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Xu Xiu Ran's expression took a drastic change. His battle prowess was not the slightest bit inferior to Ling Han's, yet his physique was far from being on the same level.

In a battle wherein both sides were about equal in power, this difference was absolutely fatal.

He took a deep breath, his expression becoming somber. His fighting spirit blazed. If he could still defeat Ling Han in a disadvantageous position, the boost to his confidence would be indescribable.

He might even be able to take that final step, and become an elite of the Shattering Void Tier.

Currently, he could only claim to be a young genius, possessing great potential, yet without achieving the Shattering Void Tier cultivation, he was still a minor character at the end of the day. In this great era, only the Shattering Void Tier would translate to influence, and have a decisive effect on the situation.

Thus, he needed to battle and improve his battle prowess to the utmost. After winning, his mental state would be improved to another level, and his Saber Heart would enter mastery level. His cultivation would break through to the Shattering Void Tier, and he would ascend to the peak of humanity.

"We battle!" he declared grandly, his full head of black locks dancing behind him, his eyes bright.

"As you wish!" Ling Han's battle spirit blazed as well. Xu Xiu Ran had formed Saber Heart; furthermore, he had reached the level of major accomplishment, so he was precisely the best opponent he could have. Fighting a battle with the latter, Ling Han, too, would be able to enrich his own Sword Heart.

Fight, fight, fight!

The two fighters engaged in a ferocious battle. Sword and saber clashed, the collision creating ripples of power that spread out to their surroundings time and again.

The Absolute Saber and Revere Life Sword endlessly clashed. Both were not only Level Ten Spirit Tools, but also in the upper tier amongst such. Even in the hands of these people, they managed to release a terrifying might.

The Beast Snake King nodded continuously, and could not help but admit that these two were super-geniuses, which made a feeling of treasuring talent arise in him. Unfortunately, one of them was definitely going to die here today.

It was not that the Earth Dragon Sect did not have such a genius—he had died in Ling Han's hands. This was also the main reason why he was personally here. Otherwise, with the tense situation in the war with the Purple Moon Empire, how could an ultimate elite be so easily dispatched here?

"Odd, how could this brat possibly learn the ultimate technique of the Heaven's Sword Sect?" The Beast Snake King was internally confused. The Three Techniques of Black Origin were no ordinary techniques, but one of the core secret techniques of the Heaven's Sword Sect. Even among the true disciples, there were not many that could learn this technique.

So what allowed an outsider to learn this technique?

However, this was fine. In the end, Immortals would descend from the Immortal Realm, and refine all life of this realm into the Realm Pill. Even if everyone learnt the Three Techniques of Black Origin, so what?

Ling Han's right hand wielded his sword, and he had his left palm facing outwards. He endlessly shot strikes with the Earth Overturning Seal—golden light flickered, and the destructive power was incomparably frightening. With the upgrade of the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, his speed was slightly faster than Xu Xiu Ran's, forcing the latter into taking his attacks head on.

This Xu Xiu Ran was naturally seriously wounded!

Ling Han was a cultivator of body arts, and had terrifying brute power. In a battle at close quarters, for every blow Xu Xiu Ran delivered, he could at least return ten. How colossal was this difference? Furthermore, his physique had reached the level of the Shattering Void Tier, so even if the Beast Snake King moved, he would have to spend a great amount of effort to refine him to death, what more when it was Xu Xiu Ran!

Take note, it was not "beat to death", but to "refine to death"!

With physique on the level of Level Ten precious metal, who would be able to kill him straight off? They could only use secret techniques to eliminate Ling Han's life force, or have someone with a fully mastered Sword Heart cut Ling Han's soul. Slicing open his physical body could only be mere thought.

From this aspect, Xu Xiu Ran was already not on the same level as Ling Han.

Ling Han was using his opponent to polish his Sword Heart. In his eyes, this was the only value of Xu Xiu Ran's life.

Xu Xiu Ran had used all the ultimate techniques in his repertoire. He was indeed very strong, very, very strong, and was definitely one of the strongest elites beneath the level of the Shattering Void Tier. However, his opponent was too much of a monster, who, by nature, was already standing in an invincible position. No matter how hard he tried, it was all empty effort, and he could only harvest the bitter fruit of failure.

When Ling Han became more and more familiar with using the Sword Heart, Xu Xiu Ran began falling into a disadvantage. Then, it became more and more obvious, until he was inhibited. Among every ten of his moves, nine were defensive.

Xu Xiu Ran's expression turned ugly. He had already improved his battle prowess to the maximum, but still could not match Ling Han. More importantly, the latter was still in the Deity Transformation Tier—though his body art was terrifying and had already reached the Heaven Tier, body art had always been used as something supplementary. What was more important was cultivation!

Even if he had the advantage of a whole and a half cultivation Tier over Ling Han, he had still been beaten to the point that he practically could not fight back, which made him feel extremely depressed.

He could not defeat Ling Han. Even if the Beast Snake King killed Ling Han later, so what? A sore point would be left behind in his heart, and this would naturally become a massive shortcoming when he attempted to break through to the Shattering Void Tier, and it would practically be impossible for him to survive the fateful calamity.

"Enough." The Beast Snake King voiced out. Initially, he had planned to let Xu Xiu Ran defeat Ling Han before he made his move so that the former would have the opportunity to break through. Yet the end result was that he had helped Ling Han succeed.

He could naturally sense that Ling Han's Sword Heart was improving.

"I have not lost!" Xu Xiu Ran called out harshly. He was definitely not going to accept defeat!

In the few battles he had with Ling Han, he was actually slightly superior. If it was not because he desired to kill Ling Han too much, he would not even need to awaken the Absolute Saber. The result was that he failed every time, and could only watch as Ling Han became stronger and stronger.

"Humph!" The Beast Snake King moved directly, grabbing onto Xu Xiu Ran. After sealing his cultivation, he tossed him on board the battleship. He looked at Ling Han coldly, and commanded, "Kill yourself!"

"Old Beast Snake, where does your confidence come from?" Ling Han asked loftily.

The Beast Snake King smirked coldly, and said, "You merely have a Formation Technique, but that is only worth eight Stars of Shattering Void Tier at most. Do you know what my battle prowess is worth?"

"I don't, but it hasn't reached fifteen Stars in any case," Ling Han replied without the slightest reservations and with complete honesty.

You f**king actually dare to say it!

The Beast Snake King could not help but feel gloomy. His battle prowess naturally could not possibly have reached fifteen Stars. If not, why would he have been afraid of that Fifteen-eyed Corpse King? This brat really was stubborn! He could not help but move. His right hand stretched out, and his arm, like a serpent, was twisting and turning, heading to grab in Ling Han's direction.

Ling Han was not the slightest bit afraid, and brandished his sword to take this blow head on.

The Beast Snake King was enraged. A mere junior in the Deity Transformation Tier…! Although his body art's cultivation had reached the Heaven Tier, it was still who knew how many years away from being able to take on the attack of a Shattering Void Tier elite; this was practically an insult to him!

Who would be able to humiliate a Shattering Void Tier elite?


The Beast Snake King's palm lowered, forming into a mountain, and pressed down on Ling Han. He wanted to smack Ling Han into mush with one blow.

Without a doubt, Ling Han was pressed down from the skies by this smack. With the strike of a colossal, sky-overshadowing palm, he dropped outside the city. Hong, long, long, the earth was trembling and the city walls were shaking as if an earthquake had occurred.

Was he dead?

Xu Xiu Ran did not know what he was feeling. How could this great foe of his be so foolish to actually dare to have an open confrontation with a Shattering Void Tier ultimate elite? Furthermore, it was an experienced veteran Shattering Void Tier elite like the Beast Snake King. No matter how he looked at it, this did not seem like Ling Han's style.

Meanwhile, the Beast Snake King raised his hand. That palm of Origin Power that was several hundreds of metres long on the ground had disappeared. A disdainful expression appeared on his face, but he immediately stiffened soon after.

That was because on the ground, Ling Han swept away the dirt from his clothes, and got back to his feet. As he did so, he stretched out his arms and kicked out his feet a few times as if he had merely tripped carelessly.
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