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Although Spirit Herbs could be cultivated inside the Black Tower, they were limited by Ling Han's individual ability. Now, aside from Dragon Blood Tyrant Ginseng, there were not many high-grade Spirit Herbs in it, which made Ling Han feel extremely gloomy. That was because the majority of Spirit Herbs were useless for him, and he could only consume them after he had extracted their essence with the Heaven Transformation Bowl. As a result, their effects were naturally not as good as after they were concocted into alchemical pills.

The amazing trait of Spirit Herbs was that they not only could increase cultivation, but there were also other effects. For example, every single Divine Herb of nature had their specific spiritual effects.

Thus, Ling Han was quite interested in the Spirit Herbs here, especially the Dragon's Blood Grass. One had to understand something: now that he had cultivated the Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art, if he refined the Dragon's Blood Grass, it might possibly improve this cultivation technique to a dramatic extent.

Helian Xun Xue shook her head, and said, "Fateful opportunities always come together with danger. If you want to just harvest Spirit Herbs casually, that is not possible."

"That may not be," Ling Han replied. He had thought of Xuanyuan Zi Guang. This man's luck was a bit unnatural as treasures practically delivered themselves into his lap. Just take the Earth Overturning Seal for example. At the time, it actually "threw itself into his arms". If Ling Han had not moved fast enough, this Mystical Power would have become the latter's possession.

The further ahead they walked, the larger this area became. However, there was not much change on either bank; only the river was widening. It widened from about thirty to the current three hundred meters' width. Moreover, the tendency did not seem to be changing any time soon.

A thought flashed in Ling Han's mind, and he said, "Since this was formed by an alternative dragon, then this river of blood… could it be was actually its blood veins?"

Helian Xun Xue nodded. "Previously, we were at the end of the blood vein, which is why it was narrower. But as we near the main arteries, it would naturally become wider."

"Then this is dragon blood? Too bad it has been contaminated by some inexplicable energy so cannot be refined," Ling Han said with pity.

"I've heard Father say before that there are occasionally one or two spots that have pure blood and have not been contaminated. If our luck is better, we may still be able to get some," Helian Xun Xue said, her eyes bright.

For a person like her who had inherited the dragon bloodline, being able to refine the blood of an alternative dragon would be extremely beneficial even if there were only a few drops.

Ling Han nodded. The Ghostly Dragon Cave had existed in the north sea for who knew how many years. Although it only opened every five hundred years, after so many years of experience, Helian Rong naturally must have also gathered enough information.

They journeyed for a while longer, and then saw Xianyu Cai had stopped in front as if she was waiting for them.

Seeing them approach, Xianyu Cai said very proudly, "I was not waiting for you all. I had merely gotten a little tired, so I wanted to take a short rest."

Ling Han did not react, and passed by her directly, which made Xianyu Cai wave her sword furiously. If it was not for the fact that the power difference was too big, she really wanted to catch up to Ling Han and chop off his head. She angrily followed behind the three of them. Although she was very proud, she still knew that this was a very dangerous place, and sticking close to Ling Han and his group would greatly increase her chances of survival.


A huge splash suddenly appeared in the river waters ahead of them. They could vaguely see a blood-red thing flash past, but could not see it clearly enough to identify it.

Ling Han activated the Eye of Truth, and glimpsed a long shadow beneath the waters. It felt like a snake, and moved very quickly. In an instant, it had swiftly left his field of vision, and Ling Han was unable to take a good look.

However, Ling Han did not pursue it with his sight. Instead, he stared at the bottom of the stream, and asked, "What does Dragon's Blood Grass look like?"

"It's completely red in color. Typically, it has three leaves, which have a dragon-shaped pattern. The older it is, the more leaves there are, and the more distinct the dragon-shaped patterns would be," Helian Xun Xue answered after a momentary daze.

Ling Han's expression became even stranger, and he asked, "Does the Dragon's Blood Grass grow on the banks?"

"Yes!" Helian Xun Xue nodded.

Behind them, Xianyu Cai heard them clearly, and could not help but show a disdainful expression. Was there something wrong with this human's head? He had to get to the bottom of the issue for even such a simple matter.

Ling Han pointed at the stream, and said, "I saw a stalk of Dragon Blood Grass there. As you said, it has three leaves, and there are patterns on the leaves."

"What?!" Helian Xun Xue exclaimed in shock. "How could that be, Dragon's Blood Grass grows on the banks!"

Ling Han thought for a moment, smiled, and said, "You all only search for Dragon's Blood Grass on the banks because you have never entered the stream to look."

Upon further thought, Helian Xun Xue agreed. The blood river had a terrifying corrosive ability. Even those that possessed the bloodline of a True Dragon like them and have developed a sturdy, tough physique could not withstand it. Without waiting too long, their skin would rot, and as time passed, even their bones would melt.

Everyone naturally treated the blood river like forbidden territory. Furthermore, there were terrifying monsters in the river, so they were even more unwilling to dive in.

Xianyu Cai continued to pout. Her first impression of Ling Han was too bad, so she subconsciously took every word he said to be merely playing to the crowd. The Dragon's Blood Grass grew at the riverbed? Whom was he trying to fool?

This blood river was an obstruction to vision, and sealed one's divine sense, so how was he able to see? Humph!

"Wait here." Ling Han was about to jump into the river.

"Be careful!" Helian Xun Xue said quickly. While this blood river did not corrode quickly, the effects were lasting, and could not be resisted by any kind of Origin Power at all. Moreover, the Sea Race knew that the wider the blood river was, the stronger the corrosive quality was and the more terrifying the monsters hidden in the water would be.

Ling Han nodded, then with a leap, he entered into the river of blood.

Xianyu Cai could not help but be dumbfounded. This human must have gone mad. Merely bragging was not enough; he actually jumped into the river! Wasn't this seeking his own death? She humphed, and said, "I fear he will not be able to return now that he's gone in!"

Helian Xun Xue flew into a rage, and countered coldly, "Xianyu Cai, the reason why I have not said anything all the way here is not because I am afraid of you, but rather that I'm giving face to the Xianyu royal clan. But time and again, you've been unreasonable. Do you think I do not dare to make a move on you?"

Xianyu Cai could not help but be intimidated by her aura. Only now did she realize that the other party was the most outstanding bright pearl of the young generation of the royal clans of the north sea. Her bloodline was incomparably pure, and was a brighter existence than even herself.

However, she naturally still possessed her pride, and said defiantly, "Did I speak wrongly? That is the blood river, and in it flows the corrosive blood of Lord Alternative Dragon. It represents death and decay. Putting aside the fact that he is a mere Deity Transformation Tier warrior, even if an ultimate elite of Shattering Void Tier came, he would not do well, either!"

"That only applies to others!" Helian Xun Xue retorted coldly.

Xianyu Cai was stunned. Did her words mean that Ling Han was capable of accomplishing tasks that even Shattering Void Tier elites could not do? Where did her confidence come from? Humph, this woman was really dumb, so much that she has been completely fooled silly by a damn man and could not even understand the simplest logic.


It was at this moment that they saw a wave appear on the blood river, and a gigantic splash shot up into the skies. Soon afterwards, they saw Ling Han step on the waves, his hand holding the Revere Life Sword. The cold light of the sword blazed as he slashed downwards.

Huala, a long blood-colored shadow shot out of the water's surface consequently. At first glance, it was a giant serpent, and was about ten metres in length. But upon closer look, one would realize that this living creature actually did not have eyes, nostrils, or ears. It only had a huge, circular mouth, and when it was open, it showed an array of long, sharp fangs.
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