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Ling Han rushed to the place which had been agreed upon with Hu Niu. Upon arriving, he saw that the little girl had arrived long ago, and was sitting on the stone waving her legs, appearing bored, her small lips pouting in a very unhappy expression.

After discovering that Ling Han had come over, she groaned, and said, "Ling Han, you are too slow. You've made Niu waited for so long!"

"Sorry, sorry!" Ling Han quickly smiled, and said, "Niu has really done me a huge favor this time."

Hu Niu immediately became extremely pleased. Clapping her hands, she said, "Niu is the best!"

"Niu really is the best!" Ling Han patted Hu Niu's head; this little girl was indeed very special.

"Let's take a look at the harvest first!" Ling Han and Hu Niu entered the Black Tower together. He then called Helian Xun Xue over. She was holding Ling Jian Xue, and they both came together before the huge True Dragon Bloodstone.

"Yi ya, yi ya!" Ling Jian Xue wriggled his little hands and feet, trying hard to break out from within Helian Xun Xue's arms.

"Oh?" Ling Han was stunned. "Did this little guy feel the power of the True Dragon Bloodstone?" He paused for a while, and said, "Xun Xue, let go of him and we shall see." Naturally, it would be impossible to have any problems within the Black Tower.

Accordingly, Helian Xun Xue put her son on the ground. The little guy immediately used both his hands and feet, and charged towards the True Dragon Bloodstone.

Although he hadn't reached age of one year yet, his brute strength and speed were incomparably impressive. Very quickly, he ran to the front of the True Dragon Bloodstone and climbed up on it one step at a time. When he reached the peak, he comfortably lay face down on top of its surface, just like the Flea King previously.

Ling Han immediately noticed that on the little guy's body, there were flickering streaks of draconic patterns, emitting a faint radiance. There was outpouring of dragon's might; moreover, it was consistently getting stronger.

He'd absorb the True Dragon's Blood, and keep getting stronger.

For the descendants of the True Dragon, the True Dragon's Blood was definitely a rare treasure, and perhaps even something irreplaceable.

Ling Han walked over and put his hand on the True Dragon Bloodstone. Immediately, the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art automatically circulated to extract the essence of the Bloodstone, strengthening his body and enhancing his physique slightly, with a substantial increase in strength.

He has a sudden urge to completely draw out the energy within the Bloodstone, and let his brute force instantly soar upwards into Heaven Tier, or even stronger.

He promptly restrained himself; it wouldn't be a good thing for strength to increase too rapidly. One would need to have a strong enough mental state to control such power. Despite being of the Heaven Tier in his past life, his battle prowess wasn't strong at all, and the past he might not even be a match for the current him now; he didn't have an edge in mental state.

It could be said that in addition to striving forward on the familiar road towards the Heaven Tier, he had completely surpassed his previous life, and this time it was only within a span of just over five years. When he thought about this, it made him feel as though he was in a dream.

After reaching the peak of the Deity Transformation Tier, it was necessary to build a solid foundation in that state before breaking through. He couldn't leave any regret; otherwise, it might bring about a huge impact.

Ling Han retracted his hand, and said, "Small Tower, how will this kid absorb the True Dragon's Blood? Will there be any problem?"

The Small Tower emerged, and calmly replied, "His physique is good; much stronger than yours. You'd better die soon. That way, your son will inherit the Black Tower, and definitely be more outstanding than you."


The corner of Ling Han's lips twitched. Even though you were praising my son, you need not belittle me so much, right? This proud tower. One day, I will make it kneel down and proclaim its defeat.

However, it's good if there's no problem. Just let this kid lie on top of the stone to absorb the True Dragon's Blood. I really don't know what kind of height his brute force can reach once he has activated his Spirit Base… Flower Blossom Tier? Spiritual Infant Tier?

Three people including Ling Han came out of the black tower. The most precious treasure was of course the True Dragon's Tooth; by comparison, the others were just sesame seeds. Even the True Dragon Bloodstone could only be regarded as a slightly larger sesame seed.

"Argh!" Just as they exited the Black Tower, they heard a terrible roar, which completely shook them to the point that their skin was undulating like waves.

It was that Flea King; it came back, only to discover that the True Dragon Bloodstone wasn't there. It naturally blew its top off, and bellowed so violently as if it wanted to destroy this part of the realm.

"Let's go!" The three including Ling Han left at once. To resolutely take on this Fifteen-eyed Corpse King level Flea King was simply courting death; only a fool would do such a thing. After running for over a hundred miles, although the roars could still be heard, the ripples in the air finally could not affect them anymore.

This was precisely what a Shattering Void Tier elite was—with just a roar, it could cause shock injury to a Heaven Tier elite.

After running for several hundred miles more, the roars finally disappeared completely, and the three people sighed in relief. Fortunately, this big guy did not pursue them and attack everywhere. Otherwise, if they were targeted, would they be able to stand up to it even if they managed to awaken the Revere Life Sword?

They no longer deliberately searched for other treasures, be it True Dragon Bloodstone or the Dragon's Blood Grass. Now they were focused on the True Dragon's Tooth. After all, they didn't know how much time they would spend on the fourth floor.

Two days later, they came to the end of the third floor; here, there wasn't any passageway or tall mountain made of bones. There was only a seemingly ordinary portal, but it was connected to a completely different world—on the opposite side was an ocean of flames.

"Hehe, finally I've waited until you came!" Amidst the cold sneer, Xu Xiu Ran's group of four could be seen appearing one after the other, blocking the passageway to the portal.

Ling Han smiled, and said, "To have made all of you wait so long, I am truly sorry!"

"It doesn't matter, you can compensate us with your life," the Small Sword Emperor said coldly.

"Then, I am even more sorry as I value my life very much, and have no intention of using it to compensate anyone." Ling Han gazed at the four people coldly.

With his own strength, he wasn't afraid of these four people. Even if his battle prowess fell short of theirs, his body could continuously heal, making him the person with the last laugh. However, everyone had the ability to fight a stronger opponent; with the Absolute Saber and the Mountain and River Axe, they would probably need to get the Flea King from earlier to come over to be equally matched.

He immediately made a decision. He was going to rush forward and first get his hands on the True Dragon's Tooth. As for the four people, they could be dealt with later.

"Die!" Xu Xiu Ran immediately wielded Absolute Saber, while Son of Lightning also took out the Mountain and River Axe. Held high in his hands, this treasured tool had been awakened, exuding an incomparably overbearing aura.

Ling Han pulled Helian Xun Xue and Hu Niu back into the Black Tower. Anyway, the other four people already knew that he had a spatial Divine Tool, so it didn't matter if he used it in front of them.

"You want to barge through us? You are too naive!" The Small Sword Emperor sneered, and also wielded a treasured sword. With the circulation of the sword's intent, this treasured tool was awakened, exuding a fierce breath; even if it did not reach the Shattering Void Tier, it wouldn't be far off.

Dong Ling'er also wielded a sword. She hadn't mastered Sword Heart yet, but she also possessed her own formidable power. The power within her blood was unleashed, and at her back, two long wings spread out, together with a phoenix tail woven with light and shadow. It was like she had become a colorful phoenix.

The four young rulers joined forces to stop Ling Han. In addition to the Absolute Saber and the Mountain and River Axe, it could be said that they made a well-fortified barricade; even for Shattering Void Tier, there wasn't more than a few capable of charging through their ranks.

Ling Han drew out the Revere Life Sword, and smiled. "Then I will show you!"
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