Thankfully, they only had two Eighteen-eyed Corpse Kings, but their battle prowess was still very frightening.

Seven great elites with battle prowess of eighteen Stars of Shattering Void Tier had joined forces against Ma Duo Bao!
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