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This girl was obviously Xianyu Cai.

Xianyu Tong didn't exaggerate, this girl's appearance indeed was extremely beautiful, no inferior to Helian Xun Xue at all, and her figure even better because her breasts were like billows, completely unlike Helian Xun Xue's flat stretch of land.

"Lord, nothing forcibly done is going to be agreeable. I have no intention and Lady Xianyu has no heart, so why forcibly match us together?" Ling Han said indifferently.

Xianyu Tong snorted, and said, "An important matter like marriage, how could juniors decide it for themselves!"

Xianyu Cai didn't dare to be rude towards Xianyu Tong. She simply stared at Ling Han, and said, "If you dare to agree, you'll never hear the end of it!" With that said, she leapt away, leaving only a beautiful view of her back.

Ling Han smiled, and said, "This lord can decide a great event like Lady Xianyu's marriage, but as for me, hehe, sorry!"

Xianyu Tong's expression turned cold, and he said, "Ling Han, have you weighed the pros and cons? If you agree, not only can you take a wife as beautiful as flower and jade, even Xianyu royal family's power can be used for you to a certain limit. This King knows that you established a king's court, and middle state's five great sects definitely view you as a thorn in their side, but if you receive the support of our clan, you will have nothing to fear.

"And what you have to pay is almost nothing!

"Such a deal with steady gains and no losses, you're actually going to reject?"

Ling Han sighed, and said, "Your Lord will only be disappointed, I still choose to refuse!"

Xianyu Tong stared at Ling Han for an entire ten breath's time, and then suddenly laughed loudly and said, "Good! Good! Good! Although This King is somewhat disappointed, he's also somewhat impressed. There aren't many people now who can uphold their principles."

Ling Han smiled, and said, "Then what will your lordship do next?"

"Obviously allow you and Cai'er more contact. Youngsters, you see, will naturally become more intimate after understanding and communicating more," Xianyu Tong said.

Uh, he still hasn't given up on the idea…?

Ling Han didn't say anymore. He wasn't one to be easily swayed.

Xianyu Tong changed the topic, and said, "It's not impossible to want to form an alliance and iron out grievances. This King indeed can change a condition—as long as you obtain something for This King."

"What thing?" Ling Han asked. It was obvious that this thing definitely wasn't ordinary, or else why would Xianyu Tong suggest it.

"There are still ten days before Ghostly Dragon Cave opens!" Xianyu Tong said.

"The teeth of a true dragon!" Helian Rong immediately cried out.

Xianyu Tong didn't find it strange the other saw through him. The Ghostly Dragon Cave wasn't some secret in the north sea; how could Helian Rong not have guessed. He said, "That's right, the teeth of a true dragon. As long as you can obtain this item for This King, not only will all grievances be settled, This King will also give you a great reward!"

Helian Rong, however, looked stern, and said, "The teeth of a true dragon are in the fourth layer of the Ghostly Dragon Cave, and almost all those who set foot there don't come out alive; even if there are a few lucky people that do, they die soon after they come out!"

"Hehe, there's clearly an easy and effortless path to take. This brat doesn't want it, then he can be given the difficult one," Xianyu Tong said with a smile. "This King will say it again, if you take Cai'er, not only will all grievances be settled, the matter of the alliance can also be immediately settled."

"You take your time to consider carefully." Xianyu Tong swung his sleeves, turned, and left.

He wasn't worried about Ling Han running, or else Ling Han might as well not have come—the matter of the alliance was the difficult problem that had Ling Han by the neck.

Ling Han was curious, and said, "Father-in-law, what sort of place is that Ghostly Dragon Cave?"

Helian Rong revealed a look of reverence, and said, "A north sea's dragon clan powerhouse, their identity lost with the gaps in history, died an unknown amount of years ago, and his body turned into Ghostly Dragon Cave. This powerhouse was truly powerful; his blood, flesh, and bones evolved into surprising spiritual medicine, but there are also terrifying beasts nearby at the same time. Ghostly Dragon Cave is a place full of treasures, but at the same time an extremely dangerous one."

"That powerful?" Ling Han blurted out.

"According to the legends, this powerhouse possessed Shattering Void Tier twenty stars of battle prowess, standing at the absolute peak of humanity; even divine beings descending into this realm couldn't rival him, so that's why strange phenomenon came into being, his body turning into a mystery realm, remaining undestroyed for hundreds of millions of years," Helian Rong said, full of reverence.

He might also have Shattering Void Tier ten stars of battle prowess, but it was incomparable to that old dragon's prowess.

"This powerhouse was one step short of becoming a true dragon, unfortunately still lacking one last step, and could only be called an alternative dragon," Helian Rong said with deep pity. Previously, he didn't understand why such a powerful existence didn't become a god, but now he knew clearly that this powerhouse was too powerful, enduring through the settling, and even the divine beings that descended couldn't kill him. Yet, the powerhouse didn't dare to shatter the void, and died of old age in the lower realm in the end.

Lamentable, lamentable.

This strengthened his determination to split open the skies, or else he'd either be refined into a pill, or die of old age in the lower realm—there was no third possibility.

"So what's the matter with the teeth of a true dragon?" Ling Han asked.

"The alternative dragon's entire body turned into Ghostly Dragon Cave, and only a single dragon tooth was perfectly preserved, containing the endless power of a dragon, which is a supreme treasure for any true dragon's descendant." Helian Rong also became excited. Apparently, the tooth of a true dragon was also immensely attractive to him.

Ling Han instantly felt a rush of excitement. His son had true dragon's blood, and if his son refined the tooth of a true dragon, what heights would the little fellow be able to reach in the future?

This deal was going to be done!

He inquired Helian Rong about the details of Ghostly Dragon Cave, and Helian Rong didn't hold back a single bit, telling Ling Han everything he knew in full detail.

The Ghostly Dragon Cave was located in the west of the north sea, and couldn't be entered in normal times, because of the oppressive force of the alternative dragon—even though it had died countless millennia ago. The alternative dragon was too powerful back then, and reached the allowable limit of the vast lands, being able to crush a large amount of Shattering Void Tier elites even in death.

Every five hundred years, the Ghostly Dragon Cave would open once—not for long, usually half a month or so. The cave was split into four layers, and each layer had a variety of spiritual medicine, all born from showering in the essence of the dragon and possessing shocking medicinal power.

But at the same time, the alternative dragon's blood and flesh essence also induced the growth of many strange living spirits that were powerful yet limited by the alternative dragon's body—they couldn't walk out. However, to harvest medicine inside, one would have to face these monsters, which translated into an extremely dangerous situation.

Moreover, except for the true dragon's teeth, Ghostly Dragon Cave also had Dragon's Blood Grass, which was a goodie only second to the true dragon's teeth. It had surprising effects on refining the physique and could therefore cultivate the body of a dragon from it.

Very good, he also wanted Dragon's Blood Grass for his son to refine, laying the most solid foundation as a child.

He told Helian Xun Xue his decision, and Helian Xun Xue was obviously worried, and said, "The Ghostly Dragon Cave's first three layers are alright—though dangerous, there's always a slim chance of survival. However, the fourth layer is extremely dangerous, those who enter almost certainly die, and the few that escape would be heavily injured, dying before long."

Ling Han nodded, and said, "I'll weigh my abilities and act accordingly."Somewhat unclear, there may be one or more of those teeth there. In Chinese, plural and singular look the same in 99,9% cases.
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