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In his last life, Helian Tianyun had wanted to split open the skies, but splitting open the skies would require the establishment of a nation. After all, the power of an individual was limited, while this realm did not meet the conditions for letting someone become immortal. Without the support of power of the nation, no one's power would be strong to the level of being able to split open the skies.

Even Immortals could not do so. Releasing extreme amounts of power would only cause them to be repelled by the world.

But it was a different case with the support of power of the nation because the original cultivation level had not exceeded the world's limit. The world also had rules that it needed to follow; otherwise, splitting open the skies would only be empty words.

But using the power of the nation as support by itself put a massive burden on an individual, so how could it be done without a physique strong enough? Even with the sturdiness and strength of physique of a member of the dragon race, and the power of the alternative dragon at that time, he still had not chosen to split open the skies. That was because he knew that it was not possible for him to bear the power of the nation formed by the combined thoughts of all life in this realm.

In this life, Helian Tianyun used the True Dragon's Tooth to reform his body. Then, when he once again cultivated back to the Shattering Void Tier, his physique would naturally be even stronger. Perhaps, he would then really be capable of withstanding the combined thoughts of all life on this realm.

"However, now that there is a monster like you, I can be more relaxed, and there is no need for me to take the responsibility of splitting open the skies onto my shoulders." Helian Tianyun laughed. "Even the world moved because of you, which clearly indicated that the chance of you succeeding is incomparably high."

Ling Han pondered, then replied, "You are really lucky that you managed to wait until the arrival of the Flower of Dead Souls. This thing is an item of the Netherworld. Perhaps, in a whole lifetime, it would never come to you. I don't believe that this True Dragon's Tooth can allow your soul to be preserved eternally."

"Hehe, that's why I said I am a very fortunate person. It was destined that I would be able to come back to life," Helian Tianyun said, smiling.

"Then you plan to help me?" Ling Han questioned.

"Naturally. Even if I live another life, I still do not have the confidence of breaking through that Sky Sealing Great Formation, so I can only place my hopes on splitting open the skies," Helian Tianyun said. When he spoke of the Sky Sealing Great Formation, he could not help but shiver. At the time, it caused him to suffer tremendous injury and he had almost died, so he naturally still had lingering fear.

Ling Han laughed, and retorted, "You are only in the Body Refining Tier presently, so what can you help me with?"

"Pei, my current body is nurtured from the True Dragon's Tooth, and added with the fact that I had reached the human apex in my last life, I will be walking on an old path in this life, so there will not be the slightest bottleneck. You merely need to give me a few years' time, as well as enough resources for cultivation—how difficult would it be for me to return to the peak? Moreover, my dragon's might is only stronger than it was before. Whatever dragon, in front of me, can only bow down obediently in submission," Helian Tianyun declared proudly.

This effect was indeed quite useful. If Helian Tianyun could conquer the seas, with him and Ma Duo Bao on land, then both sides would need only combine their respective territories when the time came, so wouldn't the whole realm be settled?

Not bad, not bad. Although he had been scammed by the alternative dragon once, he did still get something out of it.

Ling Han turned to look, and said, "However, the Flower of Dead Souls has been absorbed by you, so how should we leave?"

"Stupid, this place has been formed from my body, and is used to protect my soul. I used the True Dragon's Tooth to attract others to bring the Flower of Dead Souls here. Now that I was reborn, there is naturally no need for this place to exist anymore," Helian Tianyun replied disdainfully.

True, though his current abilities were so weak that a single finger would be able to push him over, it did not change the fact that he had once been an alternative dragon.

Ling Han hesitated, then said, "I'll introduce you to a few people."

"Ya!" Helian Tianyun appeared very astonished. There was not even a soul around here, so how were you going to introduce me to a few people? But he had barely finished the town, when he saw a few extra people appear suddenly around him.

This gave him a scare. Then, he said in absolute shock, "Spatial Divine Tool! An actual spatial Divine Tool! This brat is indeed loved by the fate, actually being able to get his hands on a spatial God Tool!"

His eyes swept over, and he could not hold back a 'yi', as he said, "These are descendants of the dragon race, I can smell it on them!" he said, pointing at Helian Xun Xue and Ling Jian Xue.

Meanwhile, Helian Xun Xue stared at Ling Han questioningly, and asked, "Who is this kid?"

"Your ancestor!" Helian Tianyun said in a very aged manner.

Helian Xun Xue was naturally not going to believe him. This tiny kid actually dared to take advantage of her? She immediately aimed her hand to knock his head. However, her hand had just stretched out when weng, a supreme dragon's might exuded from him, causing her delicate body to instantly weaken. Her legs could not even support her body properly anymore, and she collapsed backwards.

Ling Han stretched out his arms and caught her in his embrace.

Ling Jian Xue, meanwhile, was furious. Although the little guy was only half a year old, his intelligence could not be measured with normal standards. He immediately jumped out of Helian Xun Xue's arms, crouched on the ground, and directly howled at Helian Tianyun.

"Yi!" Helian Tianyun was stunned. "This little babe has a very dense True Dragon Bloodline to actually be capable of matching my dragon's might! Aiya!" He emitted a terrible scream. That was because Ling Jian Xue had already shot over, and gave him a direct punch to the fact, causing him to fall onto the ground.

Although he had once been an alternative dragon, and his dragon's might was indeed terrifying, in terms of ability, he was only in the Body Refining Tier. And what about Ling Jian Xue? His brute strength had already reached the level of the Gushing Spring Tier, so naturally, the battle prowess of both parties was on completely different levels.

The little guy gave him a harsh beating, and Helian Tianyun could only wail in pain.

Who asked him to bully the former's mom?

Yet Helian Tianyun was only delighted as he said, "This little guy is not bad. I want to take him as my disciple, and teach him the unsurpassed ultimate secrets of the dragon race!"

A weird expression appeared on Ling Han's face, and he asked, "Are you sure you want to take my son as your disciple?"

"Your son?" Helian Tianyun was astonished, and said, "No wonder his bloodline is so pure and he can even actually resist my dragon's might! Haha, I am definitely going to take in this brat as my disciple. Whoever dares fight me over him, I will become hostile!"

Completely losing his image, he was stepped on by Ling Jian Xue, still crying out loudly.

Ling Han mumbled something in a low voice to Helian Xun Xue, causing Helian Xun Xue's beautiful eyes to widen.This was really her ancestor! But if Helian Tianyun wanted to take Ling Jian Xue as his disciple, then wouldn't he be on the same level as herself and Ling Han? What a mess that would be by then?

Ling Han nodded, and acquiesced. "All right. For the sake of your seniority, I will allow my son to become your disciple."

He went over and picked Ling Jian Xue up, then said, "Now that you've taken in your disciple, what about the first meeting gift? In any case, you're an alternative dragon, so if you're not generous enough, others would really look down on you!"

Helian Tianyun laughed drily. His body had transformed into the Ghostly Dragon Cave; furthermore, so many years had passed, and he was really going around bare too, so what worthy treasure could he produce? He hurriedly said, " I will teach all that I know to this brat, and this is more valuable than anything else!"

"Forget it, I knew you were poor!" Ling Han casually tossed out a few Spirit Herbs, and said, "Here, take them and refine them. Quickly increase your abilities. Don't let it be that you would not be able to match your own disciple in power."

Helian Tianyun chortled, and was not the slightest bit embarrassed. He grabbed the Spirit Herbs and began chewing. In a short moment, the entire aura of his body spiked wildly, and he had actually broken through to the Element Gathering Tier.

Indeed, he did not have any kind of bottleneck in his cultivation, and did not need any kind of accumulation of power. Breaking through was as simple as drinking water to him.
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