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With Helian Tianyun leading the way, Ling Han and the others didn't wander around randomly. Instead, they tried to collect as much Dragon's Blood Grass as possible along the way.

It was useless for Helian Tianyun. He had been nurtured by True Dragon's Tooth, and the purity of his dragon bloodline was almost at the level of a True Dragon. However, for other descendants of the dragon race, this would be good stuff. Even Ling Han wanted to get more of it, given that it would be highly beneficial to his practice of Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art.

Even though it was unknown how many years or even millennia had passed, this was, after all, the original body of Helian Tianyun. Thus, as long as he chose to sense it, he could easily find the Dragon's Blood Grass and the True Dragon Bloodstone.

Ling Han had obtained a full harvest on this journey.

If one sensed carefully, one would realize that the environment here was deteriorating and on the verge of death. The Ghostly Dragon Cave would no longer expel people. Rather, it was slowly merging with the outside world. Its internal space was collapsing and turning into empty ruins. Henceforth, there would no longer be anything amazing about this place.

After seven days, Ling Han and the others finally walked out of the Ghostly Dragon Cave.

"Human!" They heard a roar just as they reached the outside world. Mo Yuan appeared above them, with his entire body emitting inexhaustible flames of rage ripping apart the surrounding air.

He was a Shattering Void Tier elite; furthermore, he had battle prowess of ten Stars or even eleven Stars. Naturally, he had become extremely formidable now that he was in a fiery rage.

A few days ago, he had received news that the most outstanding one among the clan's younger generation, Mo Zhengxin, had died by Ling Han's hand. Hence, he had gone berserk the moment he saw Ling Han.

"Mo Yuan, what do you want to do?!" Helian Rong immediately stepped out to stop him.

"What do I want to do?" Mo Yuan gritted his teeth, and said, "This human killed a member of the Mo Clan. I intend to capture him and bring him back to the clan for trial!"

"Hmph, that's really funny. After all, is it not normal to be killed in one's attempt to snatch treasures?! If everyone was to act like Lord Mo, then wouldn't the entire world be in a mess?" Helian Rong stated coldly.

Mo Yuan suppressed his rage, and said, "But this is a human, and he isn't qualified to enter the Ghostly Dragon Cave!"

"Hmph, didn't you also bring in a few humans yourself?" Helian Rong calmly retorted.

How could that be the same!

Mo Yuan immediately retorted, "Those were the people recommended by the Sea Emperor!"

"Then he's also my son-in-law. Why can't he enter the Ghostly Dragon Cave?" Helian Rong responded evenly.

Mo Yuan calmed down, and said, "It seems that this battle is inevitable? King Helian, you'd better think carefully—this may provoke a war between the west sea and the north sea!"

"Haha, you are still not capable of representing the west sea!" Helian Rong said coldly.

"You're seeking death!" In the end, Mo Yuan exploded with fury. His entire body's blood and Qi was burning, displaying endless power.

Having already entered his later years, his blood was inevitably declining. Although his cultivation remained, his battle prowess was unable to keep up with his cultivation level. At most, it was only eight Stars. Therefore, to fight an opponent like Helian Rong, he had to sublimate the burning of his blood and Qi into power in order to restore the vigor of his earlier years.

"Lord Mo, you came here to our north sea, yet still want to act fierce?" Xianyu Tong also stood out and put up a 'ready-to-fight' posture, showing his readiness to fight side by side with Helian Rong.

"Hey, this is the grievance between the Mo Clan and the Helian Clan. Why should Lord Xianyu get involved?" Wenren Jie reached out with his hands and blocked Xianyu Tong, clearly showing: I would not sit by idly.

From his point of view, it would be best for Mo Yuan to kill Helian Rong. Otherwise, it wouldn't be so bad if both sides got severely injured from the fight, either. He would then pick up the pieces. He reckoned that Xianyu Tong also wouldn't be able to stop him.

Therefore, he had to let this battle proceed; taking this opportunity to kill Xianyu Tong would also be good. Anyway, if either Helian Rong or Xianyu Tong was to die, then there wouldn't be anyone in the north sea who could stop his ambition of unification.

An old fox like Xianyu Tong naturally deduced Wenren Jie's motive. But deducing it was one thing, and resolving the matter was another. Mo Yuan was obviously in berserk mode, and was determined to kill Ling Han, so it was not going to be easily resolved.

What to do? What to do?

Xianyu Tong had experienced countless storms, but the present situation still caused him to feel quite a headache. If this battle was to happen, then it might once again alter the power division of the north sea.

"I command that all of you stop!" A child-like voice was heard. However, only Helian Tianyun was seen walking out, his hands held behind his back, authoritatively saying, "I shall become the arbitrator—all the grievances shall be settled here. Now, the most important thing is to unite all the forces that can be united in preparation for the day to split open the skies!"

F*ck. This big mouth, how could this matter be announced in public?

Helian Rong and Xianyu Tong were both shocked at the same time. They all knew about the splitting open of the skies, but hearing it from the mouth of a little brat made them feel absurd. They couldn't help but look at Ling Han. You actually let such a little brat know about the secret of splitting the skies?

Ling Han shrugged his shoulders. It wasn't him who had said it; rather, it was that Helian Tianyun had already had such a plan as early as millenia ago. Furthermore, he's actually your ancestor.

"Hahaha!" Mo Yuan laughed coldly as he leaped, and his palm grabbed towards Ling Han. He wouldn't kill Ling Han right now—rather, he had to bring him back to the Mo Clan to be executed publicly.

"Hey, did you take my words to mean nothing?" Helen Tianyun questioned icily. Weng, dragon's might gushed out.


Mo Yuan immediately dropped from the sky and fell down solidly. So what if he was at the ninth layer of the Shattering Void Tier? So what if his battle prowess was actually ten Stars under the burning of his blood and Qi? He was as weak as a baby in the face of suppression by the alternative dragon's power!

This was the suppression on the level of life; it was especially effective towards the dragon race.

"What?!" Helian Rong, Xianyu Tong, and Wenren Jie—these three powerhouses—all couldn't help but feel a shiver in their hearts. One had to know that Mo Yuan together with the rest of them made a batch of elites, but he had actually fallen in such a sorry state. Just what was going on?

Just now, the dragon's might was only aimed at Mo Yuan. Although the three of them were extremely strong, they still caught a trace of the aura, which made them tremble inwardly, giving rise to an instinctive fear.

Mo Yuan's prostrated himself on the ground as his entire body broke out in a cold sweat. Forcefully, he raised his head, looked up at Helian Tianyun, and said in a trembling voice, "Lord, Lord Ancestor Dragon!"

If it wasn't the Ancestor Dragon, who would have such dragon's might, inexhaustible and powerful, causing him not to be able to put up even the least bit of resistance?

Ancestor Dragon!

The three elites including Helian Rong felt that their scalps had become numb—could it be possible?

Helian Tianyun's gaze swept across them as his dragon's might spread out. Pa, pa, pa, the three elites including Helian Rong involuntarily fell to their knees.

Everyone in the vicinity was staring. The four of them were at the level of the Shattering Void Tier! To kill a Shattering Void Tier elite was as difficult as touching the skies, let alone making them kneel down humiliatingly—the difficulty was at least multiplied by a hundred times in comparison.

Could it be that… this person was indeed Lord Ancestor Dragon?

Helian Tianyun couldn't help but feel proud of himself. He had been repeatedly frustrated before, so much so that he had begun doubting himself. Fortunately, there were still many normal people. He snorted, and said, "Now, will you listen to my words?"

"Whatever your command, please give us your instructions!" Helian Rong and the others were prostrated on the ground, all bearing respectful and devout facial expressions.

This kind of dragon's might was much too pure and too powerful, exceeding the present-day Sea Emperor by many times more.

The real ruler!As in vitality.
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