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In Ling Han's previous fight with Xianyu Ziyuan, Xianyu Ziyuan's martial intent entered his body in the end, and he resisted against it for one entire month before wearing it away.

This allowed him to touch a slight edge of Sword Heart, but this last step could take several days to cross, or several years, several tens of years, several hundreds of years, or even remain unaccomplished in his entire lifetime.

The comprehension of dao was just that mysterious. The saying: to cover ninety percent of one's destined distance brought the traveler no farther than the midway point meant that before succeeding, it was no different from treading in the same place.

Now, the Flea King's aura was even more terrifying. It was at the level of the Fifteen-eyed Corpse King, and in a head-on confrontation, the Flea King could kill Ling Han several hundred times with a single breath. But now, he was only to resist the Shattering Void Tier presence, which was obviously a different matter.

This was a contest of martial arts level. Although Ling Han's tier was much lower, he almost cultivated out Sword Heart, which was where his confidence came.

Break out of the cocoon to become a butterfly, come out, Sword Heart! Ling Han said inwardly, but it always fell short a tiny bit, driving him mad.

Pu! He was hacking out blood in his mouth. Under the Shattering Void Tier presence's suppression, even he would be heavily injured!

On the outside, which Shattering Void Tier elite didn't intentionally curbed their presence? If they unleashed it recklessly, then except for those that were also at the Shattering Void Tier, the others would all be killed—even Heaven Tier warriors couldn't endure such presence at a close range for a long time.

Pa, pa, pa, the bones all over Ling Han's body shattered, and his entire person distorted under the presence's oppressiveness. Now, he was ten meters tall, but his body was thin and fragile, looking extremely weird.

He was about to die!

An enlightenment flashed across Ling Han's mind as he hurriedly dissolved one drop of Indestructible True Fluid, and his body immediately recovered—even the Shattering Void Tier presence couldn't stop it.

However, the good sight didn't last long. After the drop of Indestructible True Fluid's essence fully dissolved, his body started to break down again.

How come he hadn't comprehended Sword Heart yet?

Ling Han suddenly realized that he was rushing it! How could martial arts be comprehended by rushing? More haste, less speed—he'd walked down the wrong path. It was no wonder—under the oppressive presence of a Shattering Void Tier elite, who wouldn't be rushed?

He relaxed his mind, and no longer deliberately pursued Sword Heart, instead focusing on resisting the pressure.

Pa, pa, pa, his body still had large amounts of wounds tearing open, making him look as if he'd killed thousands of people, bathing in blood and becoming a demon.

Step by step, Ling Han's steps became firm.

Blood was flowing, and sweat was flowing, but his gaze burned brightly as an unyieldingness arose within. Even without having learned Sword Heart, he could still rely on himself to resist the Shattering Void Tier presence.

At worst, he would be riddled with scars, but what was it to martial artists to get hurt a little?

He advanced with large strides, getting closer and closer to that True Dragon's Blood Stone.

Finally, he touched it.

Joy arose within his heart, and at this moment, he felt some sort of shackles being broken within his body—an indescribable feeling rushing to his mind and endless sword intent surging in his mind.

Sword Heart!

He was first taken aback before coming to realize it.

When he took the last step, his spirit also completed a transformation, crossing the one last step into Sword Heart.

He had an enlightenment. Some truths couldn't be deliberately pursued—the naturalness of truth—coming naturally was in accordance with dao.

As he thought of those things, his movements weren't slow, either as he pressed his hand on the True Dragon's Blood Stone. Although it was ridiculously large, after cultivating out Sword Heart, his divine sense was like it'd been remolded, becoming extremely tough. It spread open like a fish net and enveloped the True Dragon's Blood Stone, storing it into the Black Tower.

It was done!

He turned around and started to leave the place of the oppressive presence.

At this moment, he no longer felt strain. With Sword Heart's protection, his divine sense was stable—even the damage of Shattering Void Tier presence was pathetically little to him… He was still injured because he had just cultivated out Sword Heart, not even having initial mastery, let alone Sword Heart Illumination.

After a while, he finally walked out of this area, and Diamond Body exhibited its powers as the broken bones and shattered skin instantly healed. He then took out a set of clothes from the Black Tower and changed into them, looking like he hadn't been hurt a tiny bit.

"Hehe, hand over the True Dragon's Blood Stone, and I can spare your life!" But at this moment, five youngsters walked out from behind a few crimson rocks, staring at him with a murderous look.

What, he actually didn't notice them!

Ling Han was startled, and couldn't help but reflect on how he'd neglected the surrounding environment on the way back when he constantly tried to fathom the wonderful uses of Sword Heart. Besides, there indeed was a great limit on the divine sense here, making him fail to notice the presence of the five people.

If they were on the level of Xu Xiu Ran and had suddenly launched a fatal attack, even he'd probably be in a flurry?

He'd been careless and neglectful. In the future, he had to maintain vigilance at all times, or else it was possible to die because of some petty details so long as there was a day that you didn't reach the peak of martial arts.

Seeing that Ling Han dared to ignore them, the five people were all greatly furious.

A man in an embroidered gown shouted, "Human, I'm talking to you!"

Ling Han withdrew his thoughts, and said indifferently, "True Dragon's Blood Stone is what I obtained, why should I hand it over to you guys? Want it? Find it yourselves. I'm in quite a good mood right now, you guys had better not ruin it."

"Hahahaha!" That youngster in the embroidered gown laughed loudly. "How funny, a mere human dares to be impudent! Do you know who we are?"

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "I obviously know."

Those five people couldn't help but look proud—even a human knew of their fame, how impressive. However, Ling Han's next words made their faces twitch and reveal furious expressions.

Because Ling Han pointed at them and said one by one, "You're a cat, you're a dog, you're a cow, you're a pig, and you're a sheep."

The youngster in the embroidered gown shouted fiercely, "I am Mo Yuanming, west sea Mo royal family's genius!"

"Oh, so you're called Mo Yuanming, I know, doggo." Ling Han nodded, following on smoothly.

A man in purple clothing snorted, and said, "Cut the crap with him, let's kill him and seize the True Dragon's Blood Stone."

"Yes, Royal Brother Zheng Xinwang!" The other four people obeyed him strictly.

Although they were all well-known figures in Mo Family's younger generation, none of them could compare to Mo Zhengxin. He was a super genius that only appeared once in a thousand years or even millennia, having pure ancestral blood, and being one of the three great kings in the north sea, having the possibility to advance to the Shattering Void Tier before fifty years old.

Mo Yuanming and three others surrounded him, while Mo Zhengxin stood with his hands behind his back, feeling it beneath him to attack.

The sea race was proud, and as they saw it, four of them joining hands to fight one human was already thinking too highly of him. After all, the presence Ling Han revealed was only in the Deity Transformation Tier, while there was a Heaven Tier warrior amongst the four people.

"The last chance, hand over the True Dragon's Blood Stone, or else…"

"Die!"Since Mo Clan is from west sea, this is prolly author's mistake.
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