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The eight kings' expressions changed drastically at the same time, while thunderous cheers sounded from the five great sects' side.

Zuo Qifang stood loftily, hands behind his back, and said smilingly, "Can you be faster? Otherwise, you won't be able to catch me!"

Justice Mountain King's expression turned stern. Ma Duo Bao's evaluation of this person was very, very strong, using two 'very.' Although Zuo Qifang had only displayed his terrifying speed so far, his battle prowess was probably not weak, either, or else he wouldn't be worth Ma Duo Bao's evaluation.

Justice Mountain King crossed both hands as an endless imposing presence circulated.

"The power of laws?" Zuo Qifang frowned. "Now that's somewhat problematic, one move can't take care of things."

If he said that earlier, everyone wouldn't believe him. Defeating the eight kings was a completely unrealistic thing, and you still wanted to defeat him in one move? But after he displayed the astonishing speed, his words suddenly held more weight, and people couldn't help but wonder.

Perhaps he truly was extremely powerful.

After all, from fifteen stars onwards, there was still five from twenty stars. Why couldn't he be at sixteen stars, seventeen stars, nineteen stars, or even twenty stars?

Justice Mountain King shouted harshly, and as lightning flickered, he charged towards Zuo Qifang again with golden hand seals fluttering all over the sky.

Zuo Qifang only shifted his feet to evade, shuffling freely through the array of golden light.

However, Justice Mountain King also used the power of laws this time. Unlike Ling Han, who was only able to deploy it with his left hand, lines formed and slowly wove into a web, enveloping Zuo Qifang.

"Retract!" Justice Mountain King groaned, retracting the web of laws as if catching fish. Zuo Qifang had nowhere to run.

Zuo Qifang, however, smiled faintly, extending a finger and pressing it forward. "Open!"

Weng, a faint light flickered on his finger as the web of laws immediately split open, and he walked out unhurriedly with a smile, and said, "That will count as one move, and I'll use one more move to suppress you!"

He attacked with a finger again. A giant three-thousand-meter-long finger instantly appeared in the sky and pressed towards Justice Mountain King. As the giant finger swept by, the air was ignited, and all things were annihilated.

"Eighteen stars!" the Lunar King and the other kings all cried out at the same time, looks of disbelief on their faces.

The power of this attack actually reached eighteen stars!


The giant finger pressed down; mountains crumbled and the ground shattered, the blazing sun paled, and countless stars fell down from the sky.

Everyone was struck dumb. Was this really something the power of man could do? Was this not the might unleashed by a divine being?

However, the Eye of Heavenly Dao didn't appear, meaning that this was still an attack unleashed at the peak of humanity.

Several elites intervened one after another, sweeping away the dust all over the sky, yet the place where Justice Mountain King was standing had already become empty, and there was no trace of him or fragments of his body.

"We've lost this battle," Ma Duo Bao said, holding the Justice Mountain King in his arms. If he hadn't intervened just now, Justice Mountain King probably would have been heavily injured, if not dead.

Eighteen stars against fifteen stars, this was an overwhelming difference in power.

"Hehe!" Zuo Qifang looked at Ma Duo Bao, and said, "Your battle prowess should've reached twenty stars, right?"

The eight kings were enraged at once. He was their liege, and while they could laugh at and joke with him normally, they definitely didn't allow others to be disrespectful to him.

Ma Duo Bao didn't answer, however, and asked in return, "You should be from the divine realm, right? You also used the power of laws just now, but it differed greatly from the realm power of this realm."


Everyone was startled… from the divine realm? This rather explained why he was already in the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier while being so young and why his battle prowess even reached eighteen stars.

However, the problem was, why would the divine realm send people down at this time?

Zuo Qifang laughed loudly, and said, "We can't hide it from you as expected! That's right, I am indeed from the divine realm, and very much want to fight with you. However, hehe, twenty stars of battle prowess… this is called the extreme battle prowess, even I have no certainty of coming out unscathed."

He admitted it!

Ling Han's heart thumped fiercely. The reason why the five sects planned such a wager seemed very obvious—Zuo Qifang definitely wasn't the only one who came down from the divine realm. Yes, it should be five, and if Ma Duo Bao was kicked aside, they could guarantee five victories.

Who would've thought that the divine realm would send people down!

"To send divine beings down, the expense paid is too great, so only a few Shattering Void Tier elites came," Zuo Qifang kindly explained. "But this is enough. After all… we're from the divine realm!"

Clear Solar King walked out, and said, "I'll go next round, who will fight this king?"

Xiu, a young girl with almond-shaped eyes and jade-like nose jumped out, also surprisingly young, beautiful as if she came out of a painting. Her figure was slender, her thin waist could be held with one hand, and her chest undulated slightly, forming an elegant curve.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier!

Needless to say, she was definitely also a genius from the divine realm, a genius trained by the divine realm's five sects!

In comparison, the lower realm's geniuses like Xu Xiu Ran, Small Sword Emperor, and Dong Ling'er paled, and not just by a little bit.

The divine realm's resources were definitely far above those of the lower realm. If the finest geniuses that were trained couldn't reach such a standard, then that would be wrong, wouldn't it?

The problem was whether these two people represented the five sect's strongest amongst the younger generation or not.

"Xiao Miaoyan," the young girl said indifferently. Although her expression was calm, deep disdain could be seen within her eyes.

It was plain disdain.

The lower realm, in her eyes, was the synonym of lowly, merely being a medicinal farm providing them with the Realm Pill—it obviously made her look down on it with disdain.

Clear Solar King obviously didn't dare to be careless at all, unleashing the strongest move at once. He didn't learn the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, but his body turned into flames, forming a sea of flames, flashing towards Xiao Miaoyan.

It was even hotter than the sun, forcing many Shattering Void Tier elites to confine the high temperature within a designated area, or else it would definitely cause a terrifying calamity.

Xiao Miaoyan, however, was unafraid as two wings spread behind her back—spanning at least three hundred meters—enveloping her, completely unharmed by the flames that seemed to be able to burn the skies.

The Cloud Phoenix Sect!

… Well, it was unknown what they were called in the divine realm.

Xiao Miaoyan attacked, and also had shocking battle prowess, suppressing the Clear Solar King in a few moves and gaining one more victory.

Next, the five great sects sent out another two young geniuses, Chen Wenshi and Yang Guan, respectively, and they also had eighteen stars of battle prowess, turning the tables and reaching a draw after the eighth round.

There was one last round.

If Ma Duo Bao could act, he would definitely win for sure, but the other party had already laid out a scheme, excluding him.

Not to mention that the eight kings already took the field once, even if they could take the field again, would they be the divine realm's geniuses match?

"This humble one is Wu Gaoyuan, who will be my opponent?" The five sects' last fighter was also extremely young. He was clad in fully white clothing, his bearing elegant.

Ma Duo Bao and the eight kings frowned. Were they really going to lose? This loss would result in a hundred-year-long seclusion, and countless changes could happen. At that time, the divine realm could open a passageway, sending down true divine beings, and anything could happen.

They were unwilling to be defeated!

"I'll go!" Ling Han said.
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