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Kill Jia Ming!

Now that the decision was made, the three of them divided the work amongst themselves. With the strength of Xu Xiu Ran's group, even if they managed to catch them unawares with a sneak attack, they would be able to react very quickly. And if the five of them joined forces, it would be difficult to kill Jia Ming.

Ling Han had the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation, so how could it be that the five of them did not have a similar trump card up their sleeves?

However, summoning their trump cards would require time, and that was why the five of them had set up an ambush here. Yet how could they have imagined that Ling Han would have a treasure like the Black Tower that could store living beings. It in itself was as small as a mustard seed, and even they had not discovered it in the slightest.

"Move out!" The three figures of Ling Han and the two females appeared, yet they were charging in Jia Ming's direction.


Xu Xiu Ran's group were all astonished. What was going on here? How had Ling Han's group appeared out of thin air? But due to this moment of surprise on their part, Ling Han's group had already rushed towards Jia Ming.

Ling Han drew his sword, Hu Niu drew her claws, whereas Helian Xun Xue shot out her fist. With the condensing of Dragon Qi, and added with her monstrous strength due to cultivating Body Arts, the power behind this punch was incredibly terrifying.

"You all still lack the qualification to kill me!" Jia Ming immediately reacted. In such a short period of time, he was also unable to summon his treasure, and could only use his bare fists to defend his front and use both his Origin Power and physique to maximize the strength of his fists.

Zhila, Hu Niu's speed was the fastest. With a wave of her small hand, she immediately left behind a deep bloody scar on Jia Ming's body. Even if his physique was on par with Level Nine precious metal, it was useless; in an instant, he was severely wounded.

Then, next was Helian Xun Xue. She had similarly learnt the Thunderclap Ninth Heaven, and her speed was superior to even Ling Han's. With a punch, pu, Jia Ming was instantly throwing up blood like mad. Her ability was superior to Jia Ming's, and added with her True Dragon Bloodline, how terrifying would her battle prowess be?

Jia Ming's figure stumbled. His physique was really very tough; even though he had forcefully received the attacks of two powerful characters in a sneak attack, he had not died. Instead, he simultaneously used the toughness and softness of his physique to disperse a major part of the damage. However, his face was still incomparably pale.

Ling Han was the last to arrive; his sword aimed directly at Jia Ming's back.

"Ling Han, you will not be able to kill me!" Jia Ming exclaimed severely. He had dispersed the damage from the two attacks, and Xu Xiu Ran and the others had already moved. As long as he managed to endure this attack from Ling Han, the situation would immediately become the five of them dominating Ling Han and his group of three.

The tables would be instantly turned. Moreover, they had also brought with them a very terrifying killing weapon. At first, they had planned to use it against the powerful monsters inside the Ghostly Dragon Cave, but using it to kill Ling Han would be more than adequate.

He held out both arms, intending to take ahold of Ling Han's sword by force, and thus force its advance to a halt.

Only someone with his physique would dare to attempt something like that. Otherwise, who would dare to use their bare fists to catch hold of the Revere Life Sword? There was no need to even take complete hold of it, as the sharp Sword Qi would be capable of slicing off all ten fingers instantly.

Ling Han's heart was clear. The long sword****, and merely that pure sword intent was surging.


Jia Ming had caught the sword's blade, but was completely incapable of stopping the sword from advancing. His ten fingers, like tofu, were cut off and sent flying. The sword's tip stabbed directly into his heart. This was the purported Number One Killing Sword in the world; if one was given a direct blow from it, how could he possibly be able to survive?

A violent Qi barraged, and Jia Ming instantly sprayed out a mouthful of blood. He stared at Ling Han blankly as if disbelieving that a strong being like himself was actually unable to block this strike from Ling Han!

However, with the force of the Revere Life Sword, his body immediately tilted, and dropped onto the ground.

A prodigy of his generation, who had once left behind his name on the Stone of Martial Arts, died just like that. He had not even had the opportunity to use any ultimate moves, great moves, or trump cards whatsoever.

Ling Han stretched out his hand and with a grab, drew Jia Ming's body into the Black Tower. This person definitely had a spatial Spirit Tool. He did not have time to search now, but how could he possibly allow it to be wasted?

At this time, Xu Xiu Ran and the others finally reached them.

Although they were all rulers of the younger generation, they had been caught off guard. It was already commendable that they managed to react in such a short time.

Ling Han laughed long and loudly. With a turn of his body, he shot out another strike. The Desolate Hell Sword Technique unfolded. This sword technique's strength lay in its defense. In an instant, endless sword light was released, and transformed into a defense in front of himself, Helian Xun Xue, and Hu Niu.

Ding, ding, ding. In an exchange of strikes, both sides were forced backwards. The first exchange of blows ended with the successful sneak attack from Ling Han's side. However, both sides had now returned to the same starting point. Xu Xiu Ran's group still numbered four, and each of them could be considered the strongest powerhouse in the Heaven Tier.

"You actually killed Jia Ming!" Dong Ling'er exclaimed severely, her beautiful eyes flickering with flames of rage.

Ling Han shrugged, and retorted, "You speak as if you were waiting here to welcome me. You guys played dirty first, so why can't I pay back in kind?"

Meanwhile, the Son of Lightning frowned, and asked, "How did you all manage to go undetected by our divine sense?"

This was too inconceivable. It was fine if it was only one person, but the three of them all went undetected by their senses, and suddenly delivered a killing move to kill Jia Ming cleanly. This stunned him completely.

If they were not able to clarify this issue, then wouldn't Ling Han be able to do this another time?

Serious expressions appeared on Xu Xiu Ran's and the others' face as well. This ability was really too scary.

Ling Han smiled calmly, and asked, "Why should I tell you?"

The Son of Lightning gave a humph, but also knew that Ling Han would not possibly reveal such a secret. Still, this made him too uneasy, so he could not help but voice out the question.

"Could it be that you have formed Sword Heart?" Xu Xiu Ran asked. "Just now, I had obviously used Saber Heart to influence you. If you had not formed Sword Heart, you would definitely have been affected, and that strike would not have been accurate!"

Ling Han laughed in spite of himself, and retorted, "Maybe my sword was off course at first, and with this influence from you, it actually hit its target?"

Xu Xiu Ran sneered, his expression growing colder and colder. He was certain that Ling Han had cultivated Sword Heart. Even if he hadn't, he wasn't far from it. Otherwise, he would definitely have been affected by his Saber Heart. Internally, he was stunned. One had to know that he held the Absolute Saber every single day, and was at every moment comprehending the saber intent left behind by that ultimate elite. That was how he had managed to understand Saber Heart when he was only in his early twenties.

The Small Sword Emperor was the same. Mid of Sword Spring was a sword used by ultimate elites of various generations of the Heaven's Sword Sect, and possessed a variety of sword intent.

Ling Han definitely did not have this kind of resources, yet was able to touch Sword Heart when he was about their age, or could even possibly have already grasped Sword Heart. This was too monstrous.

The Small Sword Emperor's eyes suddenly lit up, and he exclaimed, "I get it, you have a spatial Divine Tool in your possession!"

"What!?" Xu Xiu Ran and the others exclaimed in shock simultaneously.

Even in the Immortal Realm, this kind of Divine Tool was amazing as it could store living things. Only those few ultimate elites that stood at the apex of the Immortal Realm were capable of forging one, and every one of them were ultimate treasures. Every time they appeared, it would be a massacre.

Even the five sects of the immortal realm did not possess this kind of treasure, yet it had now appeared in the possession of a person from the Lower Realm… How could that be?

"Indeed!" However, the three of them were all extremely intelligent people, and immediately came to a realization—previously, Ling Han had directly stored Jia Ming's body away, and the latter had a spatial Spirit Tool. Everyone knew that spatial Spirit Tools could not be stored into another spatial Spirit Tool, so there was only one answer.

Ling Han had gotten ahold of a spatial Divine Tool!

Instantly, the eyes of all four became heated as if they had caught sight of a Divine Herb, staring at Ling Han closely.Sorry, random censorship in raws...
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