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Even in the Immortal Realm, a spatial Divine Tool was an incomparably shocking treasure. If they could take possession of it, they would be able to exchange it for resources that would cause them to pass out in excitement when they entered into the Immortal Realm in the future.

They definitely had to get it.

The eyes of Xu Xiu Ran and the others were filled with violence. Even if not for the sake of this spatial Divine Tool, there was still no way that they would spare Ling Han.

"Let's go all out to kill this man!" The four of them exchanged a look, and nodded.

How were they supposed to divide the Spatial Divine Tool could be a question for later. They had to first kill Ling Han; otherwise, everything would be mere unrealistic.

Xu Xiu Ran naturally drew the Absolute Saber, whereas the Son of Lightning drew out a gigantic axe that was a few times taller than even himself. Brandished in his hand, it instantly exuded a terrifying aura of violence that would cause everyone to flee easily.

Internally, Ling Han could not help but become serious. The feeling that this axe gave him was definitely in no way inferior to the Absolute Saber's.

The five great sects really had an abundance of wealth and a powerful background. The Absolute Saber in itself definitely was no weaker than ten Stars of the Shattering Void Tier, and now there was an additional axe. This would be enough to allow Xu Xiu Ran and the others to be completely fearless even against such powerful elites like Xianyu Tong.

Of course, the prerequisite was that they had to be able to activate these ultimate treasures in time. Otherwise, everything would be pointless. If that hadn't been the case, how could Jia Ming have died?

Two top-grade Spirit Tools… this was a little troublesome.

The Revere Life Sword in Ling Han's grasp automatically glowed as patterns awakened one by one. This was due to having sensed the threat presented by the Absolute Saber and that axe. He smiled slightly, and said, "This axe is really quite remarkable."

"Of course it is remarkable!" the Son of Lightning said. "This is an imitation of the Mountain and River Axe."


Only now was Ling Han really stunned. Such a powerful Spirit Tool was actually merely an imitation? Then how extraordinarily mighty would the real Mountain and River Axe be?

"Hahahaha, Ling Han, don't you want to establish your own nation and split open the skies?" The Son of Lightning laughed uproariously. "There is no harm in telling you. Only if you use the Mountain and River Axe would you be able to split open the skies. Other than a Pseudo-Divine Tool, what kind of treasured tool would be capable of moving this piece of sky?"

"Oh, I'd like to hear the details!" Ling Han said, smiling.

"Heng, the Mountain and River Axe is forged from the Source and barrier energies of this realm, and why do you think that is so?" Xu Xiu Ran said coldly. "The reason why we are telling you this is because you are definitely going to die!"

Dong Ling'er and the Small Sword Emperor each held a rolled up scroll. Those should be decrees of Shattering Void Tier elites, but if the Absolute Saber and the Mountain and River Axe were capable of crushing Ling Han, then there would be no need for them to waste the decrees in their possession.

After all, they had another motive for this journey. Otherwise, how could they have possibly been given so many treasures by their seniors? One had to know that the war against the Purple Moon Empire had reached an extremely delicate stage. Removing any top-grade treasure whatsoever could possibly affect the course of the war.

They were determined to get ahold of the True Dragon's Tooth.

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, "So there actually exists this kind of treasure, something that has been forged from the Source and barrier energies of an entire realm. Then I would really like to take a look at the real Mountain and River Axe."

"You will not have the chance!"

At this moment, the Absolute Saber and Mountain and River Axe had already awakened, and exuded a terrifying wave of power.

These two treasures were definitely excellent items amongst Level Ten Spirit Tools; they would be able to kill even mid- and high-level Shattering Void Tier elites. If the Demon Birth Sword came up against them, then it would be sliced in half within a few moves.

In his first confrontation with Xu Xiu Ran, the Demon Birth Sword had already got quite a few dents, and if the battle persisted, it would definitely not be an impossibility for it to be sliced in half. And once the sword was broken in half, its martial intent would die as well. Then it would no longer be a Level Ten Spirit Tool, but merely a Level Ten weapon.

The Revere Life Sword also came to life by itself, and exuded a shocking killing aura. This was the Number One Killing Sword in the world, and that name did not come from mere bragging.

However, there was only one Revere Life Sword, whereas the opposing party had awakened two great killing tools.

Ling Han once again deployed the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation, but even so, against the battle prowess of at least four Shattering Void Tier items from Xu Xiu Ran and the others, he was still at a disadvantage. He did not retreat, because he still wanted to see how mighty the Mountain and River Axe could be and deduce the power of the real Mountain and River Axe from that.

"I shall block that sword; you are in charge of attack!" Xu Xiu Ran said as he drew out the Absolute Saber against the Revere Life Sword.

"All right!" the Son of Lightning said, and brandishing the Mountain and River Axe, charged forwards as well.


The Absolute Saber and the Revere Life Sword clashed against each other, creating a crisp crashing sound, followed by a brilliant luster that shot out in all directions. The light flickered in the skies, forming uncountable ripples as if it intended to shatter this whole space itself.

These two were already old rivals, and each being unable to get the upper hand over the other was something predictable. It was at this moment that the Son of Lightning charged forth, brandishing his Mountain and River Axe. This was the real killing move.

The Ice Dragon rushed forth, emitting a roar like thunder.

Shua, with a wave of the axe from the Son of Lightning, the Ice Dragon was sliced in two, and instantly disappeared without a trace. In the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation, white fog condensed, and was in the midst of forming a new Ice Dragon. However, this needed time, even though this period of waiting time was very short.

This was too terrifying. The Ice Dragon possessed seven Battle Stars, yet was actually incapable of blocking the might of a single axe attack. This obviously was not because the Son of Lightning was really strong, but because of the might of the axe itself.

The Son of Lightning broke into laughter, and drew back the axe. Then he once again charged towards Ling Han. He raised the Mountain and River Axe high, his face filled with a cold, murderous expression.

One slash would shatter your soul—die!

Ling Han sighed internally. Even if this Mountain and River Axe was merely an imitation, its might had reached ten Stars of Shattering Void Tier at least. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for it to have slashed through the Ice Dragon so easily. Then, how terrifying would the real Mountain and River Axe be?

Fifteen Stars? Or even twenty Stars?

The five great sects really had a terrifying amount of resources. They had not revealed all their trump cards yet—most likely because Ma Duo Bao had also not personally moved, and they wanted to find a chance to defeat this ancient empire all in one go.

The thought merely flashed through Ling Han's mind, and he promptly dismissed the idea of using an instillation of power from the Black Tower.

After this instillation of power, it would be a piece of cake for him to dominate Xu Xiu Ran and the others—the prerequisite was that they did not have treasures like the Absolute Saber and the Mountain and River Axe in hand. But this obviously was nonsense. Then even an instillation of power would be useless as he would not be able to stand against this kind of treasured Tool.

"I'm not going to play with you guys anymore!" Ling Han smiled faintly, and stretching out both hands, he drew Hu Niu, Helian Xun Xue, and the Revere Life Sword as well as the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation into the Black Tower. Naturally, he, too, ducked inside.

Xiu, it was as if they had never appeared.

"Careful!" Xu Xiu Ran and the others all wore expressions of extreme caution. This was just like before. Ling Han and his group suddenly shot out, causing Jia Ming to die in such an incredibly stupid manner. Now, they were using the same trick again, but it was still extremely dangerous.

"Search carefully. Since it is a spatial God Tool, then it definitely has an actual form."

"Slash everything here cleanly, and destroy every inch of ground!"

The four of them had gone berserk, and the Absolute Saber and the Mountain and River Axe slashed madly at the ground. Ordinary soil and rock would only be turned to nothing by such a barrage; not even dust would be left behind.

However, how could a God Tool be so easily destroyed? As long as they could find it, they would immediately wrap it up with a decree of Shattering Void Tier and bring it back to the five sects. There naturally would be ultimate elites that couly pry open the God Tool, and drag Ling Han and his group out by force.

However, what greatly disappointed them was that no matter how hard they tried, they were unable to find the presence of this kind of God Tool.
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