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Wenren Jie had ambitions to unify the north sea, and thus naturally regarded it as his private property—especially the Ghostly Dragon Cave, which only opened once every five hundred years. To every royal clan, the Dragon's Blood Grass that could be gathered within it was an extremely beneficial tonic as it could elevate the purity of their bloodline.

What more the True Dragon's tooth—a pity it was something absolutely impossible to attain.

This was the treasure of the north sea, so how could they allow people from the west sea to covet it?

"What is the Mo Clan of the west sea doing, coming to a distinguished gathering of the north sea?" Wenren Jie was the first to rise up. He was the number one ace of the north sea, and in a sense, he was also the local representative.

"Hahahaha, the waters of the four seas all belong to the Imperial Family, so it may be a bit too overbearing for Lord Wenren to put it that way," someone called out from atop the aerial vessel, looking down from above, but did not actually come down.

Helian Rong was also irked; his grudges against the Wenren Clan weren't small, but facing outsiders, he naturally set them aside first. He opened his mouth and responded, "The waters of the four seas naturally belong to the Imperial Family completely, however, the Imperial Family has divided and conferred the north sea to our three Clans to manage; there is naturally a reason for it. It is seemingly inappropriate that the Mo Clan did not even deign to pay greetings and forced its way in, is it not?"

"Hehe, is Lord Helian pronouncing the verdict for me?" Hearty laughter wafted over from the aerial vessel, though what could be seen was only a figure gradually coming down from above. He was obviously stepping on air, yet he trod as if walking down from a flight of stairs.

This person was an old man who appeared to be in his sixties; his vitality seemed to be somewhat waning, and he was no longer in his prime, yet he still stood ramrod straight. There were several dragon scales on both his cheeks, bestowing him with a strange countenance.

Behind him, a dozen youngsters emerged, and also descended from the aerial vessel one after another.

Ling Han's eyes narrowed instantly, for he actually caught sight of Xu Xiu Ran, Small Sword Emperor, Dong Ling'er—the outstanding figures of the five ancient clans.

"Mo Yuan!" Xianyu Tong immediately called out, a sense of dread reflecting in the depths of his eyes.

Not only him—both Helian Rong and Wenren Jie were also like that. They did not look down on this old man just because he appeared aged and his vitality was waning. Mo Yuan, the clan king from the last generation of the Mo Clan. Because of the emergence of a rare gifted genius in the Mo Clan a hundred years ago, he relinquished the position of the king ahead of time—otherwise, even if he was to sit on the position till he died of old age, there would not be anyone who would have dared to say anything with his qualifications.

He was an antique, but his combat strength was absolutely frightening; perhaps he might not even lose to Wenren Jie.

"I had no choice, these several humans came from the five sects of the middle state—just a moment ago, they came out from the Dragon Shrine, bearing the personal orders from the Dragon Emperor that I bring them to Ghostly Dragon Cave for a trip. I had no choice but to reluctantly undertake the task," Mo Yuan laughingly uttered by way of an explanation somewhat.

Wenren Jie and the other ultimate elites all snorted—even if it was the Dragon Emperor's arrangement that these humans enter into the Ghostly Dragon Cave, should it not be that these people ought to be bringing the personal orders of the Dragon Emperor here to the north sea to seek them, the three great royal clans of the north sea?

Why was the Mo Clan from the west sea the one bringing them over?

The reason for this was certainly not as simple as the Mo Clan claimed, so there inevitably had to still be something fishy.

Ling Han's heart also shivered greatly, could it be that… the five great sects have already come to form an agreement with the Sea Race, after which the two powerful factions would be joining forces to stand against the Purple Moon Kingdom, and perhaps to wipe out the Great Ling Dynasty as well while at it?

This was not good news—the strength of the Sea Race was no less than that of the five great sects, and might even be superior. With these two strong parties joining forces, whether the Purple Moon Kingdom would be able to resist or not was still unknown, but the Great Ling Dynasty would be flanked by an elite on both sides. Furthermore, it was fully dependent on their mood whether to act on the Great Ling Dynasty. This was horrible.

On this trip to the Ghostly Dragon Cave, he had to obtain enough treasures to elevate his cultivation level. Only he himself was the most reliable assurance.

"Ling Han, you can really run about, even here I am also able to chance upon you!" Xu Xiu Ran said in a raised voice.

Ling Han was astonished to stumble upon them here, yet the five of them were actually even more shocked. In reality, the five of them had brought personal orders from important persons of the five sects in order to present themselves before the Dragon Emperor; coincidentally, Mo Yuan happened to be there and volunteered for escorting them here.

Of course, Mo Yuan did not do it for naught, conveniently getting a few descendants of the Mo Clan to enter as well—after all, the Ghostly Dragon Cave was the private property belonging to the north sea, and the past Mo Clan could not have had any part in it at all and could only watch on with envy.

In this way, everyone was happy.

But how did Ling Han get here?

A smile spread across Ling Han's face as he said, "I advise you all to refrain from entering, otherwise… you all might possibly lose your lives."

The five including Xu Xiu Ran all revealed a look of anger on their faces. They represented the strongest combat strength of the younger generation, yet this person actually dared to look down on them so much—it was abominable! Unable to control herself, Dong Ling'er taunted, "You are merely dependent on a formation, do you think we'll be unprepared this time?"

Ling Han uttered an 'Oh' in response. He managed to con them into telling something about their trump card—although he had yet to know what it was, but it should be able to match the Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation.

As soon as the words left her mouth, Dong Ling'er realized that she had let the cat out of the bag. However, she was not overly concerned—after all, it was inevitable that she'd need to use this trump card anyways if she were to go up against Ling Han.

"Where are the personal orders of the Dragon Emperor?" Wenren Jie asked with cold indifference. He had naturally ignored completely the conflicts between juniors like Ling Han and Xu Xiu Ran's group of five.

Mo Yuan flung his hand out, and a golden scroll was instantly hurled in Wenren Jie's direction. After catching it, the latter promptly unfolded and glanced through it, and the expression on his face abruptly darkened.

He then tossed the scroll over to Helian Rong, who, after looking through it, then gave it to Xianyu Tong. Sure enough, it was clearly from the Dragon Emperor's hand, no doubt about that. They were to properly receive Xu Xiu Ran's group of five; they were honored guests.

This was a decree from the Imperial Family—who in the four seas would dare not to abide by it?

All three powerhouses were feeling dismal. The Ghostly Dragon Cave was clearly the private property of the north sea, so why should they let outsiders meddle in it? But the Dragon Emperor had already decreed so, and how could they dare not obey? If they did, it would be deemed an act of rebellion, and their whole north sea would be destroyed.

Xianyu Tong then returned the scroll back to Mo Yuan, and sneered while he said, "Lord Mo really spared no effort, personally making the trip to attend to this trivial matter."

"Hehe, seeing the looks of you three lords, as ferocious as wolves and tigers, supposing I hadn't personally escorted them, would they not have been swallowed whole by the lot of you already?" Mo Yuan replied just as coldly.

"Humph, since the matter has already reached this stage, then just cut the crap, stop wasting time, and promptly enter into the Ghostly Dragon Cave!" Wenren Jie waved a hand at the juniors at the back, and said, "When the Ghostly Dragon Cave is closed, it will expel the living beings in its outer circle. But if you all were to remain inside too long, or have been infected too much by the aura within, you will be assimilated by the Ghostly Dragon Cave, regarded as part of it, and would not be repelled later. With the perilous environment of that place, you all basically would not be able to hold out till five hundred years later."

"Yes!" everyone shouted obediently.

They all split up and one by one leaped into the center of that big whirlpool, which was the entrance to the Ghostly Dragon Cave.

The Wenren royal clan was the first to go, followed by the Xianyu and then the Helian royal clan. Just when Ling Han was leaping in as well, Xu Xiu Ran and the others all exuded killing intent.

This person had to be eliminated!
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