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One had to know that the clash between a tenth-tier Spirit Tool and another tenth-tier Spirit Tool couldn't end up with both sides being completely unharmed.

After a few clashes, it would indeed be fine, but after many, one side would definitely be damaged. And if the quality of both sides was almost the same, then both would be damaged.

Thus, Ling Han's physique might be comparable to tenth-tire rare gold, but it could still be wounded by a tenth-tier Spirit Tool, even severed!

Wu Gaoyuan's battle prowess was too powerful, and in a few slashes, Ling Han started to spill blood violently—even tenth-tier rare metal physique couldn't withstand it.

"Hahaha, tough guy, why don't you talk tough again!" He laughed loudly.

"This isn't tough talk, it's strength," Ling Han said indifferently, operating Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, and the wounds immediately healed automatically.

If these injuries weren't cut by a Shattering Void Tier elite, then the Diamond Body could heal them on its own. Unfortunately, a Shattering Void Tier elite's attack obviously included martial intent, which could obstruct the Diamond Body from self-recovery, and so the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll had to be operated to expel Wu Gaoyuan's martial intent for the injuries to recover.

At a shocking pace, he instantly recovered completely, his blood and Qi as exuberant as if they could burn the skies.

"What?!" Seeing this scene, everyone was speechless.

What the hell, what level of recovery ability was that? A formidable physique alone could be slowly refined if it couldn't be damaged, but such recovery ability on top of such a physique… then there would be no answer.

"Hmph, such recovery ability, can you constantly use it?" Wu Gaoyuan sneered. He wouldn't believe that Ling Han could limitlessly employ such a terrifying recovery ability; it definitely wouldn't be long before it would no longer be in effect.

He attacked crazily, trying to force Ling Han to his limit.

Everyone nodded. Such shocking recovery ability couldn't possibly be constantly maintained; it definitely exhausted an extreme amount of energy. Moreover, there was no need to wait for such recovery ability to disappear—as long as the recovery speed couldn't keep up with the destructive power, Ling Han would still die.

However, beyond everyone's expectations, Ling Han stood up again and again; no matter which way the wind blew, he was like boulder, remaining unmoved.

Wu Gaoyuan refused to buy it, believing all along that Ling Han would reach the limit in the next move, but he was disappointed over and over again. Ling Han stood up, again, and again.


His strength was clearly stronger, and not just by a little bit, but by an absolutely overwhelming amount. However, encountering this freak, he had no way to defeat him for good, and could only strike him down continuously, yet couldn't see the possibility of killing him.

The eight kings finally revealed an exhilarated look. They originally thought that the five sects would get them this time, and true to their personalities, they definitely would keep their word and not sortie any soldiers in the following hundred years.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Although nothing could be done, keeping a promise was obviously greater than anything else.

This was truly an unexpected rescue from a desperate situation.

Although Ling Han definitely couldn't win, as long as he didn't lose, this match would be a draw, and the entire wager would also be a draw. They obviously wouldn't need to keep the promise of not moving any troops in a hundred years.

Even Ma Duo Bao nodded slightly. He knew that Ling Han was remarkable, but had never expected him to be this remarkable.

In contrast, on the side of the five sect's, each and every one of their faces was gloomy.

They intentionally gave the impression of weakness before, luring Ma Duo Bao into agreeing to the wager. Seeing that it would soon succeed, who would've expected that such a freak would come charging out?

Nine battles ending in a draw; would Ma Duobao agree not to take the field himself?

Damn it, this damned brat!

The five sects all hated Ling Han. If this battle really ended up in a draw, Ling Han would be the five sects' mortal enemy! Moreover, this child's cultivation was only in the Deity Transformation Tier, so what if he crossed into the Shattering Void Tier? Would there be anyone in the world that could suppress him?

Wu Gaoyuan was driven mad. He was conceited—a divine realm's genius obviously looked down on the people of the lower realm. This time, the five great divine sects paid a great price to send five Shattering Void Tier elites down in order to turn the tides.

But now, a mere Deity Transformation Tier warrior stopped him; if this were to spread back to the divine realm, would he have any face to see people in the future?

He brandished the treasured sword and kept slashing Ling Han, swearing to annihilate Ling Han into pieces.


Ling Han wasn't an Indestructible Diamond Body, so he would also be injured, but his rate of recovery made people speechless. Unless one had the ability to destroy Ling Han's vitals in one attack, Ling Han would never be defeated fighting on like this.

Wu Gaoyuan already used all his strength. He had acquired the Sword Heart, but never reached the level of Illumination, so when he attempted to destroy Ling Han's soul with Sword Heart, Ling Han wasn't weaker than him.

He'd also reached Sword Heart, and would even soon reach great mastery.

The two fought fiercely…

One day passed, two days passed, and three days passed.

Ling Han was injured countless times, but it couldn't be seen at all. The only change was the many sets of clothes that he swapped into. It couldn't be helped—the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll couldn't recover his clothes, and obviously a new set of clothes could only be changed when the other was torn.

"Although there's no time limit, the fight can't go on endlessly," Ma Duo Bao spoke up. "Enough, this match ends in a draw."

"How could it possibly be a draw!" The five sects were obviously unwilling to admit it, and said one after another, "Wu Gaoyuan clearly has the absolute advantage!"

"Having the advantage is the same as winning?" The Lunar King sneered. "Then, since Ling Han is only in the Deity Transformation Tier, after being able to fight a Shattering Void Tier opponent for three days, This King can say that Ling Han has won!"

Ma Duo Bao walked forward a few steps, and said, "This Emperor says that this match is a draw, who has any objections?"

"I have!" A person from the five sects jumped out. He was at the Shattering Void Tier, but only the third layer.

Ma Duo Bao took a glance at him, and waved his right hand. Endless killing intent intertwined, and pu, that Shattering Void Tier elite was swept by a ball of light and instantly split into pieces, blood dripping and shaking the mountains.

The Shattering Void Tier elite actually couldn't stand up again, and his presence dispersed rapidly.

He died!

In one attack, an elite at the third layer of the Shattering Void Tier was killed, and separated by such a far distance, it was practically taking the general's head from hundreds of thousands of people as if taking something out of his pocket, easy and pleasant.

This was Purple Moon Empire's number one expert's strength!

Ma Duo Bao didn't take another glance, and simply said indifferently, "Who else has objections?"

No one uttered a sound on the side of the five sects in the moment; even those strong as Zuo Qifang and the three others didn't dare to resist Ma Duo Bao head on.

"Shattering Void Tier twenty stars of battle prowess?"


"How could a human achieve Shattering Void Tier twenty stars of battle prowess? Even offsprings of divine beasts, descendants of saints… only a mere few can reach such heights!"

"Damn it, if this were the divine realm, the sect could send anyone to kill him!"

Zuo Qifang and the three others communicated in soft voices. They were judging whether the five of them together could stop Ma Duo Bao. Even if they could, who would block the eight kings?

"Wu Gaoyuan, take the axe!" An old man with lightning flashing across the surface of the body threw an axe at Zuo Qifang fiercely.

The Mountain River Axe!

Not an imitation, but the true Mountain River Axe, with the realm power that created the axe's surface!

Cutting down with this axe, would even tenth-tier rare metal be directly cut in two?
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