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"What big boasts, you are merely in the Deity Transformation Tier!" Seventh Elder sneered. "Young man, the stiffest tree is most easily cracked. You are too proud, so allow me to teach you how to properly behave."

Ling Han retorted, "Your boasts are quite big as well. Don't become a frog at the bottom of a well and think that the world is only so big. You have to understand one thing: in the wider world, there will always be someone better than you."

"Hahahaha!" Seventh Elder laughed scornfully in his anger. If the two of them switched their ages, then these words would be quite logical, but now, a young man was actually lecturing him, an old man, which rendered him practically speechless.

His eyes froze over; he could not bother to continue the conversation with Ling Han. Otherwise, he would really die from fury; he directly stretched out a hand to grab Ling Han.

He was in the Heaven Tier, so what could be easier than dealing with a junior in the Deity Transformation Tier? Could it be that he had to purposely rise up into the skies for a fight? The other party would not be able to fight back at all; his only fate would be to be subdued in a single move from him, so it was naturally impossible to cause any collateral damage.

His right hand grabbed out. The martial intent of the Heaven Tier surged, forming a terrifying pressure. Those Deity Transformation Tier cultivators who were weaker might even directly be forced onto the ground under this tremendous pressure.

Ling Han neither dodged nor avoided.

In the eyes of the others, this was very ordinary. An ultimate elite of the Heaven Tier moved, so what chance would this brat have to dodge? With the pressure from the former's martial intent, he would only be qualified to wait to be captured, naturally.

Just when this hand was about to grab him, Ling Han moved. He moved very quickly, and gave a flick to the old man's palm.

All of a sudden, the Seventh Elder's expression changed. Though Ling Han's abilities were not as strong as his, his martial intent was extremely frightening. It seemed to be capable of penetrating directly into his body like a needle, stabbing him and causing him great pain.

He took seven steps back. When he raised his hand for a look, he realized his fingers were shaking so much that he couldn't even close them tightly into a fist.

That was too terrifying. Was this young man a monster? A casual strike from him almost disintegrated his battle prowess.

"Yi, why did Seventh Elder stop?"

"I don't know. I just saw Seventh Elder charge over then retreat."

"Could it be that he managed to block Seventh Elder's attack?"

"Are you kidding me? What cultivation level is Seventh Elder at? He's practically standing in the ranks of the strongest of this world, how could it be that he couldn't even deal with a youngster?"

The spectators discussed spiritedly. With their eyes, they naturally could not see clearly what had happened just now.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "How about it? Can we now sit down for a proper talk?"

Seventh Elder looked at Ling Han, and only after a long while said, "You are underestimating the Cold Spear Association too much. I can't stop you, but that does not mean that there's no one capable of stopping you!"


When they heard these words, everyone was stunned. How could they believe it? The Seventh Elder was actually unable to stop this young man? This guy looked to be about twenty years old at most, so how could he be that powerful?

Could it be that he was some old monster that had preserved his youthful looks?

Ling Han smiled. "I can't bother to stay here and wait for you all to take turns in coming out!" Once he said this, he began heading towards the residence.

"Stop!" everyone shouted loudly. How could outsiders be qualified to enter into the Cold Spear Association? This was blasphemy!

"You all would not be able to stop him. Let him in, there will naturally be someone there to teach him proper behavior!" Seventh Elder said.

Everyone nodded. The Cold Spear Association had no shortage of elites. Even if Heaven Tier cultivators could not stop Ling Han, how could it be that even Shattering Void Tier would not be able to as well?

In a short while, banging sounds were heard from within. A fight should have happened inside, but it only continued for a while before silence returned. Another short while later, an old man ran out, his face bruised.

"What, even Fifth Elder has been defeated?" everyone exclaimed in shock.

This young man was a little too strong! The Seventh Elder hurriedly asked about his battle progress—how many moves had that Ling Han used to defeat Old Fifth?

The Fifth Elder's face was completely flushed. He paused for a while before finally saying, "I was beaten by a little girl who is about ten years old." He actually wanted to add a few years to Hu Niu's age so that his defeat would look slightly better. However, she was really too small, so he really couldn't add that many years.


Everyone choked. This was the Fifth Elder here, and ability-wise, he was even stronger than the Seventh Elder. But he had not only lost, he had lost to the little girl that they had seen just now?

Who had not seen Hu Niu? Still, who could have imagined that such a little snip of a girl was actually an elite as well?


Sounds of battle were again heard from within. Similarly, not too long later, two old men ran out. Both of them were injured, and one of them had even had his face scratched.

"Third Elder!"

"Second Elder!"

Everyone was astonished. Even these two elders had been defeated. They were known for the strongest battle prowess below the Shattering Void Tier. But even that level of power could not match the intruders… could it be that Ling Han and his group had battle prowess on the level of the Shattering Void Tier?

But when they asked, the two elders had been defeated respectively by Ling Han and Hu Niu, and there was not a bit of exaggeration about it.

Hearing their answers, the whole area was silenced.

"Hahahaha, I heard that someone barged into your false Cold Spear Association!" At this moment, over a dozen people walked over. The people in the lead were three old men, and behind them were eleven young people.

If Ling Han was here, he would definitely be able to recognize that one of the young women was precisely Mu Fei Yao.

Obviously, these people were from the Southern Spear Association.

"What nonsense, you all are the false Cold Spear Association!" those belonging to the Northern Spear Association yelled. Which one was the real Cold Spear Association? This was a question of principle that surpassed all other matters, and was even more serious than the issue of Ling Han's intrusion into the residence.

"Rubbish, you members of the false Cold Spear Association are completely shameless!" The Northern Spear Association's side began retorting as well.

Every time the two sides met up, they would be arguing over this issue for at least half a day. In the past, they had even gotten into a melee over the matter, and almost caused both sides to be destroyed. Thus, the two sides established an agreement. This Cold City was their sacred land, and they definitely would not fight here.

Because of Cold City's special status, the two Cold Spear Associations had even agreed that they would cooperate together in an effort to eliminate whomever dared to damage Cold City.

"Looks like you've come into some trouble. Do you want us to give you a hand?" a member of the Southern Spear Association asked.

"Heng, we can settle it ourselves, and do not need the help of members of the false Cold Spear Association like you!" The members of the Northern Spear Association were naturally unwilling to accept assistance. Otherwise, wouldn't they be admitting to being inferior to the other party?

They had that kind of confidence as well because First Elder was an elite of the Shattering Void Tier—the top elite of the Northern Spear Association.


In the deepest parts of the residence, Ling Han was sitting cross-legged, facing an old man. In front of both of them, there was a cup of fragrant tea. Zhu Xuan Er and Hu Niu, meanwhile, were seated behind Ling Han. Zhu Xuan Er was still fine, maintaining the cultured and refined appearance and behavior of a well-bred young mistress. Hu Niu, however, could not sit down properly. She simply sprawled out on the floorboards, and supporting her little head, began spacing out.

That old man was naturally the top elite of the Northern Spear Association, the First Elder.

This First Elder was very mild-tempered, and did not immediately start fighting. Instead, he invited Ling Han to sit down for a cup of tea, and said, "Young friend, you are only twenty years old, yet has already reached this height. This talent is indeed very rarely seen, even in all of history."

"First Elder, thank you for the praise. I wanted to ask First Elder about some matter, and I hope First Elder can tell me," Ling Han said very politely.

Respect went both ways.

"What matter do you want to know about, young friend?" First Elder questioned.

"The founder of the Cold Spear Association!"
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