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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 826 Storming into the Heaven’s Sword Sect.

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"Brother Ma, if the matter can't be done, why not leave it to me…?" Ling Han made a cutting gesture against the sky.

It was no joke to split open the sky. Heaven and Earth had its spirit, which was equivalent to an independent body. As long as this was the way, it wouldn't allow the integration of another new body, even if it was an elevation.

This was the reasoning of 'better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven'.

Granted, splitting open the sky could be successful, but what if it failed? That would absolutely invoke the wrath of the Heaven and Earth, with perpetrators struck by lightning. Otherwise, how could the Purple Moon Empire be destroyed in the past? If worse comes to worst, they could try again after a period of time. Try again and again, and perhaps they might just succeed once.

When they slept, it would be for several millennia. Perhaps this was their intention to avoid the revenge from Heaven and Earth.

Ma Duo Bao shook his head, and said, "There is not much time left for us. If we wait until there is movement from above, then we would certainly lose initiative."

The immortals would come when it was time to concoct the Realm Pill. While the descended Immortals would only be limited to the Shattering Void Tier, their battle prowess was absolutely formidable, and it was basically impossible for them to be killed.

If there were many people rushing forth in the midst of battle, then how would you split open the sky?

Ling Han nodded. What they were lacking now was time.

The next day, they had set up camp and moved forward to battle with the five great sects.

From the point of view of mortals, there were thousands of miles separating the five great sects, far beyond reasonable limits. However, in the eyes of Shattering Void Tier elites, this little distance was only a day's journey. Thus, the five great sects were very close to each other, which made mutually supporting one another extremely easy.

When Ma Duo Bao arrived at the frontline, the remaining seven Kings had gathered. They joined up with him and the Lunar King, and then set out for toward the Heaven's Sword Sect.

Needless to say, the elites of the five great sects would surely converge in the Heaven's Sword Sect for the decisive battle with the Purple Moon Empire.

Aside from the Heavenly Astral King, the Lunar King and the Flame King, the other five kings were Great Water King, Justice Mountain King, Clear Solar King, Pure Golden King, and Opulent Peace King. All eight of them were Shattering Void Tier elites with battle prowess of fifteen Stars, terrifyingly formidable.

Along the way, obviously there were people attempting to stop their advance. However, the Eight Kings needed only casually strike, and they would naturally sweep past the obstacles, step by step pressing on towards the main gate of the Heaven's Sword Sect.

There were not many people in their party. In addition to Ling Han's group of three, Ma Duo Bao had only brought the Eight Kings and one thousand elite troops. However, each and every one of this one thousand were all high-level Heaven Tier cultivators. Furthermore, they were also experts in combined assaults of Formation Arts, and their battle prowess was sufficient to rival high-level Shattering Void Tier cultivators.

The disciples of the Heaven's Sword Sect were defeated as they journeyed on. Soon, the army arrived in front of the main gate of the Heaven's Sword Sect.

They couldn't proceed any further, because there was a Protective Formation in place.

"Leave it to me!" Pure Golden King came out, brandishing a golden spear. He held it on his chest, while his eyes turned into two golden stars. On the tip of the spear, power was condensed into a light ball. At first it was only the size of an egg, but no matter how hard he tried condensing the power, it had just turned into the size of a watermelon, and would not get any bigger.

Ling Han watched while his blood began to run cold. This power from this one strike would be absolutely terrifying.

Among the Three Styles of Black Origin, the last type was called Breaking Limits, whereby one would need to stand still and gather strength for a few minutes. Once the attack was launched, it would utilize the whole person's strength. When used in battle, it would simply be an act of courting death.

However, if it was used to break a Protective Formation, this was indeed a clever move.

Was there an unbreakable defense in this world? No! There wasn't an unbreakable one; if it did not break, the only explanation was that not enough force had been exerted!

Therefore, the name of Breaking Limits really held true.

This attack by Pure Golden King would have the same effect despite using a different approach. He would never use it against the enemy during the battle. However, given that he now had the protection of comrades, he naturally had no qualms about slowly gathering strength to blast out the most powerful strike.

After at least five minutes, Pure Golden King finally took a step forward. However, with this one step, he had already come in front of the defensive barrier created by the formation. He took aim with his spear.


The tip of the spear pointed towards the defensive formation, and suddenly there was endless brilliance, so dazzling that the surrounding people's eyes couldn't even open.

Boom, the ground was shaking. Heaven's Sword Mountain was also shaking as the defensive barrier nearly collapsed, but it ultimately stabilized.

As strong as the Pure Golden King was, this one shot of power condensed over five minutes actually did not break through the defensive formation!

"Hahahaha!" The other seven Kings roared with laughter, all of them thrown into disorder and not bothering to keep their image.

"Old Seventh, you have indeed regressed. How could you not destroy the defensive formation with a single shot!"

"Did you use too much 'effort' last night?"

"Hey, young people need to know how to control themselves. Don't always keep doing those things all day long!"

One by one, the seven Kings ridiculed him without mercy.

The Pure Golden King's expression became serious. He said, "This formation is indeed much stronger than when we first came."

Ma Duo Bao opened his mouth to speak, helping his trusted retainer out of embarrassment. "This is normal. After it was defeated by us in the past, the five great sects would have painstakingly striven to strengthen the defensive formation. Therefore, it is normal for my dear subject not to be able to break through this formation."

"It has just blocked one blow from me. Let me try again, and within a day's time, I will surely blast down this formation!" Pure Golden King snorted, not giving up.

"There isn't much time for you to waste!" The Lunar King swayed gently with grace as she came out. "Let me do it."

"Fourth Sister, let me do it!" Pure Golden King refused to give in since this was no joke—this was a matter of saving face.

"What, you think you can disobey me just because you're a little stronger now? Should I properly teach you a lesson?" The Lunar King licked her red lips, and her charming eyes turned soft, giving off a dangerous aura.

Pure Golden King immediately became frightened. One couldn't be fooled by this Fourth Sister's gracefulness and appearance of an alluring woman, as her temper was very explosive. She even dared to hit His Majesty, what more him? If he were to count the number of times he was beaten up in the past, it would definitely give him a trauma.

"Fine, let me do it." Ma Duo Bao walked out with his big belly and smiled. "It's alright not to break this formation. Anyway, we just have to pass through it. Just making an opening will do."

"Doesn't this mean we have to squeeze in? Your Majesty, your requirement is really too low!" The Lunar King immediately opposed it.

"That right. Boss, that isn't domineering enough!"

"It's better to blast through it!" The other seven Kings added on.

Ma Duo Bao laughed with an amiable expression. His little eyes squinted into crescents. He said, "My beloved kings, do you bear any dissatisfaction towards me?"

The Eight Kings immediately shook their heads, and replied in unison, "No! No!"

He had to be joking. Their boss usually spoke very courteously, but once he was serious, he became a person who would destroy the gods and knock down Buddha if they were an obstacle in his path. From the beginning, which of them wasn't a ruthless person? And yet, weren't they still beaten into submission by Ma Duo Bao?

"It's good if there is none!" Ma Duo Bao said, all smiles. He casually stroked a few fingers, kuang, and the defensive barrier of the formation immediately revealed a gap. The gap was cut into a large opening, enough to accommodate the army.

So powerful!

In his heart, Ling Han was dumbstruck. Earlier, the Pure Golden King had wanted to break the formation, while Ma Duo Bao had only created a passage. The difficulty could not be compared, but having such a destructive power with just a few casual strokes, it really made sense for Ma Duo Bao to become the boss of the Eight Kings.

He raised his head and saw that the Heaven's Sword Sect was close at hand.Seems like Earth Overturning King changed name...
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