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"Oh no!" All of a sudden, the Small Sword Emperor's expression changed. "Jia Ming is still in Ling Han's hands."

"The Flower of Dead Souls!" Xu Xiu Ran and the others exclaimed simultaneously.

"Only if one held the Flower of Dead Souls would he be able to protect his divine sense from harm and enter into the fourth floor."

"Without the Flower of Dead Souls, there is no way we can get the True Dragon's Tooth!"

"The ultimate elites have already explicitly said that we definitely have to get the True Dragon's Tooth, and spared no expense to get ahold of the Flower of Dead Souls for that purpose."

"Damn it, why was it that it was Jia Ming who was holding the Flower of Dead Souls?!"

All four were grinding their teeth. If they did not manage to complete this mission, then even with their status, they would be greeted with disdain upon their return, or even be punished. One had to know that though they were young rulers of this generation, how many geniuses and rulers had appeared in the five great sects in these ten thousand years? Furthermore, this was only a lower realm; how many top-tier prodigies existed in the Immortal Realm?

To be able to survive in the Immortal Realm as well, they had to obtain the full support and nurturing from their sects, and if their sects turned their backs on them, then they would soon be lost in the crowd in the Immortal Realm.

The Immortal Realm was too big, and there were too many geniuses. With them, there would not be too many, and without them, they would not be missed, either.

"Let's go directly to the fourth floor and stand guard there. If Ling Han wants to get ahold of the True Dragon's Tooth, he will definitely head there!" Soon enough, they came to a realization, stored away their respective treasures, and then headed to the depths of the second floor.

After they had left, Ling Han and the others appeared as well.

"Hehe, this is really a piece of blind luck. Jia Ming actually had this kind of treasure on him?" Ling Han's hand held a snow-white flower, and in the the center of the flower, black fog was concentrated. However, in mere moments, the white-colored flower actually turned purple.

"Flower of Dead Souls! I never thought that there would really be an amazing flower like this!" Helian Xun Xue gasped in surprise.

"Oh, you've heard of it?" Ling Han asked.

Helian Xun Xue nodded, and replied, "According to the legend, this is an amazing flower that originates from the Netherworld. After consuming it, it would be as if one's spirit had descended to the depths of the Netherworld, wandering between the boundary of life and death, and experienced fully the wonders of life and death. And the fourth floor of the Ghostly Dragon Cave would launch a terrifying barrage on one's soul. No one, even if they broke through to the Shattering Void Tier here, would be able to withstand this kind of barrage."

"Can the Flower of Dead Souls resolve that?" Ling Han asked.

"Yes. The Flower of Dead Souls would wrap around the soul, so one would naturally not suffer this kind of barrage," Helian Xun Xue said.

Ling Han stored the Flower of Dead Souls away with a smile, and said, "Then we would be much nearer to the True Dragon's Tooth."

Helian Xun Xue was greatly excited. Initially, she hadn't even dared to entertain the thought, but now that they had gotten ahold of the Flower of Dead Souls, it was as if she really saw the True Dragon's Tooth beckoning her over. And after refining the True Dragon's Tooth, her son's bloodline would definitely be improved to a terrifying extent.

Why had the other parts of the alternative dragon transformed into Dao, and merely left behind a single tooth? That was because this fang had broken through to Divine Grade, and was a real True Dragon's Tooth!

"However, those four would be standing guard at the entrance to the fourth floor, so it may not be so easy to enter!" Helian Xun Xue frowned again. "There is a limit to the time that the Ghostly Dragon Cave would be open, and at the end of that period, we would be either sent out or trapped here for five hundred years. Although we have the Black Tower, but five hundred years later… I'm afraid the people outside would be in a terrible situation, and circumstances would have changed entirely."

Five hundred years later, either Ma Duo Bao would have managed to successfully split open the skies, or the Realm PIll would have been completed. However, Ling Han still had his parents and family outside, and five hundred years later, they would definitely have turned to bones. This was something that he could not accept.

"At that time, whatever the cost, we have to charge in," Ling Han said. He had the Revere Life Sword, and in the worst case scenario, he would use an instillation of power from the Black Tower to instantly possess the strength and speed of the Shattering Void Tier. At that time, he did not believe that he was incapable of breaking through their encirclement.

"Niu will help you!" Hu Niu said, clapping her chest.

Ling Han could not help but rub Hu Niu's head with a smile, and said, "With Niu's help, we would definitely succeed!"

"Hehe!" Hu Niu was instantly proud of herself.

The three of them returned to their journey once more. After some thought, Ling Han said, "The Flower of Dead Souls comes from the Netherworld, so could it be that it comes from Hell? The five sects naturally could not possibly venture into Hell, then where had they gotten it from?"

His eyes suddenly lit up, and said, "The Thousand Corpse Sect!"

The Thousand Corpse Sect did not originate from the Immortal Realm, but from Hell. Then after the five sects had made some kind of agreement with the Thousand Corpse Sect, it would not be an impossible thing for them to get ahold of the Flower of Dead Souls.

"The depths of their cooperation have exceeded my expectations!" Ling Han murmured.

After walking a short distance, they saw that Xianyu Cai was actually waiting ahead. When she saw them, a 'just as I expected' expression immediately appeared on her face as she said with a smirk, "You are not able to toss me off your trail!"

How troublesome!

Ling Han looked towards Helian Xun Xue with a smile, and said, "Can we kill her?"

"All right, all right, Niu wants to eat stewed dragon meat!" Hu Niu said, immediately drooling, which gave Xianyu Cai a scare. Why was this little girl so violent, wanting to eat dragon meat at the drop of a hat?

Helian Xun Xue shook her head, and said, "Forget it. She is, after all, a princess of the Xianyu Clan, and we are also on the same side for now, so killing her would not be easy to justify."

Only now did Xianyu Cai sigh in relief. She naturally knew that whether it was Ling Han or Helian Xunxue, both had the ability to kill her. However, Ling Han's next words caused her to worry again.

"In any case, this is the Ghostly Dragon Cave, so even if we kill her, no one would know it was us."

Helian Xun Xue saw that Xianyu Cai was shaking in spite of herself, and, with a laugh, said, "That's enough. Don't keep scaring her."

Ling Han finally said, "Don't keep following us anymore. Otherwise, no matter who you are, I will still kill you!"

Xianyu Cai's stubborn nature was instantly provoked, and she raised her head high as she said, "Kill me then, but do you dare to kill me?" This was only the second floor, so there were many passersby. She did not believe that Ling Han would really dare make a move.

"Ignorance!" Ling Han shook his head. This little princess had definitely been spoilt rotten as she was incredibly unruly. Thankfully, the person she'd met was him. If not, she would have lost her life long ago.

They continued to advance. The environment of this second floor was completely different. It was completely covered in a fiery red forest. Every single tree was about three hundred metres tall, and stretched open a huge canopy as if they were giants.

"These are Blood Locust Trees, and have grown from absorbing the essence of the blood and flesh of the True Dragon. And among them, some Blood Locust Trees have even become capable of cultivation, and are able to uproot themselves and walk to kill others. They are called Blood Locust Tree Men!" Helian Xun Xue warned.

"Before the Blood Locust Tree Men make a move, they won't look any different from the trees nearby. Thus, we have to be careful. Every time the Ghostly Dragon Cave opens, those who die here number the most."

Ling Han nodded. This was just like how they had previously ambushed Jia Ming. Caught unawares, even the most powerful prodigies would die with a grudge.

However, at the same time, the Blood Locust Tree Men were also treasures. They had developed tree heart, and had condensed a sliver of the essence of the alternate dragon, so the effects were more or less similar to those of the Dragon's Blood Grass, and they were items to be fought over. Faced with treasures, even if everyone knew that this was a very dangerous place, a considerable number still chose to walk under the trees to lure the Blood Locust Tree Men into attacking them so that they could turn the tables on them and snatch their treasures.

Ling Han was planning to do so as well. In any case, because the three of them were highly skilled, they were brave. They would only have to be careful and avoid Blood Locust Tree Man King to avoid any kind of danger.Oh, now we know for sure. So it's a single tooth.
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