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"A Bloodworm!" Helian Xun Xue and Xianyu Cai both gasped in shock.

Although neither of them had entered the Ghostly Dragon Cave before, they had studied the data about this place for who knew how many times because they had at least one chance to enter this place—they naturally had to have a good idea of the situation here.

Bloodworm was a special life form birthed within the blood of the alternative dragon after its death. It was given life by the alternative dragon, yet was incapable of leaving the latter, and for its whole lifetime, it would be limited by the body of the alternative dragon.

But this creature was very powerful. After all, it was born from the blood river, so no matter what, it, too, had absorbed a little of the blood of the alternative dragon.

The Bloodworm opened its circular mouth full of sharp fangs, and bit at Ling Han.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "I allowed you some leeway in the stream, but now that we're out of the water, you still want to be a tyrant?" With a wave of his sword, they only saw blood spurt in all directions. This Bloodworm was instantly split in half from head to tail. Its internal organs dropped onto the surface of the river, and gave off an incredibly powerful stench.

So powerful!

XIanyu Cai could not help but gape. She had long heard of the terrible reputation of the Bloodworm, but it was killed instantly with a slash from Ling Han. Did that mean that Ling Han was too strong or that the rumors were wrong, and that the Bloodworm was actually not really all that strong?

Ling Han turned around, and dropped onto the bank.

Helian Xun Xue walked up to him and asked, "Are you all right?"

Ling Han shook his head, and answered, "I'm fine. There is power of regulation in this blood river, and the strength of corrosion would be different according to individual cultivation level. You know, my physique is a whole Tier superior to my cultivation level."

Realization instantly dawned on Helian Xun Xue. It was no wonder that the corrosion rate was about the same for everyone that dropped into the river's waters. That was because the majority of them were of the True Dragon Bloodline, and had developed their physique to the toughness of precious metal of the same level. Thus, the corrosive rate they underwent was naturally about the same.

But Ling Han's physique was on a higher level than his cultivation level. Thus, though he, too, would face corrosion, its rate would be far slower than the rulers' of the Sea Race.

In comparison, actually he was the real ruler.

"Hey, where's the Dragon's Blood Grass?" Xianyu Cai asked from a distance. She did not like the way Ling Han looked so proud, and always felt an urge to attack him.

You are indeed very awesome to be able to kill the Bloodworm, but didn't you previously say you discovered the Dragon's Blood Grass? So where is it now?

"What business is it of yours?" Helian Xun Xue shot her a glare, and Hu Niu was even more ferocious. Why don't we have a meal of dragon stew?

Ling Han paid no attention to this opinionated little princess. With a shake of his right hand, he showed it to Helian Xun Xue, then put it away.

Instantly, Helian Xun Xue's beautiful eyes lit up. The Dragon's Blood Grass!

Indeed, Dragon's Blood Grass also grew on the riverbed, and from the look of things now, only Ling Han was capable of getting ahold of it, and what did that mean? Uncountable amounts of Dragon's Blood Grass were beckoning towards them. Putting aside the fact that there were enough to let his son build his foundations, there was enough even for Ling Han's use.

In a matter like this, it was best to make great profits on the down-low; there was no need to let Xianyu Cai know.

And when she saw Ling Han could not produce the Dragon's Blood Grass, Xianyu Cai was even more disdainful. She had confirmed that Ling Han was a conman, and Helian Xun Xue was so dumb that she was completely fooled to the extent that she did not even doubt him.

Meanwhile, Ling Han communicated with Small Tower, wanting to know if the Dragon's Blood Grass could grow within the BLack Tower. Upon getting an affirmative answer, he could not help but be greatly pleased. But soon, he became disappointed, because the Black Tower could only speed up the growth of the Dragon's Blood Grass, yet was incapable of obtaining seeds from it.

That was because this thing didn't even bear seeds, and was completely birthed from the alternative dragon. Thus, it could only be nurtured here.

Since it did not bear seeds, fine. Three leaves becoming four, or even five or six would be great. As the effects improved, that was equivalent to having a few more stalks growing anyways.

As they walked, Ling Han kept activating the Eye of Truth to find the Dragon's Blood Grass on the riverbed. It was nurtured from the blood of an alternative dragon. It was literally "growing unsullied out of the mud", removing the dangers of the corrosive blood, leaving behind only the effects of refining one's physique and increasing power.

Where there was Dragon's Blood Grass, there would be Bloodworms standing guard, so, naturally, fighting was inevitable. These Bloodworms were all on the level of the Heaven Tier. There were some that had even reached the battle prowess of ten Stars of the Heaven Tier. Even Ling Han would have to use the maximum of his abilities to kill them off.

In three days, they had gathered over a hundred stalks of Dragon Blood Grass, which made Helian Xun Xue incredibly excited. One had to know that even the numbers gathered by a whole clan in the past years might not reach this much.

Who asked only Ling Han to be capable of going into the river?

Xianyu Cai was even more speechless. This human put an act time and time again, but every time, he came back empty-handed. After so many times, Helian Xun Xue actually still trusted him; it was practically inconceivable!

What happened to the aloofness of a ruler of the Sea Race? And the nobility? You've tossed all that away to the end of the horizon, huh?

The first level of this Ghostly Dragon Cave was incredibly huge. On the fourth day that they had arrived, multiple rivers of blood originating from various spots gathered here, forming a super giant lake, just like a huge sea.

Yet there was a small island in the center of this lake. On the island, there was a white tower-like structure. According to hearsay, this was a passageway, and one could travel down it to the second floor.

After arriving here, they would have to think of some way to cross the lake. Otherwise, if they were not able to reach the small island, how could they advance to the second floor?

There were already some people crossing the lake. After so many years, all three great royal clans had their strategies, and discovered that vessels made from the bones of rulers of the Sea Race could resist the corrosion of the blood water for a very long period of time.

These bones were naturally left behind by those elites of the Sea Race that had already passed away. Their skulls would be buried in their ancestral shrine, but their other bones would be left behind. Not only would they be used to cross this place, the bones of Shattering Void Tier could also absolutely be used to forge Spirit Tools possessing immense might.

Previously, they had all been randomly sent to the ends of various veins, but now they were all gathered again. Ling Han saw Xu Xiu Ran and the others. They were sitting on a bone raft, heading towards the island on the lake.

In the process of passage, the bone raft was continuously being corroded. Upon estimation, it would probably last just long enough for them to reach the island on the lake, and then it would just about fall apart.

Helian Xun Xue also drew out a bone raft from her spatial Spirit Tool. Since they had ventured here, it was natural that she would not come unprepared. This bone raft was very small, and looked like it could only accommodate five people. However, if three people climbed aboard, it would be considerably spacious.

Xianyu Cai gave a humph, and took out a bone raft as well. For someone like her whose status was higher, she would have a bone raft of her own—unlike others who still had to cross the lake with another. She followed closely behind Ling Han's group. She was waiting with bated breath to see how Ling Han would be defeated.

As Ling Han propelled the raft with oars, he kept looking at the lake bed. Suddenly, he gasped loudly, and said, "We've hit the jackpot!"

"Another Dragon's Blood Grass?" Helian Xun Xue asked with pleasant surprise.

"Not only is there Dragon's Blood Grass, it's one with four leaves!" Ling Han replied, smiling.

This time, even Helian Xun Xue could not stay calm. Even if there was only one extra leaf, the effects were completely different from ones with only three leaves.

Ling Han did not immediately dive below. Instead, he looked at the lake bed, and said, "However, this stalk of Dragon's Blood Grass has a big guy standing guard."

By the Dragon's Blood Grass, there was coiled a Bloodworm that was shockingly about thirty meters long. Even through the lake water, Ling Han could still sense how terrifying this great worm was.

The Shattering Void Tier, it was definitely in the Shattering Void Tier. Otherwise, it could not possibly exude such intimidating pressure.

"If it's too dangerous, it would be best not to take risks," Helian Xun Xue advised. Although Spirit Herbs were great, how could they be more important than life?

Ling Han nodded, and said, "I'll set out an Array to kill it!"

Tong, he jumped into the water. The Ice Dragon Earth Blasting Array was set out, and followed him as he dived towards the bottom of the lake. However, Ling Han immediately discovered that the corrosive property of the lake waters here was obviously much stronger. Even if he possessed a physique a whole Tier superior to his cultivation level, he felt incredible pressure. His skin had already begun to corrode.
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