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"The founder of the Cold Spear Association?" The First Elder looked very confused. Why did Ling Han want to know about that?

This was no secret martial arts technique, nor did it involve any ancient secret. Why had Ling Han deliberately come here just to ask this one question? No matter how he thought about it, this was a bit foolish.

But how could it be that Ling Han was foolish or bored?

First Elder pondered the question, then asked, "Can you tell me why you wanted to know about this?"

Ling Han smiled faintly, and answered, "My ancestor could have some relation to the founder of the Cold Spear Association, so I wanted to clarify things."

First Elder gave a 'ya', and asked, "Your surname is Ling; could it be that you are a descendant of that person?"

Ling Han answered, "More or less." He was naturally not about to explain the details to him. He was not the descendant of the Ling Han from ten thousand years ago, but the person himself!

"There are a total of three founders of the Cold Spear Association, and they are Chen Rui Jing, Lord Chen, Yun Yong Wang, Lord Yun, and Tang Xiu Yuan, Lord Kang!" First Elder replied very piously, brightness flickering in his eyes. Subconsciously, his hands had joined together, seeming to be worshipping these three people.


Then, the other Cold Spear Association must have been established by Jiang Yue Feng. However, the two Cold Spear Associations were completely incompatible with each other; could it be that some conflict had arisen between Jiang Yue Feng and the other three?

Ling Han considered something for a moment, then asked, "These three… have they all ascended into the Immortal Realm?"

"Of course!" First Elder declared proudly. "The three Lords have naturally long since become Immortals, and through an amazing technique, connected to the Lower Realm and established the Cold Spear Association to the remnants Grandmaster Ling left behind."

Ling Han frowned deeply—what exactly was going on here?

Jiang Yue Feng had definitely become Immortal. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to be living four to five thousand years. And Jiang Yue Feng had a falling out with his fellow disciples, Ling Han deduced, because of the Reckoning.

Perhaps Jiang Yue Feng allied with the five sects of the Immortal Realm. As a result, the other three drew a clear line between themselves and him. Thus, the two Cold Spear Associations became completely incompatible with each other. This was a very logical deduction.

But Chen Rui Jing and the others also became Immortals, so what was going on?

According to his understanding of the three of them, they would definitely not defect, so why would they have allied with the five sects of the Immortal Realm? But it was obvious that the skies had not been split open, and if they wanted to become Immortals ten thousand years ago, their only choice was to become a member of the five sects.

All four of his disciples could not be depended on?

Hold on!

Ling Han shook his head. He understood his four disciples. They were definitely not that type of person, but he had forgotten one person—the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden!

Could it be that the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden extended a helping hand, and brought his four disciples together with her into the Immortal Realm? Even if Chen Rui Jing and the others would rather die than submit, could they match the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden? Furthermore, this woman considered herself to be the mistress. After Ling Han "died", would Chen Rui Jing and the others dare to defy their "Master's wife"?

This was the real logical explanation.

"Young friend! Young friend!" When the First Elder saw Ling Han was spacing out, he could not help but call him a few times.

Ling Han snapped out of his daze, and smiled. "Many thanks to First Elder for clearing up my confusion!"

"Hoho, it's just a small matter, don't mention it," First Elder smiled. He could tell that Ling Han had boundless future prospects. As a result, he planned to form an amicable relationship with Ling Han. After all, this was something that only had pros and no cons.

Ling Han drew out a great many valuable medicinal herbs, and said, "I have injured a few people of your respected Association, and I am really sorry about it. This is a little token of my apology; please do accept."

First Elder did not pretend to be reserved. With a casual swipe of his hand, he had stored all these medicinal herbs into his Spatial Spirit Tool. "Young friend, if you encounter any irresolvable danger, there is no harm in coming here. I can ensure your safety—no matter how big the danger is."

A thought flashed through Ling Han's mind; was he hinting at the Reckoning? However, they had talked quite amiably for two strangers, so it would not be proper for him to probe too deeply. Thus, he nodded, and said, "Then, I thank you, First Elder. I beg my leave."

"I shall not bother to see you out." First Elder smiled.

He was in the Shattering Void Tier, and Ling Han could somewhat be considered a Heaven Tier elite, so he naturally was not qualified for the First Elder to see him out personally. Even if First Elder really said that he wanted to see him out, that would merely be words of courtesy.

The world of martial arts had its own rules.

"Let's go! Let's go!" Hu Niu was already impatient in the first place; she had been torturing Rabbit all this while. The moment she heard that they could leave, she hurriedly grabbed one of Rabbit's legs and dragged him along, causing Rabbit to complain endlessly.

Rabbit feared nothing in this world… except for Hu Niu.

They walked out the main doors of the Cold Spear Association, and immediately saw a great many people glaring at them.

Hu Niu instantly became alert, released Rabbit, and said, "Want to fight? Niu shall accompany!"

This would have been a very funny thing to hear from the mouth of a ten-year-old child, but even Third Elder and Fifth Elder had been beaten down at her hands. Who would dare treat it as a harmless joke from a child?

Rabbit rubbed his backside, his face laden with grief. Being dragged out all this way, Lord Rabbit was feeling tremendous stress.

Why was this brat still completely unscathed?

Everyone was confused. No matter how they thought about it, there was no way that Ling Han could possibly match the Shattering Void Tier… But then, how did he walk out completely uninjured like this?

"Haha, the false Cold Spear Association will always be the false Cold Spear Association, to actually have an intruder freely come and go like this, how humiliating!"

Although the members of the Northern Spear Association were extremely displeased, the fact was that Ling Han had indeed walked out completely unharmed, so what else could they say in retort?

Ling Han smiled, and said, "I arrived in front of the First Elder, and realized I was far from being able to match him. Thus, I admitted my loss and apologized. First Elder treasures talent, and so allowed me to leave." Since the First Elder was so amicable, he naturally would not mind degrading himself a bit to protect the pride of the Northern Spear Association.

When they heard him say so, the members of the Northern Spear Association immediately smiled. So it seemed that the First Elder valued his talent and so did not move against Ling Han. Furthermore, Ling Han admitted that he was not the First Elder's match, which naturally recovered the pride of the Northern Spear Association.

… Although they still felt a little unhappy about how Ling Han had come out without a scratch on him.

"My three elders, he's Ling Han!" Mu Fei Yao suddenly exclaimed.

"En, so he's Ling Han?" The three elders of the Southern Spear Association turned to look at Ling Han simultaneously, looking murderous.

"Exactly!" Mu Fei Yao stated solemnly.

"Young friend, immediately change your name!" one of the old men said, commanding Ling Han.

These three old men were Third Elder, Fourth Elder, and Eighth Elder of the Southern Spear Association respectively. The speaker was precisely the Fourth Elder.

Ling Han could not help but smile, and asked, "Why?"

"Because you are unqualified!" Eighth Elder continued.

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "You all revere a historical person, that is your freedom, but you cannot influence others! What name I call myself is my freedom, and no business of yours. Neither is it something that you can take charge of!"

"So this means you will refuse unless you're forced to do so?" Eighth Elder asked darkly.

"Damn old man, why are you acting all fierce?" Hu Niu jumped out, pointed at him, and declared, "Niu wants to beat you up!"

Eighth Elder would naturally pay no attention to a little girl, and only acted as if he had not heard her speak.

"Actually dare to ignore Niu, Niu is angry now!" Hu Niu swung Rabbit in one hand, and directly flung him at Eighth Elder.

"F***, whom did Lord Rabbit offend?" Rabbit screamed as he shot out like an artillery shell.
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