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A tree root suddenly shot out to twist around Xianyu Cai. It was extremely fast, and furthermore, it had taken her by surprise.

Even if Xianyu Cai had been on the alert all this while, the sneak attack was still successful because this tree root was right underneath her foot, and was able to twist around her foot in a mere one move. Pa, the tree root pulled upwards, and she was hung upside down.

At this moment, at least more than ten tree roots twisted forwards, and tied her up like a rice dumpling.

"Ah!" Xianyu Cai could not help but exclaim in shock.

Ling Han turned around, and laughed in spite of himself as he said, "I dare to bet that this is a perverted tree!"

The method of tying up was really too artistic. The tree roots actually trussed up Xianyu Cai, yet actually outlined the enchanting shapeliness of her entire body, especially her breasts, which were presented as two protruding high peaks.

Helian Xun Xue, meanwhile, wore an expression filled with displeasure. Didn't it know that what she hated the most was another showing off the size of her bountiful breasts in front of her? She asked, "Are you still not planning to save her?"

"Why don't we just leave her here so that she won't keep following us!" Ling Han said laughingly.

Xiu, another tree branch shot out, aimed directly at Xianyu Cai's heart. This time, it was not to twist around her, but to shoot right through her heart and absorb her life essence.

"Hmph!" Ling Han flicked a finger, and weng, that tree root was instantly bounced backwards.

Xiu, xiu, xiu. A consecutive seven branches shot out, heading to ***** Xianyu Cai.

"Have you still not learnt your lesson?" Ling Han used the Earth Overturning Seal, and slapped down on those tree branches. Pa, pa, pa. Those tree branches were all broken; upon a closer look, there was actually green-colored liquid spraying out of them as if it was blood.

"Ang!" A bellow filled with rage was heard, and they saw a huge tree uproot itself. Colossal vines wound around each other to form two legs. Xianyu Cai was hanging upside down from one of the tree trunks, waving from side to side with its movements.

A Blood Locust Tree Man!

"Help! Help!" After two times wandering on the verge of death, Xianyu Cai finally learnt to be afraid, and asked for help from Ling Han and the others in a trembling voice.

Ling Han did not rush to save her, and decided to let this delicate little princess experience a little suffering so that she would learn to be more obedient. He looked at this Blood Locust Tree Man with a laugh, and said, "Fighting does not depend on bellowing."


The Blood Locust Tree Man directly twisted its vines to form an incredibly large and thick palm, which shot to slap down on Ling Han. The swift movement whistled, but the sound had not reached them before the palm arrived, which demonstrated how fast this blow was.

"About seven Stars of Heaven Tier of battle prowess," Ling Han estimated. In this place where Shattering Void Tier elites were unable to enter, seven Stars of Heaven Tier was extremely powerful.

He still used Earth Overturning Seal, and shot a strike at the Tree Man.


In this exchange of heavy blows, the Tree Man was instantly sent flying, and Ling Han followed closely behind. Peng, peng, peng. Another few strikes of Earth Overturning Seal shot out, shaking this Blood Locust Tree Man to the point of falling apart.

Hu Niu darted out, and very quickly dug out a blood-colored crystal the size of a fist from amongst the vines. She said happily, "Ling Han, Ling Han, Niu found the tree heart!"

Xianyu Cai, meanwhile, was rubbing her bottom in dismay. Although the fall did not cause her pain, these three people treated her like empty air, which made her feel very wronged. At the very least, she was the princess of a clan, tender and delicate, yet she was actually ignored like this.

Ling Han stored the tree heart away. Now was not the time to refine it. Their time was limited, so it would be best to first find the True Dragon's Tooth.

They did not deliberately look for the Blood Locust Tree Men, and journeyed on. If they were ambushed by the Blood Locust Tree Men, then they would not be reserved, either, and moved directly to kill them as well as gather a tree heart.

There was a really considerable number of Blood Locust Tree Men here, and they had gathered about thirty tree hearts along the way. However, these were battle rewards that they managed to get as they occasionally saw abandoned weapons and torn fabric on their way. These were remains of people who had died with grief under the Blood Locust Trees.

A day later, they heard a huge bang coming from somewhere ahead of them. From afar, they could see a huge tree was turning around, and its vines had transformed into thick arms, which were raining endless attacks downwards.

"This huge tree is close to the Shattering Void Tier, right?" Helian Xun Xue said in shock. Even if she acted, she might not be able to dominate over this demonic tree.

Ling Han nodded, and answered, "Very strong, it is indeed very strong. If it was not for the fact that it so hard to break through to the Shattering Void Tier, it would probably really possess the battle prowess of the Shattering Void Tier." Even he felt that it was a thorny problem. He would definitely be unable to defeat this kind of existence… unless he used the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation.

However, they were fearless. Even if they could not defeat this Tree Man, they would be able to retreat calmly. Furthermore, Ling Han still had the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation up his sleeve.

They went closer, and saw that this Tree Man was currently engaged in a fierce battle with twenty-plus people

"The Xianyu Clan," Ling Han said. He had recognized a few of them, and Pang Xin was shockingly amongst them.

Although there were over twenty of them, they still appeared to be in a difficult situation facing this colossal Tree Man. A majority of them could only scramble away when they saw the Tree Man shooting out a fist. Only Pang Xin dared to take this Tree Man head on, and with his turtle shell as a shield, even if he received a blow from the Tree Man, he would only be sent backwards, and did not suffer any heavy injuries.

It was very extraordinary. This kind of defensive ability was really a bit shocking.

Turtle, huh? As expected of the race with the strongest defenses; there was practically no match for it.

Pang Xin was responsible for impeding the Tree Man, whereas the others shot out their respective attacks. However, the Tree Man's defense was not weak, either; when blades penetrated its body, they merely managed to slice off some wooden chips. It was very difficult to harm its roots. Furthermore, Wood-aligned creatures' strength lay in their recovery ability. Soon, those wounds that had been sliced open would recover.

"Help them!" Xianyu Cai said hurriedly. She drew her sword, and charged into the battle ranks.

Although she was rather tsundere on the surface, her real strength was considerably strong. She was in the Deity Transformation Tier, yet her battle prowess had reached the Heaven Tier. While it was impossible for her to turn the situation around with a single move, her battle prowess was not to be overlooked, either.

"Princess Cai!" Pang Xin and the others cried out in pleasant surprise.

Ling Han did not interfere, and said, "There should be some life-preserving trump cards on these people, so it would not go so far that they would die here. Just right, we can finally toss off that willful little girl."

"She looks beautiful, and her breasts are so big, so what are you being reserved about?" Helian Xunxue said with a hump. She was still very bothered about the fact that the Xianyu Clan wanted to marry Xianyu Cai off to Ling Han.

Ling Han laughed loudly, grabbed her with a single move, and ran forwards swiftly. He said, "Don't be so unreasonably jealous, let's go!"

"Carry, Niu wants to be carried too!" Hu Niu quickly broke into a run and chased after them.

Their target was the colossal tree that stretched up to the skies that could be seen from all corners of the second floor. And if they wanted to advance to the third floor, they definitely had to reach the colossal tree and climb it to reach the third floor.

The space here was a little haphazard, but that was normal. After all, it was the inside of an alternative dragon. In the past, it could not be sliced apart even when Immortals descended into the Lower Realm. Even though it had now died of old age, it could still give form to amazing Mystical Powers.

They had encountered some bumps on their way, and slashed a great number of Blood Locust Tree Men. This caused their advance to slow down a slight bit, but they still managed to arrive underneath the great tree in about less than half a day's time.

"Is this really a tree?" Observing it from a closer distance, one could still discover that this great tree that was as wide as a mountain actually seemed to have formed its own bones.
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