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You'll go?

Talking was easy, but you were only in the Deity Transformation Tier, so you'd be giving up by taking the field, no? This was no joke. If you were too weak, then let alone receiving one attack, you'd be annihilated with just the enemy's aura.

Ma Duo Bao didn't believe in Ling Han's prowess, but believed in Ling Han as a person. He only frowned, and said, "You sure?"

"Sure!" Ling Han nodded.

"Alright!" Ma Duo Bao never did things sloppily. He immediately nodded, and said, "You'll take the last match!"

"Brother Han!" Zhu Xuan Er pulled on Ling Han's hand, worry painted all across her face. The opponent wasn't a normal person, but a genius from the divine realm that could look down on the older generation's elites—even a super elite like the Lunar King couldn't rival him.

Ling Han nodded, and said, "Don't worry, I'll be fine."

"Ling Han, do your best!" Hu Niu waved her small hand, cheering for him.

"Beat him up, don't give Uncle Rabbit any face!" the rabbit shouted on the side.

Ling Han walked out in large strides, and said, "This battle, I've accepted!"


On the side of the five sects, everyone couldn't help laughing loudly.

You, a mere Deity Transformation Tier warrior, actually wanted to participate in such a battle? Wasn't that seeking death? Not to mention Shattering Void Tier 18 stars of battle prowess, a normal Shattering Void Tier elite could easily swat him to death.

Was this Purple Moon Empire's way of giving up?

Indeed, Ma Duo Bao couldn't take the field, so whoever took the field would only suffer defeat—it was all the same no matter who it was.

Beast Snake King's expression, however, changed as he said, "This child can't be underestimated, his defensive abilities are extremely, extremely strong!" At least, when he'd swatted down with his palm, nothing happened to Ling Han—such defensive abilities were truly terrifying.

Because that matter was somewhat embarrassing, he'd never told anyone, and even made Xu Xiu Ran keep his mouth shut, so now no one knew that Ling Han's physique was actually comparable to tenth-tier rare metal.

"You?" Wu Gaoyuan couldn't help but frown. "With my noble status, how could you be fit to fight me?"

He felt as if he'd suffered a great humiliation!

Purple Moon Emperor's Court probably knew that they would lose, so they intentionally sent a Deity Transformation Tier warrior to humiliate him. Damn it, too hateful.

His eyes had an ominous glare; since that was the case, he'd torment Ling Han and see just how much face Ling Han would still have.

"Cut the crap, bring it on!" Ling Han taunted him with his finger.

Wu Gaoyuan already regained his composure, while the fury turned into a baleful murderous aura. He revealed a cruel smile and raised his hand. Instantly, a myriad of silver lights radiated and turned into countless sharps words, shooting at Ling Han.

Let ten thousand swords pierce your heart!

Ling Han didn't parry, and simply used his Sword Heart. Shua, shua, shua, the sharp swords all swept by his body all around him, yet didn't hurt a single hair.

"Sword Heart?" Wu Gaoyuan was slightly taken aback, and then laughed loudly, "Not bad, not bad, to have actually comprehended the heart of martial arts. This is truly rare; even in our divine realm, only one out of ten Shattering Void Tier elites can comprehend the heart of martial arts!"

So few? Ling Han said inwardly. The eight kings all had the heart of martial arts, and quite a few in the five sects, like Sword King, Severing Heaven Saber, and even Xu Xiu Ran and Small Sword Emperor all formed the heart of martial arts.

In terms of ratio, this was at least one-tenth, and even surpassed it.

But thinking again, it was actually normal. Although the divine realm was abundant with cultivation resources, that only allowed martial artists to reach the Shattering Void Tier, and an even higher level, at a faster pace—martial arts still had to be personally comprehended.

Moreover, since the lower realm lacked in cultivation resources, those that could break through to the Shattering Void Tier were all geniuses amongst geniuses, so the ratio of those comprehending the heart of martial arts would naturally be higher.

"I'm somewhat interested." Wu Gaoyuan's killing intent was even more aroused. "It's only interesting to kill such a genius. Not bad, not bad, cultivating out sword heart at the Deity Transformation Tier, you should be the first in the lower realm, right?"

Xu Xiu Ran and Small Sword Emperor revealed looks of disdain at the same time. They were only born in the lower realm; if they could receive the nourishment of the divine realm's cultivation resources, they definitely wouldn't be weaker than Wu Gaoyuan and the others.

Ling Han reached out, hooked his finger at him, and said, "Is your zodiac a donkey? You are so chatty!"

A vein bulged on Wu Gaoyuan's forehead, and he said threateningly, "Infuriating me? There's no benefit to you at all!"

"You're still blabbering?" Ling Han said disdainfully.


Wu Gaoyuan finally couldn't hold back, and unleashed a palm attack. It was still tens of thousands of swords fluttering, yet they were enhanced by a Sword Heart of his own; their power was obviously stronger, no longer being affected by Ling Han's Sword Heart.

The full-strength attack at Shattering Void Tier eighteen stars!

How could it be blocked?

It couldn't be blocked!

Peng, Ling Han was immediately sent flying like a kite with a broken tail.

Wu Gaoyuan snorted, and said, "Is there a need to keep competing?"

"Of course!" Ling Han climbed up from the ground, and exercised his joints. Pa, pa, pa, the bones all over his body crackled, his blood and Qi boiling, soaring into the sky.


Everyone stared dumbfounded—was this guy a freak?

Before, the Justice Mountain King was almost killed in a single hit, and only thanks to Ma Duo Bao intervening was the calamity avoided, but Ling Han had suffered such an attack, and was like nothing had happened at all. How could people believe this?

He was only in the Deity Transformation Tier, so how could he be so strong?

"This child's physique is comparable to tenth-tier rare metal!" a Shattering Void Tier elite exclaimed.

The other people of the five great sects finally understood, but still couldn't help but grimace. This guy was too freakish. A Deity Transformation Tier warrior that possessed a physique similar to tenth-tier rare metal in toughness… wouldn't that almost be invincible in the world?Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

No wonder this guy dared to take the field. This nature-defying physique was equal to standing in an invincible position.

"Hmph, tenth-tier rare metal?" Wu Gaoyuan sneered. "So what, I'll refine it nevertheless!"

Ling Han flicked his finger, and said, "Don't just bluff, come fight. If you can't beat me in ten moves, then you lose!"

Sh*t, you can't just go talking on your own!

Wu Gaoyuan snorted, and said, "Who promised you that?"

"You, a Shattering Void Tier elite, and one with eighteen stars of battle prowess at that, fighting me, a Deity Transformation Tier warrior, still complain that ten moves aren't enough? How about I use only one hand against you?" Ling Han said with a smile.

The people of the five great sects wrinkled their noses in anger. Your damn physique was like tenth-tier rare metal, almost unharmable by outside forces, so who could beat you within ten moves? Moreover, you're only at the Deity Transformation Tier, and your battle prowess wouldn't even be worth mentioning in front of a Shattering Void Tier elite—not to mention one hand, what would it even matter even if it were four hands?

This brat was truly devious!

Wu Gaoyuan was also quite furious. Now, he was really tired of talking to Ling Han, and charged right out, launching attacks at Ling Han.

Shua, he unleashed a treasured sword, its chilling glare shocking the skies.

It was a tenth-tire Spirit Tool, and was completely activated at this moment, so it was as if another Shattering Void Tier elite had joined the battle.

Ling Han was unafraid. He didn't plan on winning, and simply wanted to drag out the last battle into a draw. No matter whether you're one or ten Shattering Void Tier elites, I'll only guard and not attack—so come.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Wu Gaoyuan brandished the tenth-tier Spirit Tool and slashed frenziedly at Ling Han like a demonic god.
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