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The True Dragon's Tooth was almost within reach.

Ling Han walked forwards. He had already come all this way, so no matter what, he wanted to make an attempt. Even if, at the end, he had to use the Revere Life Sword to slash at it brutally, or even ask Small Tower to move, he wanted to give it a try.

The divine item was left behind by a True Dragon; even in the Immortal Realm, this was something that would be fought over, wasn't it?

Weng, when Ling Han walked in front of that purple halo of light, the halo rippled as if it was water, and wrapped around him. He looked down, and saw that the Flower of Dead Souls in his grip was exuding a faint light that seemed to form some kind of echo with this purple halo.

Realization dawned on him. If this wasn't the case, then so many people managed to come here before—though they all died eventually—why was there a need to have the Flower of Dead Souls to be capable of obtaining the True Dragon's Tooth?

Because it was not difficult to reach this place. The difficulty lay in how to pass through this purple halo, and the Flower of Dead Souls played the role of a key.

How strange!

Ling Han frowned, and a feeling of confusion rose in his heart. He did not take it to heart, though. He had already entered the altar, and the next thing he had to do was to merely draw the True Dragon's Tooth into the Black Tower. Then, not even Immortals would be able to snatch it away from him if the descended into the Lower Realm.

Weng, weng, weng. He walked on the altar. Multiple stone bricks glowed, forming some kind of strange pattern that flowed together unendingly as if some kind of mysterious melody was being played, yet it was a soundless performance.

He stopped, and a powerful feeling of alert rose in his heart. If there was any danger that he could not cope with, he would enter the Black Tower at the first moment, and definitely not try to be brave.

After all, the strongest dragon in the world was buried under this place.

He stopped, but the stone bricks were still glowing, fluctuating in brightness, forming some kind of rhythm. A faint aura was circulating, ancient and aged yet powerful as if it had experienced uncountable millenia.

This was left behind by that old dragon?

Ling Han observed for a moment, and when he discovered that only the stone bricks were glowing in intervals, and no other change was happening, he once again walked forwards. The True Dragon's Tooth was right in front of him, and there was no absolutely no reason for him to give up.

Finally, he arrived in front of the True Dragon's Tooth. He slowly stretched out his hand and pressed down on the True Dragon's Tooth. Next, he merely had to wrap his divine sense around this dragon fang, and would then be able to take it into the Black Tower.


The Flower of Dead Souls in his hand shone brilliantly, yet was also rapidly wilting. One after another, the wilted petals dropped as if its essence had been sucked out, causing it to become dark and lifeless. It no longer had the slightest bit of magic to it anymore.

Right at this moment, the True Dragon's Tooth also exuded blazing light, which was incomparably blinding. Even Ling Han could not stare at it directly, and he hurriedly turned his head and closed his eyes. But there was no slowing down to his movement to draw the True Dragon's Tooth into the Black Tower; his divine sense had already wrapped fully around the dragon fang.

Draw inside!

Ling Han's expression changed in spite of himself—he realized there was actually no way for him to draw the True Dragon's Tooth into the Black Tower.

How was that possible!?

There was only one thing that the Black Tower could not take in, and that was an individual possessing sentience. Only if this being did not resist his will would the Black Tower be capable of taking it in. But now this was obviously a dragon fang, so why couldn't he take it in the Black Tower?

The dragon fang had its own individual will? Or, in other words, the dragon fang was a divine item, and by nature, could not be taken inside the Black Tower?

Ling Han did not understand, but now, he could not open his eyes at all, so there was naturally no way for him to examine what strange thing was happening to this dragon fang. It had not changed in who knew how many millenia, so why had it experienced some kind of unfathomable change the moment he came?

The Flower of Dead Souls!

Instantly, realization dawned on him. Previously, though many people had come here, none of them had brought the Flower of Dead Souls with them. Only he was the exception, which then triggered some mysterious change in the True Dragon's Tooth.

But what exactly was this change?

After at least fifteen minutes, the light given off by the True Dragon's Tooth finally dimmed. Ling Han opened his eyes and saw that the Flower of Dead Souls in his hand had completely wilted, leaving behind only a bare stem.

He turned to look at the True Dragon's Tooth. This colossal fang that was as white as jade was becoming increasingly translucent, and had even become transparent. Although there were tightly woven patterns covering it, it did not prevent him from being able to see inside the True Dragon's Tooth, where there seemed to be a ball of something.

He could not distinguish what exactly it was, though. The patterns were very effective at protection, but he could vaguely see… that the ball was moving!

This was extremely astonishing. True Dragon's Tooth had been abandoned for who knew how many millenia, but there was actually some kind of life form nurtured inside? It had to be a life form, one that possessed its own will; that was why it could resist being taken in by the Black Tower.

The feeling of unease in Ling Han's heart grew increasingly stronger. He kept feeling as if he had fallen into some kind of trap, but it had already gone so far, so he still activated the Eye of Truth, intending to have a clear look.


Ling Han was startled. With the Eye of Truth, he finally had a clear view. That ball of something being nurtured inside the dragon fang was actually a little boy!

He looked to be about six or seven years old, and was younger than even Hu Niu. He looked quite handsome, and was completely naked, but Ling Han could find no traits on him that declared him a descendant of the dragon race.

This dragon tooth was really absurd. In the long passage of time, it actually developed its own will, and attained new life?

That's not right!

Just recall Corpse Boss and Corpse Two—even though they were revived corpses, they had at least developed from a whole corpse. A dragon tooth could actually nurture out a new life… wasn't that a little bit too far?

Ka, kakakaka!

Just as his imagination ran wildly, one crack after another appeared on the dragon tooth. It was as if a spider's web had enveloped the whole fang, and then, with a peng, the whole dragon tooth shattered. Then, a little boy stood on the ground.

"Hahahaha, I have finally come back to life!" this little boy said in a voice filled with childish innocence, yet his tone was old and mature. He cast a look on Ling Han, and could not help but haughtily exclaim, "Junior, why are you not kneeling down now that you've seen your ancestor?"

Ling Han was stunned at first—where had this monster come from? But then he immediately discovered that this little boy was merely in the Body Refining Tier, so what wariness would he still have? He directly stretched out his hand to grab him.

"Insolence, to actually dare treat me so rudely! Just see how I shall deal with you!" the little boy said angrily. Weng, a terrifying dragon's might exuded from him. It was extremely noble and majestic, and even Xianyu Tong and Wenren Jie would not be able to stop themselves from kneeling down immediately in face of such pressure. This had nothing to do with cultivation level, but was pure domination of bloodline.

But what effect would this dragon's intimidation have on Ling Han? He was not a member of the dragon race, and had already formed Sword Heart. Additionally, he also had the Black Tower inside supporting him, so the thing he feared least was this kind of mental pressure.

His hand grabbed out, and the little boy had already fallen into his grasp. Ling Han laughed, raised his large hand and began spanking the little boy's behind. Pa, pa, pa. It immediately caused the little boy to erupt into loud wails, his little face completely red.

This was too humiliating. How high was his status, yet he had actually had his behind spanked by a junior! Moreover, it was his bare backside, which made him want to spit out blood in infuriated shame.

"Junior, stop immediately! Do you know who I am?!" the little boy screamed loudly as he continued to struggle endlessly.

Ling Han's hand did not stop falling as he continued to spank the little boy's behind like mad, and said calmly, "If I had not guessed wrongly, you must be that alternative dragon!"ED/N: More like alternative dragon, but maybe the item leveled up (hence the name) and author got confused.
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