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Ling Han waited at the doors. So many years had already passed anyways, so he would not mind waiting just this while longer.

Meanwhile, Hu Niu was kicking stones out of boredom. Pa, pa, pa. She seemed to have gotten a little addicted, and her kicks gradually became stronger. Finally, she had gotten into trouble.

"Aiya, who is it that dares to ambush me?" A young man walked out, one hand holding his forehead. He was baring his teeth in pain, his features completely twisted from the pain.

The moment Hu Niu spotted him, she immediately stuck out her tongue and hid behind Ling Han. Then she stretched out a hand to point at Zhu Xuan Er, and said, "It's that woman who threw stones at you, Niu saw very clearly!"

Who would suspect a child?

That young man followed Hu Niu's hand and turned to look at Zhu Xuan Er. He was just about to fly into a rage, but a dazed expression immediately appeared on his face.

This woman was a bit too beautiful, wasn't she? Her beauty was practically in the top of the whole Cold City, and no other would be able to match her!

All of a sudden, it seemed as if his forehead did not ache anymore. He hurriedly put on a smile that he personally thought was his most suave expression, and said, "I am Feng Yixiu, may I know your beautiful name, Miss?"

Zhu Xuan Er merely gave him an indifferent gaze, and said, "We are only strangers coming together by chance, absolute strangers, so there is no need to exchange names."

"How unique, I like it!" Feng Yixiu mumbled, his face turning to the side. Then, he turned his head back round, his smile even brighter than before. "Being able to meet in a sea of people, how could this not be a kind of destiny? Miss, your beauty is much too brilliant, my eyes can only see you!"

Zhu Xuan Er directly ignored him so that he would not make use of his advantageous position and continue to be a pest.

"Miss, your beauty is a poison, but I will endure the suffering gladly!

"You have conquered me, please allow me to use my remaining life to love and pamper you!"


Feng Yixiu blurted one romantic line after another; he was definitely a veteran of the love scene. He didn't even repeat a single line. From his handsome appearance along with his sweet mouth, there were definitely innumerable women who would willingly jump into his gentle and soft trap.

Unfortunately, this did not have the slightest effect on Zhu Xuan Er. On the other hand, her expression became colder and colder.

"Idiot, why are you spouting so much nonsense? Just knock her unconscious and carry her home!" Hu Niu really could not bear looking anymore, and jumped out to offer him ideas.

"That wouldn't be proper, right?" Feng Yixiu rubbed his head as he smiled foolishly.

"Believe Niu!" Hu Niu declared, cheering him on.

Feng Yixiu clapped his hands once, and exclaimed, "I'll do it!"

Ling Han laughed in spite of himself, and asked, "What do you want to do?"

Feng Yixiu instantly shivered, and exclaimed, "I have no interest in men, so don't speak dirty lines to me!"

F***, this guy was a joker, right?

Ling Han laughed coldly, and said, "Since you've said so, then I will really have to play around with you!"

"You, don't you mess around, I am not that kind of person! Moreover, I am very powerful, so don't seek your own suffering!" Feng Yixiu quickly drew out his sword. "You are a pervert, don't come near me" was written all over his guarded expression.

Ling Han extended a hand to grab the other man very casually.

"Damn pervert, take this!" Feng Yixiu's sword shot out, and xiu, a Sword Ray swept past, slicing towards Ling Han's wrist.

He really couldn't tell. Although this young man was unreliable for some reason, he was still quite skilled. There were not that many people that could form Sword Ray at this young age. However, compared with Ling Han, the two of them were on two completely different levels.

Ling Han's hand changed course, and grabbed the other man's wrist. He laughed, and asked, "Just guess, will I be steaming or roasting you?"

"Mother!" Feng Yixiu's whole body was covered with goosebumps. He hurriedly exerted force, wanting to break free. However, Ling Han's hand was like an iron cuff, and he could not even move a bit, and could only stare at him helplessly.

"Don't call mother, call me Big Brother, and I'll let you go." Ling Han smiled.

"You think you deserve to be called Big Brother by me!" Feng Yixiu humphed. His left hand shook, and there actually appeared another sword, which quickly stabbed out at Ling Han.

Ling Han loosened his grip, then once again grabbed out at Feng Yixiu's left hand. Pa, he had grabbed it accurately.

Feng Yixiu was completely astonished; how could this man move so quickly? He released an angry roar, and his right hand slashed out again. He used his full power in this strike. Even his hair was sticking up like needles. His sword intent solidified, and ruthlessly shot out at Ling Han.

Ling Han's physique was extremely tough, so his soul surely was not sturdy as well. With this strike from him, Ling Han would definitely grab his head and grunt in agony.

… There should be no such monster in this world that could cultivate both physique and soul to the ultimate peak.

Ling Han smiled faintly. His Sword Heart moved, and pa, Feng Yixiu's sword intent collapsed immediately. He seemed to have suffered a great injury, and his whole face paled instantly. Even his expression was twisted, which made him look as if he was in incredible pain.

Ling Han released his grip. Feng Yixiu, meanwhile, was curled up on the ground. His whole body was twitching. This barrage to the soul was not a light attack. However, to him, this might possibly be a kind of grinding stone. If he could survive it, the toughness of his soul would definitely improve further.

"Young Master Feng!" At this moment, two people walked out the doors. One was the guard that had gone in previously to make the announcement, and the other was a tall, slender old man. He looked to be in his sixties or seventies, and had a kind of bearing to him. However, at this moment, his whole expression was anxious. He shot out quickly right next to Feng Yixiu, and helped him back to his feet. Upon closer examination, when he discovered that there was no injury on the latter's body, he finally calmed back down.

The old man looked at Ling Han, his gaze chilly, and asked, "Are you the one who injured Young Master Feng?"

Ling Han laughed. "The word 'injured' is not really used accurately. The correct term is sparred with, and he was just not my match."

"Hmph, you came to our Cold Spear Association and still dare to cause injury, how dare you!" the old man declared coldly. His right hand stretched out, and instantly turned green in color, exuding a metallic texture, with multiple patterns flickering on it.

This old man was in the Deity Transformation Tier, so his abilities were really not that low.

Ling Han placed his hands behind his back, and said, "I see that your status should not be very low, and I shall ask you this question. Have you heard of the names Jiang Yue Feng, Yun Yong Wang, Tang Xiu Yuan?"

"Hmph, there is no use even if you reveal a big background. Today, no one would be able to save you!" The old man leaped out and delivered a strike at Ling Han. Peng, when his palm had yet to reach its target, the gale created by it had already smacked down. Origin Power was compressed, so the destructive ability was very astonishing.

Ling Han's right hand pressed out, and the old man was instantly sent flying. Peng, peng, peng, peng. He forcefully burst through at least ten walls before finally stopping, losing consciousness directly.

This time, he should have really attracted enough attention, right?

Teng, teng, teng, a great many people raced out of the residence, surrounding Ling Han tightly, but none of them made a further move.

"Hmph!" A terrifying aura spread out, and a figure walked out.

"Greetings, Seventh Elder!" Everyone went down on one knee to pay their respects.

He was a white-haired old man, but his spirit was hale and hearty, his eyes bright. He stared at Ling Han, and said, "Young man, you have admirable courage, actually daring to come to the Cold Spear Association and behave atrociously!"

"Behave atrociously?" Ling Han shook his head. "It was only self-defense. However, my patience is limited. If no one is willing to have a calm, peaceful discussion with me later, then I can only choose to turn this place of yours upside down so that you can all calm down."
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