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Xianyu Ziyuan was like a divine dragon, arriving magnificently, swinging his dragon claw right at Ling Han's heart.

It was a dragon claw, which could claw a hole even in tenth-tier rare metal, so what if this human's physique was formidable?

However, at this moment, the temperature dropped drastically!

White snow floated, and ice fragments fluttered.

"Ang!" With true dragon's cry, a completely icy-white true dragon surfaced, coiling above Ling Han, staring fiercely and emitting endless divine might.

Peng, the ice dragon greeted Xianyu Ziyuan and swatted him flying, and then pounced over, tormenting him violently.

Xianyu Ziyuan was very strong and had battle prowess of Shattering Void Tier five stars, but he couldn't withstand the ice dragon which was even stronger, reaching Shattering Void Tier seven stars.

Within Shattering Void Tier, one star was a world's difference, so was seven stars not enough to tyrannize five stars?

"Ah…" Xianyu Ziyuan screamed, resisting desperately, yet still being riddled with cuts and bruises, and it had obviously long passed ten moves.

Except for Helian Rong and a few other people, everyone's mouths were wide open, being completely unable to accept this outcome.

A comeback, this human made a comeback.

He was clearly at the end of the line, but all of sudden came up with a one eighty, violently tormenting Xuanyu Ziyuan instead. It was too incredible, too unbelievable, and too hard too accept.

The corner of Xianyu Tong's mouth twitched. He finally understood that Helian Rong really wasn't giving up on Ling Han, and instead he knew that Ling Han possessed such a shocking trump card!

No wonder this guy wittingly hitched him with words, not letting him personally intervene, because this ice dragon's battle prowess surpassed five stars, but definitely didn't reach ten stars. If he attacked, there was still a possibility that Ling Han would be killed in ten moves.

Old fox! Got f*cking played!

"Enough!" He waved his hand and reached his hand right in, sending the ice dragon flying with a gentle shake of the fist, and then he grabbed Xuanyu Ziyuan to take him out, then stared fiercely at Helian Rong, and said, "Arrange for the honored guests to rest first, This King has to treat Ziyuan's injuries."

Treating injuries was an excuse—it was mainly to figure out how to end things.

How could Xianyu Family's two most important figures die for nothing? However, the bet was already carried out publicly, and after ten moves, all grievances were settled, so how could he go back on his word? If Ling Han was alone, then reneging wouldn't matter to a dignified north sea royal family—what were you going to do, bite me?

But now Helian Rong was present, and if this were to be propagated exaggeratedly, would Xianyu royal family have any face left?

Ling Han didn't stand up and didn't retract Ice Dragon Ground Blast Formation. He just sat under the protection of this formation, opposing the Shattering Void Tier intent in his body and toughening his sword intent.

This was actually very dangerous. Any carelessness could result in his divine sense being destroyed by this intent, and Black Tower truly couldn't save him then. However, a genius and a lunatic were only separated by a thread, and if he thought that this was a good opportunity, he would continue resolutely.

Xu Xiu Ran and Small Sword Emperor grasped Saber Heart and Sword Heart, respectively, and this gave him great pressure and also made him reluctant to concede, giving him the sense of urgency to grasp Sword Heart as soon as possible.

One day, two days, ten days, one month… he resisted the intent within his body with great difficulty.

The Shattering Void Tier too strong, and its martial intent could exist for several hundred years. Over this one month, the intent almost destroyed ninety-nine percent of Ling Han's body, even his heart almost stopped beating, and now only the consciousness remained as Ling Han's territory.

He couldn't move his hands and feet at all now, because the conscious connection was severed as if they belonged to someone else, and once his consciousness was also taken, he would be a dead man.

The small man formed by the spiritual infant kept watch over the sea of consciousness, forming hand seals, deriving various Mystical Powers, and resisting the invasion of the Shattering Void Tier will.

The sword intent within Ling Han's body became more and more intense, and within the Black Tower, the Revere Life Sword vibrated gently as veined patterns lit up one by one.

Xiu, he suddenly opened his eyes and stood up abruptly. The golden light within his body spread out, and that was Indestructible Heaven's Scroll finally starting to circulate, expelling the Shattering Void Tier's will.

"Falling a little short," he exclaimed after indistinctly coming in contact with edge of Sword Heart, but still remaining separated by a layer of film that just couldn't be pierced through.

Perhaps tomorrow, or even the next instant, he would be able to comprehend it, and perhaps he would be unable to succeed in this lifetime—it was such with enlightenment.

"Hurry and put away the formation!" Xianyu Tong's voice sounded. "How many days have you occupied the Iron Blood Stadium?"

Ling Han was startled. Although Xianyu Tong was berating him, there was no longer the killing intent that were in his words earlier. Could it be that Xianyu Tong really kept his promise and let go of the hatred of killing his son?

Strange, it was hard to believe.

"Put it away, do you really think that if Lord Xianyu wanted to kill you, this formation could protect you?" Helian Rong's voice transmitted over.

Ling Han snickered and stored away the formation. He thought that if it really came down to a desperate and all-out fight, he had Black Tower, and killing a Shattering Void Tier would be as easy as a palm's turn, but this would attract true powerhouses, and even he would suffer disaster.

"Human, as long as you can agree to this king's one condition, this king can let bygones be bygones, settling all grievances," Xianyu Tong said.

Ling Han scratched his head, and said, "I won the bet, so shouldn't all grievances be settled?"

Xianyu Tong snorted, and said, "You've killed two people of Xianyu Family, but won one bet, which can only cancel out the hatred of one person."

Sh*t, could you be more shameless?

Ling Han was struck dumb—it turned out Shattering Void Tier elites could also be so shameless! However, Xianyu Tong no longer had killing intent in his swords, and Helian Rong also seemed relaxed. Could the two old foxes have reached some sort of agreement in the month that he wasn't present?

He muttered to himself irresolutely, and said, "What's this lord's condition?"

"Marry a girl of this clan and have an offspring, the enmity will be settled then!" Xianyu Tong said indifferently. "Of course, this child must belong to my clan. You've killed one of my clan's geniuses, so you obviously have to return one."

Could it be counted like that?

Ling Han couldn't help but look towards Helian Rong. It must've been leaked by you, or else why would Xianyu Tong want him to be a mating pig? What exactly was this father-in-law, a pimp?

Being stared at Ling Han like that, Helian Rong's face couldn't help but blush slightly, and he explained, "This King's mouth slipped after he was drunk."

He received a grandson with amazing talent and couldn't help but show off, while Xianyu Tong read his own meaning into it and associated it with Ling Han's freakishness. Xianyu Tong had a bright idea right away… what if Ling Han could also leave a descendant for the Xianyu Family?

As a result, they ran over immediately when they discovered Ling Han had awakened.

"I don't agree." Ling Han shook his head. He hadn't the least bit of quality of a mating pig and definitely wouldn't marry a stranger to resolve grievances. Besides, was that girl willing to marry him?

Forcibly matching two complete strangers, wasn't that just a cause for trouble?

"Human, could you be afraid that the girl who will marry you is ugly?" Xianyu Tong snickered. "Don't worry, don't worry. It's one of the pearls of my clan, the seventh brother's only beloved daughter called Xianyu Cai. Not only is she beautiful like a flower, but her ancestral blood is also extremely pure. She can rank in the top three in the younger generation."

"Hmph, I won't marry this human even if I die!" At this moment, a girl appeared in the distance, holding a shining treasure sword. "Whoever forces me to marry him, either he dies or I die!"
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