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Without hesitation, Ling Han shot out, directly heading for the passage that led to the fourth floor.

As long as he entered, Xu Xiu Ran and the others would naturally be unable to follow.

The Revere Life Sword, due to the proximity of the aura of the Absolute Saber and the Mountain and River Axe, automatically awakened. Its patterns glowed, and its killing intent blazed into the skies. Ling Han did not summon the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation. His intention now was to barge his way in, and not defeat these four people. The difficulty level was completely different.

How could it be that the Revere Life Sword would be unable to sustain a single combined strike of the Absolute Saber and the Mountain and River Axe? You had to be kidding.

"Get back!" The four young elites combined their attacks, and even used such powerful killing Tools like the Absolute Saber and the Mountain and River Axe; even Shattering Void Tier elites were practically unable to outshine them.

Yet Ling Han forced his way through. The Revere Life Sword exuded endless light from its patterns, wrapping him tightly within as he charged towards that doorway.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

In the fierce exchange, Ling Han could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood, yet forced his way through the combined barricade of the four young rulers, and threw himself into that doorway.

The moment he entered, he immediately drew out the Flower of Dead Souls. Weng, this amazing flower that came from the Netherworld instantly shone with a dark light that suppressed the blazing flames surrounding him.

These flames had absolutely no effect on the physical body. Instead, they directly affected the soul, attempting to burn his soul to ashes. And the Flower of Dead Souls just so happened to be capable of suppressing them. As for why it could do so, Ling Han could not fathom it, either. He merely knew that the effects were indeed excellent.

He turned around, yet saw that the expressions on the faces of Xu Xiu Ran and the others looked very odd. They did not look at all defeated that he had managed to barge in, but were rather wearing cold smirks, like they were saying 'you're a stupid idiot'.

"Ling Han, we already know that you have a Spatial Divine Tool, yet still deliberately revealed the use of the Flower of Dead Souls. Could it be that you take us for idiots?" Xu Xiu Ran sneered.

Dong Ling'er continued, "You're wrong. We deliberately said those words for you to hear! The Flower of Dead Souls is the key to enter into the fourth floor, true, but it's merely one of them. The other key is… one has to form the heart of martial arts. Otherwise, you would still be burnt to ashes!"

"After you're dead, we will enter and take away the Flower of Dead Souls. Anyways, in your current condition, you would not be able to go far!" the Small Sword Emperor said calmly.

Ling Han gave an 'oh', and smiled. "You all deliberately say it now because you want to detain me here as much as possible. On the other side, you have sealed the exit so that I would only be able to remain here, and you can easily retrieve the Flower of Dead Souls later. Now that I think about it, you all did not try your best to stop me previously."

"That's right. Using this natural killing zone to eliminate you, wouldn't it be much simpler?" the Son of Lightning said calmly.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "Since you all know that I have a spatial Divine Tool, could it be that you don't know that I merely have to duck inside, and it will not matter how horrible the conditions outside are? What could they do to me?"

"Hmph, you think that just because we have never seen a spatial Divine Tool before, we don't know the use of a spatial Divine Tool?" Dong Ling'er snorted derisively. "Spatial Divine Tools are merely convenient, but could not completely seal off the environment. Even if you hide inside, you would not be spared from death!"

Ling Han grinned, and said, "Then even if I died, I would not allow the Flower of Dead Souls or the spatial Divine Tool to benefit you—you all did not find it previously. That is the case now, and in the future, you would not be able to do it, either."

Hearing these words, Xu Xiu Ran and the others frowned. This was indeed their worry. They had only heard of the existence of spatial Divine Tools, but had never seen one before, so how would they know how to retrieve it?

Xu Xiu Ran pondered, then said, "Hand over the Flower of Dead Souls and the spatial Divine Tool, and we can spare you!" When he saw Ling Han's uncaring expression, he stretched out his hand, and declared, "I can swear."

"We can swear too," the others said as well.

In comparison with the valuable True Dragon's Tooth and Spatial Divine Tool, Ling Han's life could naturally be set aside for the moment. Anyways, he had not yet become too powerful. There were many elites in the five great sects that could easily kill him.

Ling Han laughed heartily, and said, "Do you all not know that I am a person who is unafraid of death? I will not stay around to chat anymore, bye!"

He turned around and left.

This was something that Xu Xiu Ran and the others had not expected. In their opinion, Ling Han was definitely a smart person, and how could it be possible that a smart person would make this kind of choice? This was a situation in which neither side won, and the most they would suffer was mild damage. They had merely lost a Flower of Dead Souls, but in Ling Han's case, he would lose his life.

No matter how they thought about it, Ling Han did not seem to be the "person who is unafraid of death" that he had flaunted himself as.

"Could it be… he has formed Sword Heart!?" Xu Xiu Ran's expression changed drastically. He had fought with Ling Han the most, and could be considered more familiar with Ling Han's personality than the others.

The expressions of the others changed as well. This was not impossible. Previously, Ling Han had already touched the border of the Sword Heart, which allowed him to be unaffected by Xu Xiu Ran and the Small Sword Emperor, and kill Jia Ming successfully.

Any other person would not be able to do so in such a short amount of time, but how could Ling Han be any other person?

"Then this would be a little terrible!"

Sword Heart added with the Flower of Dead Souls would be enough to resist the soul-burning flames of the fourth floor, and it would definitely not be difficult for him to obtain the True Dragon's Tooth. And it would be of no use for them to stand guard here, either. The moment the time limit was reached, Ling Han would naturally be directly sent out of the Ghostly Dragon Cave.

"We'll stand guard here. If the time comes and we are still unable to capture Ling Han, we will immediately return to the middle state and ask the ultimate elites to move. We must definitely kill this man!"

"That's right. With the True Dragon's Tooth and a spatial Divine Tool in his possession, there is definitely a need to get the ultimate elites to move!"

The four of them all sat at the entrance and waited patiently. In their eyes, there was only one valuable thing in this Ghostly Dragon Cave and that was the True Dragon's Tooth. Thus, they could not bother to waste time to search for other treasures.


Ling Han's hand gripped the Flower of Dead Souls. As he walked in this sea of flames, his steps were steady, and he was extremely calm.

Setting aside their ability to burn the soul, the damage that these flames inflicted on the physical body was practically zero. Furthermore, with the protection of the Flower of Dead Souls, and the support of the Sword Heart, he had nothing to fear here.

He took great strides forwards. The structure of this fourth floor was very simple. It was merely a large passage all the way to the end. Thus, he had no other choice but to walk forwards. Apparently, the True Dragon's Tooth lay at the end of this passage. However, no one was capable of obtaining it, and they could only look upon it from afar.

The passage was very long; after a half day's time, Ling Han finally saw the end. An altar made of stone appeared ahead of him. It was huge, but there was a ring of purple light that had solidified around and encircled the altar.

Until now, no one had been able to pass through this ring of light. Otherwise, if anyone had been able to pass through and come back out, how could it be that they had not been able to retrieve the True Dragon's Tooth?

In the middle of the altar, there lay a colossal fang. It was thirty meters long, and was completely brilliant white, seeming like a beautiful work of art. Merely the sight of it gave a kind of pleasant feeling. Moreover, even though he was standing so far away from it, Ling Han could still sense the boundless might emitted by the fang.

The True Dragon's Tooth!
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