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Everyone had been shocked, but they still left the island and headed towards Dome Cloud Island.

They spent five days on the road, and when they had arrived, Helian Tianyun had once again broken through another tier to become a being of the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

This kind of cultivation wouldn't hold any significance in the eyes of the elites, yet having completed a breakthrough within just a mere five days was an extremely amazing feat. It was reckoned that he would be able to cross the boundary to reach the Spiritual Pedestal Tier in another ten days, a month to reach the Flower Blossom Tier, two months to reach the Spiritual Infant Tier, four months to reach the Deity Transformation Tier, a year later he would even reach the Heaven Tier, and begin charging towards shattering the void.

He was originally the strongest cultivator of his generation. Now, his foundations couldn't be stronger, and it wouldn't be surprising for him to return to the peak of cultivation within the shortest time. Of course, all kinds of cultivation resources also had to keep up with his advancement. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a matter of one year, but rather ten years, or even a hundred years.

Upon Helian Tianyun's strong suggestion and request, slightly short of whining and pleading, Ling Han finally agreed to leave his son with the sea race.

The True Dragon's bloodline of Ling Jian Xue was incomparably pure. If he were to receive guidance from Helian Tianyun from childhood, he would be able to have the best growth.

Although Helian Xun Xue was reluctant to part with her son, she could only let go for the sake of her son's future. After all, the Great Ling Empire couldn't do without her governance; she wouldn't feel at ease if she were to hand it over to Ling Han.

Everything was for the sake of her son. She could never have thought that, upon splitting of the skies, Ling Jian Xue would precisely be a young master in the Immortal Realm.

Ling Han left the biggest True Dragon Bloodstone behind. According to Helian Tianyun, Ling Jian Xue's bloodline was already pure enough, and thus the Dragon's Blood Grass would not be very helpful to him. Only the True Dragon Bloodstone would still be of some use.

Hence, Ling Han also left behind a lot of other treasures from the Black Tower. Helian Tianyun would prepare body-strengthening medicine for Ling Jian Xue to ensure that he would be getting the best growth conditions possible.

Ling Han naturally felt reassured. Since Helian Tianyun was the forefather of the Helian Clan, how could he not have his son's best interests at heart?

He and Helian Xun Xue decided to come back one year later. When that time came, the medicine that had been left behind would nearly be exhausted; it would then be timely to replenish them.

Helian Rong was rushing to send the two out of Dome Cloud Island as if they were bad luck. He couldn't wait to brainwash Ling Jian Xue—I was your grandfather, the person who loved you most in the world, even more so than your parents.

After successful brainwashing, wouldn't Ling Jian Xue become a member of the Helian Clan?

How could Ling Han be unaware of his father-in-law's thinking? He laughed inwardly—when his son reached the age of five, he would definitely bring him back. No matter how close he was to his grandfather, could it compare to the bond with his own parents?

While both of them were harboring their respective intentions in their minds, they laughed heartily before turning around and parting ways.

"Both yours and my father's laughter are so fake!" Helian Xun Xue pointed out.

"Want to snatch my son from me? So what if he's my father-in-law?" Ling Han said, smiling. "Hurry, let's go back. Having left for so long, we don't know if there's any chaos in the government!"

Helian Xun Xue rolled her eyes, saying, "There won't be any problems even if you don't go back for a hundred years. If I don't go back, then there'll be chaos."

Ling Han self-consciously said, "If you say so, I will feel very guilty."

It could be said that this trip had brought them an unexpected outcome.

With Helian Tianyun overseeing the affairs, the unification of the north sea was definitely a matter nailed down. However, it was believed that the Ao Clan wouldn't relinquish the power that easily, and would certainly question Helian Tianyun's identity as Ancestor Dragon, as well as engage the power of the four seas to take punitive action.

Unfortunately, sea race was a place which held one's bloodline in the highest regard. Helian Tianyun's bloodline was indeed so pure that it could reach the condition of being a True Dragon. It was no exaggeration to refer to him as Lord Ancestor Dragon.

Consequently, the day of unification of the four seas would be imminent. This matter was much easier to deal with as compared to the five great sects in the middle state.

Originally, he was worried that the sea race and the middle state's five great sects would join forces, which would give rise to an unexpected variable. Yet, now it would be the turn of the middle state's five great sects to have a headache. The sea race wasn't lacking in Shattering Void Tier elites. In addition to being under Helian Tianyun's governance, every one of them would be loyal—this was a force that could be completely converged together.

Ling Han felt for the first time that there was substantial progress in the movement to split open the skies.

The next step would be to eliminate the five great sects and the Thousand Corpse Sect, Ling Han said to himself inwardly. As long as these two forces were straightened out, then the day would come soon for the whole world to attain peace.

A few days later, they returned to the Desolate North. The ancient mine of Fire Country had now become a place of hell—in the midst of the rising black fog, one by one, howling humanoid figures would come into being as if they were evil spirits.

It was said in the middle of every night, the sound of howling spirits could be heard clearly even from the side of the former capital, which had already caused many people to move away from the imperial capital. It was really creepy. Among the people who had stayed, many often fell sick, causing more and more people choosing to relocate.

Ling Han frowned deeply; this was an anomaly. Buried below were at least a hundred Shattering Void Tier cultivators, who had cultivated the Netherworld Cultivation Technique. This meant the reliance on the underground's Yin Qi to turn the body of a living person into a Yin Corpse.

The most important thing was that no one knew how powerful these people were. If they were at the same level as the sea race, then they could be dealt with by just dispatching the sea race. However, if they were all like the Lunar King, then it would be an incomparably formidable force.

I can't be bothered too much with it. It would be useless to think about it, anyway. I just need to raise the level of my strength. It doesn't matter who they are; I would suppress all of them.

They returned to the Imperial Capital. At this time, a large number of reports had been sent from the frontline. Having opened and looked at them, they were all good news. The west region had been basically unified, and it had come under the banner of the Great Ling Empire.

The next step would be to consider the issue of attacking either the east region or the south region. For the Great Ling Empire nowadays, this wouldn't a problem.

Ling Han could clearly feel that the power of the nation had gotten a lot stronger.

Firstly, it was due to the territorial expansion and the increase in population. Secondly, it was because the image of the Great Ling Empire had also penetrated the hearts of the people and won the recognition of the general public. With the people's hearts being united, the nation's fortune would naturally become stronger.

He began to refine the True Dragon Bloodstone, cultivating the blood through his heart. Although the largest Bloodstone remained in the north sea, they had obtained several more in the Ghostly Dragon Cave later—it was quite an abundant harvest.

Condensing the essence of dragon blood would be helpful for everyone, but the amount would be limited. Only by means of Ling Han's and Helian Xun Xue's refining it into their bodies could such treasures yield the most perfect effect.

The dragon blood essence left by the Shattering Void Tier elite with 20 Stars was really awesome. The level of Ling Han's Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art was raised at an extremely fast speed. Just ten days later, Ling Han discovered that his brute force had reached the limit of the Deity Transformation Tier.

Next, he could first rush the level of the body art to the Heaven Tier, which would also bring about a qualitative change of the Indestructible Heaven Scroll and raise his body to that of Level Ten precious metal. This way, there would only be very few people in this world who could hurt him.

He made a firm resolution to rush the level of his body art towards the Heaven Tier as soon as possible.

Furthermore, there had been another major gain from this expedition to the sea race's territory. It was that he had acquired a Level Ten cultivation technique, which could allow his Origin Power to reach the peak of the Heaven Tier. After switching to cultivating this technique, he could charge with it towards the Shattering Void Tier.

This technique was naturally acquired from his father-in-law, giving face to Helian Xun Xue and Ling Jian Xue. In addition to that, with Helian Tianyun's position as Ancestor Dragon, how could Helian Rong refuse?

Ling Han had concocted a lot of alchemical pills targeting his own condition, allowing him to better self-regulate and improve the level of his body arts.

After another month, he finally advanced his body arts to the peak level of the Heaven Tier.

At this time, the elites of the middle state's five great sects once again initiated an attack.
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