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"Since I have returned, then the king of the four seas shall be none other than I!" Helian Tianyun boasted shamelessly. "Announce this to the whole world; let whoever of the Ao Clan to come immediately to see me and prepare for abdication!"

If these words were to reach the ears of cultivators in middle state, they would definitely dismiss them and laugh at him for being a madman! A mere Gushing Spring Tier cultivator would actually dare to ask the ruler of the four seas to abdicate—wouldn't this be the biggest joke of all?

However, the four people including Helian Rong did not find this to be funny at all. On the contrary, they considered it just right.

He was Lord Ancestor Dragon, whose existence was supreme without equal. Accepting the position of emperor of the four seas would only be a right and inevitable matter. Otherwise, who would dare to put his position above Lord Ancestor Dragon's—wouldn't this be tantamount to a rebellion?

Only Ling Han knew that this was the Ancestor Dragon, but didn't know that who knew how many millennia ago, he was the dragon race's strongest elite who had reached the height of the alternative dragon. However, this lord alternative dragon was reincarnated using the True Dragon Tooth, and in terms of bloodline, being called the True Dragon wouldn't be an exaggeration.

"Lord Ancestor Dragon, this human killed a member of the dragon race. I hereby ask for Lord Ancestor Dragon's consent for me to kill him." Mo Yuan still refused to let go of Ling Han.

Helian Tianyun glared at him, and said, "This human here is the father of my apprentice, which means, he is also a brother of mine. Do you want to kill my brother?" With just one glance, his Dragon's Might permeated the surrounding atmosphere. It was incomparably terrifying.

Mo Yuan immediately felt so scared that he prostrated, and said, "I dare not! I dare not!" An imposing Shattering Void Tier elite was actually shivering like a lamb.

This was something impossible to happen in the world of humans. Having reached the height of the Shattering Void Tier, which one wasn't a genius or a ruler among rulers—how would they ever bow down?

However, for the sea race, victory or defeat depended upon the bloodline. The number of elites aided by the bloodline was far more than that of the human race, yet when it came to a competition of top battle prowess, then no matter how, they could never compare.

Disregarding everything else, let's take the example of the Eight Kings of the Purple Moon Empire—which one among them could Helian Rong or Wenren Jie oppose?

The sea race did have a great advantage in terms of the number of elites, but when it came to top battle prowess, the human race was indeed stronger. One would know by looking at the Thousand Corpse Sect, which could easily toss out a Fifteen-eyed Corpse King. What did the sea race have?

In the eyes of the sea race, a grander bloodline could overwhelm anything. Even though the current strength of Helian Tianyun was low to the point of being pitiful, yet with just the Dragon's Might, it was sufficient to make them tremble in fear. Wouldn't this explain everything?

Helian Rong's face convulsed. While the Lord Ancestor Dragon had accepted his grandson as an apprentice, he naturally wouldn't dare to put his ranking among the generation hierarchy above or even equal to that of the Ancestor Dragon. Then, how should he address the Ancestor Dragon and Ling Han?

Such a mess; it was all such a mess!

"Get lost!" Helian Tianyun shouted, his little face filled with pride. Before, he had to nurse his grievance for so long; now that he could finally hold his head high for once, it made him feel so great.

Mo Yuan quickly ran away in fright, not even daring to let out a fart.

Both Wenren Jie and Xianyu Tong also dared not speak any more nonsense, and thus took their leave one after another, bringing their clan members with them. Ling Han had actually become a brother of the Lord Ancestor Dragon… who would dare to pick on him anymore? Xianyu Tong felt extremely regretful for not pairing Ling Han together with Xianyu Cai previously. Had he done so, he would now have built a relationship with Lord Ancestor Dragon.

Really regretful.

Xianyu Cai also gazed at Ling Han oddly. The recent mission to Ghostly Dragon Cave had already changed her impression of Ling Han. She even had a good impression of him after being rescued by the other party. However, she would never have thought that just when Ling Han reappeared, he had become the brother of Lord Ancestor Dragon.

There was no knowing how many beautiful women of the sea race would want to marry Ling Han. Even for her, as a precious jewel among them, it could be said that he was now beyond her reach and she wasn't even qualified to act aloof in his front.

She sighed inwardly—this man had never belonged to her, so she'd better forget him in the future. She left with Xianyu Tong, but unexpectedly couldn't hold in her tears as they flowed from her eyes.

"Hey, why haven't you gotten lost yet?" Helian Tianyun looked at Helian Rong, puzzled. He had actually disobeyed his orders?

Of course, it wasn't that Helian Rong dared to disobey, but was instead detained by Ling Han, and wasn't able to leave. Before, he would have immediately pushed Ling Han aside and that would have been sufficient. If one from the Shattering Void Tier intended to leave, how would a mere Deity Transformation Tier cultivator be able to stop him?

But, how could he dare to make a move against Ling Han now? He was actually the brother of Lord Ancestor Dragon. If he was to make a move, he would be committing an act of mutiny. Anyone of the sea race could act against him; this would be treason!

For the sea race, the most highly regarded matter would be one's bloodline. The Ao Clan was the best example—whoever disrespected them would become an enemy of the entire sea race.

Seeing that the Lord Ancestor Dragon had flipped out, Helian Rong quickly cast a glance at Ling Han, meaning: "Since it was you that stopped me, of course, now you must explain your actions".

Ling Han coughed once, and said, "Allow me to introduce to you; this is my father-in-law, your apprentice's grandfather. Furthermore, his surname is also 'Helian'. He is named 'Helian Rong'."


Helian Tianyun immediately spewed out a sip of water, which directly splattered onto the face of Helian Rong. Poor Helian Rong—not only did he dare not become angry, he did not even dare to wipe it off, and still had to maintain a smile.

"What, his surname is also 'Helian'?" Helian Tianyun felt a sense of dissatisfaction. He immediately pointed a finger at Helian Xun Xue, and asked, "What about her? Is she also from the 'Helian' Clan?"

"Wrong, she is my wife. Since she is married to me, that means she's part of the Ling Clan." Ling Han laughed mischievously.

Helian Tianyun suddenly thundered, "Damn brat, you dare to hide this from me!" Ling Jian Xue was clearly a descendant from his bloodline. There was no need for him to be accepted as an apprentice—he was an offspring of his clan's younger generation!

Now that he had accepted this apprentice, his and Ling Han's ranking within the clan's generation hierarchy would be considered equal. This was a huge loss for him! Originally, Ling Han would have to take care to address him as 'Ancestor'.

He wanted to cry, but no tears came out. Who asked him to notice that the bloodline of Ling Jian Xue was incomparably pure, which made him hot-headed?

Hu Niu was upset and directly knocked him on the head, saying, "Why, you're also the same generation as Niu. Don't you know how great Niu is?"

Helian Tianyun was struck until he staggered backward, but dared not show any temper in front of Hu Niu. He weakly mumbled, "But I am their ancestor, after all!"

"What ancestors? Do you believe Niu could smash you to bits?" Hu Niu unleashed an extremely fierce aura.

Helian Tianyun suddenly became like a little punching bag and dared not utter a single sound. This little girl was unaware of the severity of her moves and would act arbitrarily. He would rather offend Ling Han than this little demon.

Helian Rong's forehead was covered with cold sweat as he watched. A mere human would actually thrash Lord Ancestor Dragon—this was disgraceful indeed! Poor Lord Ancestor Dragon even had to endure it; would he dare to oppose? Did he think that he was more powerful than the Lord Ancestor Dragon?

Ling Han burst into laughter, saying, "Father-in-law, he is the strongest elite of the sea race in the early days, previously known as lord alternative dragon of the Ghostly Dragon Cave, and also the ancestor of the Helian Clan. He is named 'Helian Tianyun'."


Helian Rong's expression immediately became extremely interesting. He would never have anticipated that the one whom he had regarded as Lord Ancestor Dragon was actually the forefather of the Helian Clan. Furthermore, he was once the strongest elite of the sea race. At that time, he had almost become a True Dragon.

This was also due to a gap in history—the existence of Ghostly Dragon Cave allowed the sea race to know that there had once been such an elite within their ranks. However, any information regarding him was a complete blank.

This time, their generation hierarchy would definitely be in a mess.

In the midst of his dizziness, this was what Helian Rong thought.
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