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The Ghostly Dragon Cave was going to open soon. Ling Han, Helian Rong, and the others all departed directly. They no longer had the time to return to the Helian Clan to make arrangements. However, for a large clan like the Helian Clan, they would naturally not be thrown into a mess just because of the departure of their Clan King; they would definitely gather people to enter into the Ghostly Dragon Cave themselves.

Xianyu Tong did not set out with them. He was the king of a royal clan, and so naturally would be leading his own team.

They journeyed day and night. Five days later, they finally arrived on a coastal island. From afar, it looked like a coiled True Dragon, and stretched for as long as a hundred miles, looking very majestic.

This was the Ghostly Dragon Cave; the entrance lay on the eastern side of the island.

The group landed, and saw that there was already a considerable number of people gathered here. These people were obviously from different groups, and kept a sizable distance among themselves.

Helian Rong's gaze swept over, and he could not help but show a hint of wariness as he said, "Wenren Jie is here!" He was staring at a tall, broad-shouldered man. That man was filled with the forceful aura of a ruler, and seemed to be the center of the world merely standing there, without the need to deliberately unleash his aura. One would be able to easily distinguish him immediately from the masses.

Wenren Jie, the strongest elite of the north sea, possessed the battle prowess of eleven Battle Stars of Shattering Void Tier.

Ling Han, too, cast a few looks at Wenren Jie. On the surface, this person did not have a sliver of the identifying traits of the Dragon Race, but the purity of his bloodline was obviously superior to Helian Rong's and Xianyu Tong's.

How astonishing the sensory abilities of a Shattering Void Tier elite were? When Helian Rong's gaze paused on him, Wenren Jie immediately raised his head and turned his eyes in Helian Rong's direction. His stare flickered with killing intent as if he had a slight urge to finish Helian Rong off here.

Helian Rong did not dare to be careless. There was a single Star's power gap between the two of them, which meant that he had the capability of killing himself, which in turn made him incredibly dangerous.

"Lord Helian is here as well!" Wenren Jie smiled slightly. When his eyes passed over Ling Han, he showed a hint of displeasure. "The Ghostly Dragon Cave is a sacred place, and you actually allow an outsider to enter. Do you not fear being reprimanded by our ancestors?"

"I'm already here, so bite me," Ling Han said. He knew that Wenren Jie was determined to eliminate both Helian and Xianyu Clans, and was a definite supporter of war. Even if he knew the truth about the reckoning, he would definitely first destroy the Helian and Xianyu Clans, unite the whole north sea, establish his royal rule, and then think of a way to stand against the Imperial Clan.

Thus, even if he wanted to join forces with the Wenren royal clan, he would still have to eliminate this Wenren Jie, so there was naturally no need to be polite.

Wenren Jie smiled in spite of himself, and asked, "Lord Helian, you don't mind if I kill him, right?"

"Of course I do!" Helian Rong stepped out, and declared, "This is my son-in-law!"

"En?" Wenren Jie was momentarily stunned. He naturally knew about the Xianyu and Helian Clans allying, and also knew that the person that the Helian Royal Clan sent out for the marriage alliance was Helian Rong's daughter, but how did this son-in-law now become a human?

"If I move, can you save him?" he asked calmly. His voice was not loud, but was filled with intimidating threat as if he did not take Helian Rong seriously in the slightest.

"Just try!" Helian Rong was not the slightest bit weaker in attitude. However, if Wenren Jie really made a move, he would definitely take everyone with him at the first available instant. Taking him head on would only lead to death.

He did not worry at all that Wenren Jie would harm the other members of the Helian Clan, because he, too, would be able to make a move on the junior members of the Wenren Clan. It was precisely due to setting king against king, general against general, and pawn against pawn that everyone had a need to quietly adhere to the rules.

Of course, if he was killed by Wenren Jie, then there would naturally no longer be any such deterrence.

"Hehe, have I missed something?" With a long laughter, Xianyu Tong's figure landed, and stood with Wenren Jie and Helian Rong in the shape of horns.

It looked as if he was standing on opposing sides of Helian Rong, but could also be seen as if he was trapping Wenren Jie between himself and Helian Rong.

Wenren Jie folded his arms behind his back, and appeared to be extremely calm. He was absolutely confident that even if Xianyu Tong and Helian Rong joined forces, there was no need for him to fear them. But if the two of them worked together, it would be very, very difficult for him to kill Ling Han.

He swept aside his sleeves, turned around and left. Merely a bug of the human race; he would be able to crush him with just a flip of his hand anyway, so there was absolutely no need for him to take him to heart.

"Ling Han, I want a duel with you!" At this moment, a shout rang out from behind Xianyu Tong, and an incredibly odd-looking man walked out.

There was actually a turtle shell growing on his back, and his arms were two gigantic crab's claws. In the Sea Race, these were symbols of bloodline purity. This man was Pang Xin. He had simultaneously inherited the Spiritual Turtle and Demonic Crab bloodlines, which had reached about fifty percent in purity. Merely in terms of bloodline purity, he would probably be considered one of the very best.

Unfortunately, it was impossible for Spiritual Turtle and Demonic Crab to match the True Dragon bloodline. Even their fifty percent of purity would not be able to match ten percent purity of the True Dragon bloodline. However, the might of the bloodline inheritance should not be underestimated, after all. He had already advanced into the Heaven Tier in his mere forties, which was very extraordinary.

If not, he would not have been qualified enough to come to the Ghostly Dragon Cave.

Ling Han tossed him a look with a smile, and asked, "Why should I duel with you?"

"I will definitely not allow you to marry Princess Cai!" Pang Xin shouted loudly.

Ling Han could not help but laugh, and asked, "When did I say I wanted to marry her?"

On the other side, Xianyu Cai's pretty face was filled with rage. It was one matter for her not to want to marry Ling Han, but Ling Han actually chose to descend into the Ghostly Dragon Cave to find the Fang of the True Dragon just to avoid marrying her; this made her extremely displeased!

What was so bad about her that would cause Ling Han to flee from her as if running from a deadly snake?

As a member of a royal clan, a prodigy, and an exquisite beauty, her pride could not withstand such a blow.

Naturally, if Ling Han wanted to marry her, she would refuse, so it was really a contradiction.

"A lowly human naturally is not qualified to marry Princess Cai!" Pang Xin pointed his claw at Ling Han. "Today I want to defeat you, and then inform you that you cannot compare to even a ten thousandth of Princess Cai, so you should definitely not have any such thoughts."

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "How baffling. I don't want to bother myself with you!"

Pang Xin was planning to say something else, but when he saw Xianyu Tong wave a hand, he could only obediently keep his mouth shut. No matter how conceited he was, he did not dare to disobey orders, but he had already made his decision internally. Once they had entered into the Ghostly Dragon Cave, he would find a chance to kill Ling Han, and sweep aside all powerful competitors.

Only he was qualified to stand by Princess Cai's side.

There were still two days before the Ghostly Dragon Cave would open. They all waited patiently. Although all three great royal clans were present, they did not start fighting. Wasting the energy here would not be worth it; the Ghostly Dragon Cave would be their real battleground.

Two days later, a powerful dragon's might trembled, and the earth split apart, revealing a gigantic maelstrom. Merely the look of the surging water would spark fear in others because there were terrifying patterns concealed within. Most likely, even Spiritual Infant Tier elites would be crushed instantly by it.

"Haha, just right in time, we didn't miss it!" A loud laughter rang out from the sky, and a colossal aerial warship was quickly flying towards them. It was completely black in color, and there was a flag raised on the top of the warship. There was a black-colored True Dragon drawn on the flag, and it was currently brandishing its claws and teeth, and seemed to be filled with soaring murderous spirit.

"West sea's Mo royal clan!" Helian Rong and Xianyu Tong both frowned at the same time. Even Wenren Jie revealed a powerful hostility.

The Ghostly Dragon Cave was a fateful opportunity for the north sea; what was a royal clan of the west sea here for?
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